1. butterflyblue1724

    i know its past thanksgiving but i have so much to be thankful for everyday, not just on thanksgiving!

  2. purple pandas

    I am thankful for:
    1.A roof over my head!
    2.My beloved dog!
    5.A good education


    how did you do that? just curious! if you see this just hit me up at BLUEDOLPHIN2799. LOL HAHA

  4. :)

    I am thankful for Everything some things in particular are my friends,family,my home,food,money, and lots more
    Happy late Turkey Day

  5. chattyangel42

    I’m thankful for:
    1. my family, not just my brother and sisters, but my cousins, their cousins, my great aunts, etc.
    2. a roof over my head
    3. My good grades
    4. For being healthy
    5. For books
    6. For notebooks, pencils, pens, all writing utensils.
    7. For the internet
    8. For all my friends
    9. For my education
    10. For my entertainment: DS, Wii, TV, etc.
    11. For being blessed with such a wonderful life.
    There is much more that I can write, but I’ll stop here. Happy late Thanksgiving.

  6. Isla Silvercresent

    ahem… i am thankful for
    Microsoft Word
    soft Kleenexes
    One Direction
    Blue Durable Ear Buds
    I know, im pretty random

  7. elfheroine1

    Star Wars! I am thankful for star wars, and my cousin being awesome, and that we finally found earbuds that work for my iPod, books, dogs, horses and well a LOT of stuff!

  8. dizzyferret

    thanksgiving is all about being thankful for everything you have, what you will have, and what you can give. Happy Turkey day!

  9. aquacat586

    Harry Potter. That I wasn’t affected by Sandy (but I feel sorry for the people who are and hope that it’s gonna get better). That I got most of what I wanted for my birthday. And many more.

  10. SFGiantsFan39

    I’m thankful that the Giants won the World Series this year!!!! I’m also thankful for awesome family and friends, and that we’re all safe and healthy and fortunate, and that my mom’s job has kept up, and for an awesome year overall!! Thank you, God! Go Giants!!!

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