1. catgymnastics173

    In late February of 2014 (yes, I said FEBRUARY, It’s warm where I live), I started on a little mini garden on my porch. From then on, the first thing I ever saw when I walked out the door to my house was the two pots I have so far of my mini garden. While walking out the door to go to school on March 17, 2014, I saw something like a pack of golden chocolates (with no store tag!) in a flower pot. Yes, I believe in leprechauns. A few days after St. Patty’s, someone told me they once saw a leprechaun. Every year there’s a bag with golden chocolates that’s hidden on the porch to my house. I have beliefs in leprechauns and luck, maybe because I’m 50 percent Irish.

  2. Anonymous

    I did not where Green because I forget so I got ten thousand pinches from my class mates. Happy S taint pa tricks day

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