April 13, 2009

Happy Poetry Month!

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April is National Poetry Month, Celebrate by writing your own poem with the help of our Poetry Engine
April is National Poetry Month, so I wanted to share my favorite poem with all of you — a beautiful verse to awe and inspire . . . But then I changed my mind and decided I’d write my own poem instead! Too bad for you!

For a little help, I turned to Scholastic’s online poetry engine, which walks you through the process of creating a haiku, a limerick, a cinquain, or free verse.

I chose limerick, and this is what I came up with:

Nothing’s faster than a cheetah,
In a rush it’d surely beat ya’,
As hard as you’d try
To make your feet fly
By the end of the race it’d eat Velveeta!

Not bad, eh? Well, it’s not exactly Shakespeare, but I had fun writing it. So why not try your hand at writing a poem this month? Leave a comment with your results, or post your work of genius on the Write It poetry boards, where you can connect with other aspiring bards!

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

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