December 31, 2008

Happy New Year from The Splot

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Welcome to 2009! Well, almost.

Here at The Splot, we're following in that age-old tradition of making new year's resolutions. Here's how some of us are planning to improve ourselves as soon as the clock strikes midnight. Or, well, maybe starting the next day. Or next week . . . But we'll get around to it — we swear!


  1. Learn to love animated movies. I don’t like talking animals, but I know I’m missing out on some quality films by being stubborn. So in 2009, I vow to watch more animation — and already, I can’t wait for the upcoming Coraline!
  2. Run! I have a secret goal to run a marathon some day. But to do that, I need to practice.
  3. Visit a new country. Every year, I try to go someplace new — in 2008, it was Ecuador! — and I think in 2009, it will be Greece.

Carly H.:

Take a yoga class.


  1. Don't wait until the last minute to buy Christmas presents. (Of course, I say that now, but I'm sure I'll forget about this one by the spring.)
  2. Be more organized. (Seriously, you should see my closet. It's like a WALL-E world in there.)
  3. Keep my Zac Efron shrine neat and tidy. (No, seriously.)

Carly M.:

  1. No more losing my voice for more than four days at a time! I can only be a mute for so long!
  2. Just say no to my friends when they try to set me up with one of their guy friends.
  3. Study, study, study! And when I'm not studying, I should be thinking about studying! (I'm taking the GREs — Graduate Record Examination. It’s all those fun subjects everyone loves: vocabulary, arithmetic, grammar, geometry, etc., etc! NOT!)


  1. Learn to write with my left hand and left foot. I’ll save my right foot for next year.
  2. Become much more tolerant of a couple of my strongest adversaries in life: onions and laundry.
  3. Improve my handwriting (since I’ve been nonstop typing for 10 years, it’s gotten pretty bad). 


  1. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro — I'll be training to climb Kilimanjaro for most of the year and, with any luck, in August I'll get all the way up.
  2. Learn the banjo — I've wanted to learn the banjo for about a year. This year, I'd like to spend the time to get really good at it.


  1. Reacquaint myself with my yoga mat. I used to be a Vinyasa diva, but now I’m miles away from touching my toes.
  2. I want to try something new each week — new food, new way to work, new vocabulary word — whatever.
  3. I purchase way too many books and then horde them like a little child. I need to make better use of my local library and give away books that I’ve read to people who will love them too.


  • Decide once and for all on my top three PASSWORDS to use for 2009 and start my social networking off right!
  • Avoid all Styrofoam cups, as they are not biodegradable and that is lame!
  • Text my parents more to let them know where I am.
  • Update my avatar with all those new background choices!
  • Tell all my friends about THE STACKS!
  • Spend less time >:-( and more time LOL!

What about you? What are YOUR new year's resolutions?

With wishes for a wonderful 2009,
The Ink Splot 26 team

  1. Erin

    1. Become a much more dedicated Harry Potter fan! (I haven’t been reading them lately).
    2. Meet more people!!!
    3. Become a more sympathetic, kind friend.

  2. PetraA22

    1.Try to make new friends ‘cuz all my present ones are lame!
    2.Eat some spinach and squash
    4.TELL ALL MY B.F.F.S ‘BOUT THE STACKS!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  3. Dreamcatcher14

    Ditto with Mikaela! Also:
    1. I want to learn to skateboard.
    2. I want to improve my drawing skills.
    3. I want to improve my grades.
    4. I want to publish a novel (with Scholastic, hopefully!) :)
    5. I want to make more friends.
    6. I want to stop making a fool of myself.
    7. I want to learn something new everyday
    8. I want to take a week-long talking fast, to see how it feels
    And etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I need to write all these down!
    Happy New Year to everyone everywhere!

  4. imbozimo

    1. Make more time to pursue writing my stories.
    2. Get all of the books I’ve started reading read, finally!
    3. Try to make some new friends and be friendlier.

  5. Dustfingernumber1fan

    1.Learn to juggle five. I can already do three.
    2.Actually read all of those books that my freinds suggested to me. I always say I will, but I rarely get around to it.
    3. Find a decent website to download music videos from.
    4. Memorize a few more poems, and maybe some shakespeare too. :) :D :O

  6. Kung_Fu_Panda_Lover

    1. Be less easy to anger
    2. Devote more time to practicing dance at home
    3. Devote more time to writing my book

  7. Aly

    1. Practice flute more.
    2. Not leave homework till the last minute.
    3. Get a better time on the mile.
    4. Spend less time playing video games and more time with my family.
    5. Read!!!
    6. Learn to write well with my left hand.
    7. Do 1-6!
    I hope I have time to do all of these in 2009!
    Happy New Year!!!

  8. Victoria

    My new year’s resolution.
    1. Finish my several novels. (I can so do it!)
    2. Try to get in ACMA.
    3. Survive Middle School.
    4. Improve Math.
    5. Become more social.

  9. BeccaMonkey987

    1. Make more friends
    2. Be involved in more activities
    3. Take swimming lessons
    I have more, my mind just went blank.

  10. harryobsessed

    I am going to stop biting my nails! I keep doing it, and doing it, and I hate it!
    Defy gravity!

  11. Mikaela

    1. Make myself more confident to do more things with my family.
    2. Stop hiding in my shell and introduce myself to more people.
    3. Have more friends come over to my house and play for a little while.
    I just have to wonder how I am going to do all of the things I said I was going to do.

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