October 31, 2011

Most Popular Halloween Costume of 2011?

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Happy_halloweenHalloween is here, and we thought it would be fun to hear about YOUR Halloween costumes to try to guess what the most popular Halloween costume of 2011 will be. Our Scholastic Kids Council sent us pics of some of their Halloween costumes (past and current). We are trying to predict what the most popular Halloween costume will be this year, so let’s see what the trends are. . .

Chloe, age 10, CaliforniaChloeHalloween

  • Fave Spooky Character: The Bane from Gregor and The Code of Claw is creepy because he is a giant rat who kills by ripping off heads. He is also crazy and chews his own tail.
  • Halloween Costume: This year, I am going to be Thor from The Avengers. Every member of my family is going to be a different Avenger.
  • 2011 Most Popular Costume: Captain America. The movie just came out, they are selling it in every costume shop, and almost everywhere it’s sold out.

Marlo, age 11, New JerseyMarlo_halloween

  • Fave Spooky Character: Gollum from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Even though he does evil things (biting Frodo’s finger off in order to get the “one ring”), on the inside, he is a conflicted, torn being wrestling his two minds. All he really wants to do is help. Sometimes he tries and all he does is make things worse. I pity Gollum and find him an extremely dynamic character, which is why he may be one of my favorite characters of all time!
  • Halloween Costume: Zombie PJ girl.
  • 2011 Most Popular Costume: Katy Perry. People will buy a blue wig and pretend they are in her “California Gurls” music video.

Michael, age 10, New York

  • Fave Spooky Character: Count Olaf (from A Series Of Unfortunate Events) because he kills whoever gets in his way. He abandoned his acting career to capture a large fortune. Count Olaf is a treacherous person.
  • Halloween Costume: Freddy Krueger. He is the king of all nightmares to me.
  • 2011 Most Popular Costume: Batman. A lot of people know him and he himself has a great costume.

Molly, age 9, MichiganMolly_Halloween

  • Fave Spooky Character: Snape from Harry Potter because he is evil. I also think he is a great Potions master.
  • Halloween Costume: I’m going to be a Native American with cool boots and feather earrings. The dress and poncho have fringe with beads.
  • 2011 Most Popular Costume: Witches and vampires. I think the boys will be vampires and the girls witches.

Gage, age 9, New Jersey

  • Fave Spooky Character: Milo the Alien from Goosebumps. He can change people into monsters.
  • Halloween Costume: I’m going to be a peanut.
  • 2011 Most Popular Costume: The Grim Reaper.

Jelaney, age 9, New YorkJelaney_halloween

  • Fave Spooky Character: I’m not a spooks reader but I do like the Monster High girls.
  • Halloween Costume: Abbey Bominable from Monster High. GO MONSTER HIGH!!
  • 2011 Most Popular Costume: Justin Beiber is the hot costume topic! Everybody loves him.

Finn, Age; 10, New YorkFinn_Halloween

  • Fave Spooky Character: Mr. Curtain from The Mysterious Benedict Society. He has these weird fits where he stands up from his wheelchair with red (maybe green; can’t recall) eyes speaking tempestuously in a booming voice at Reynie, Kate, Constance and Sticky. He’s kinda creepy.
  • Halloween Costume: I’m probably not gonna dress up this year because my dad mentioned going to this cool, huge candy store with lots of cool treats n’ things instead of trick-or-treating, so I sorta got hung up on the idea.
  • 2011 Most Popular Costume: The kids at my school usually have a range of costumes. One of my friends always dresses up in a flamenco costume because her family is Spanish. I really don’t know what the favorite is going to be.

Aarushi, age 10, MichiganArushi_halloween

  • Fave Spooky Character: Kronos from the Percy Jackson series because he never does the dirty work himself until the very end. He has all these monsters with really unusual names: Dracaenae, Drakon, Telekines to do his evil work. All he wants is to destroy Olympus and tries in so many different ways, but always fails because of the demigods.
  • Halloween Costume: I am going to be a book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It’s going to be awesome.
  • 2011 Most Popular Costume: Witches and princesses are always pretty popular ones for girls. For the boys probably vampires or Power Rangers (for the little ones).

Claudia, age 10, New York

  • Fave Spooky Character: The fake mom in Coraline! She acts like she is nice at first but then she tricks Coraline into staying in the evil world. Plus when she gets mad she looks really scary!
  • Halloween Costume: Blue crayola crayon.
  • 2011 Most Popular Costume: I think there will be a lot of Angry Birds costumes.

Andrea, age 10, New YorkAndreaHalloween

  • Fave Spooky Character: Sam Desjardine from Zombie Penpal by Ken McMurtry of the Choose your Own Adventure Series. Although she is a spooky zombie, she is very kind and honest.
  • Halloween Costume: Rock star. I love to play guitar and I want to pick a costume that I can relate to.
  • 2011 Most Popular Costume: For girls, it’s going to be a princess since girls like to dress up and look pretty. For boys: a ninja costume.

Now it’s your turn. Leave a Comment telling us about your Halloween costumes and what you think the most popular Halloween costume of 2011 is.

  1. werewolfcat5

    This year I think I’m going to stay home,but I have a little sister so I’ll have to go.She will be Mulan in the Disney Princesses.I think the most popular Halloween costume last year were princesses.

  2. jadeprincess3

    i went in 4 different costumes last year!
    Emma-Rose, Trouble Kelp,Haley Williams,and my best friend!

  3. purpleartemis25

    I was a Greek goddess!!! Inspired by Percy Jackson and my love for mythology, the dress was white with blue fading in with a shawl that matched. I also wore a gold headband and these AWESOME boots! By the way- My BFF and i had matching costumes! It was accidental but hilarious! ( We were the goddesses of twins! LOL!! )

  4. Emmy

    I was Hermione granger… I saw alot of pirets and zombies… I am going to be a zombie next year… hopeing my friends will be zombies with me… Muahaha!

  5. Aly

    At my school I counted 8 Harry Potter characters, and at my friend’s school I counted 5 Harry Potter characters and 15 Star Wars costumes!!

  6. centauarred3

    I was a werewolf and my sister was cleopatra. ( p.s. next year I will be a mix of darth vader and godzilla.)(darthzilla!)(my sister loves the hunger games.)

  7. dancingjalepeno

    I was a masquerade ball lady that was a zombie (yay for costume recycling!) The DH costume is EPIC!

  8. redwolf31

    Last year I was Sally from the movie The Night Before Christmas (just without the red wig) and was a pirate this year. I would have ot agree that the favorites are witches but also fairies and ghost face. A lot of people started to get creative and made a recycle fairy costume or become the Beatles group (including Yoko!).

  9. sonicfan123

    Those are cool costumes! I’m gonna be Thor. Mine is probably a popular costume ’cause I saw like 10 Thors at a halloween party. Trick-or-treat and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! BOO!!!!!!!!

  10. Californian Girl

    Like jadedragon49, I’m gonna be Katniss! I even made a mockingjay pin! : ) I can’t wait!

  11. cutie3500

    I have 2 costumes, one from last year, one from this year.
    Last year, I was the Queen of Hearts. I had a cute dress with leggings, and i totally looked like her.
    This year, I have a princess dress. It’s really pretty, and I look great in it, it’s just so long! And itchy!
    So I’ll be one of those tonight (for now, tis All Hallows Eve in my hometown). I JUST CAN’T DECIDE!!!!!

  12. ninjadragon99

    This year (If I do anything at all) I’m going to wear jeans, a t-shirt, and my fedora. I’m going as Indiana Jones’ assistant XP Next year will be more fun I think…XD

  13. danielle

    i’m a hippie for halloween. PEACE!!!!! the most popular costume is angry birds. i love hunger games series too.

  14. Giavanna

    Ok i’m gonna go for warriors moonrise because i JUST read that book! awesome! I’m on dawn but havn’t gotten the book yet :(

  15. jadedragon49

    Katniss Everdeen! It’s going to be EPIC! Though I have no idea where my bow and arrow went the year I was Artemis.

  16. bluecat430

    cool costumes everyone….im gonna be smurftette from the smurfs and i think the most populst costume of 2011 is probably something from a new movie like thor, the avengers, captain america or the smurfs

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