October 30, 2012

Halloween Trivia Quiz Answers

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HalloweenHalloween Trivia Quiz Answers

Last week we posted a Halloween Trivia Quiz. Were you up for the chilling challenge? Or did you run like you just saw a ghost? Check out answers below!

  1. What is another name for Halloween? ___ ______ ___
    ANSWER: All Hallows Eve.
  2. When did trick-or-treating first start in America?

    ANSWER: 1911. Back then it was called “guising” and children would go around the neighborhood receiving fruit, treats, and money. It started in Scotland and Ireland, and was brought to America when they settled here.
  3. In Mexico, the day after Halloween is a giant celebration called Dia de los Muertos. What does this mean in English?

    ANSWER: Day of the Dead. 
  4. What was the most popular Halloween costume for kids in 2011?

    ANSWER: C. Princess. According to the National Retail Federation, #1 was a Princess! Sorry guys. It was followed by #2 Witch and #3 Spiderman.
  5. What was the most popular adult costume in 2011?

    ANSWER: C. Witch. It was followed by #2 Pirate and #3 Vampire.  
  6. What animal do you NOT want to cross your path or else you’ll have bad luck?

    ANSWER: Black cat! If a purple gerbil crosses your path, then, umm, you have other problems.
  7. What fictional monster was made from a corpse and brought to life by electricity?

    ANSWER: Dr. Frankenstein's monster! The monster's name isn't actually Frankenstein. That is the name of the doctor who created him. British author Mary Shelley wrote the book Frankenstein when she was 21 years old in 1818. If you said Sparky from Frankenweenie, you also get full credit, but know that Frankenstein came first.
  8. Where did Count Dracula live?

    ANSWER: Transylvania, Romania
  9. What strong smelling food will repel vampires?

    ANSWER: Garlic!

Let us know if YOU have any good Halloween stumpers, and how psyched you are for Halloween in the Comments below!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

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