October 15, 2013

Halloween Activities

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halloweenHalloween Activities on the STACKS!

The spookiest day of the year is coming on October 31. Here are a few Halloween activities and links to get you ready. If you need costume ideas, we got ‘em; scary books, we got ‘em. We even have a Personality Quiz to find out what monster you are most like!

This just in . . . these Halloween Would You Rather questions from PurpleWizard50:

Would you rather . . . .

  1. Dress up as a pink princess OR a yellow bumblebee?
  2. Get one small yummy candy bar OR a giant bar of yucky candy?
  3. Turn into a werewolf OR a vampire?
  4. Eat 2000 candy bars in a minute OR eat 30 old pieces of licorice in one minute?
  5. Meet a mummy OR Frankenstein?

If you have ideas for blog posts, go to the STACK Back Message Board and submit them! Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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  1. shrewddreamtime11

    1 yellow bee (I mean who likes pink anymore I hear it’s a manly color)
    2 one small candy bar of delicious wonders
    3 Go Go Werewolves (who wants to be a bloodsucking monster???)
    4 2000 candy bars coming my way!!!
    5 Frankenstein I could teach him my moves and he’ll be called Funky-Stein the 2nd Elvis

  2. Mollie BROWN

    Hello who ever wrote this book can you tell me all about your new book because I never saw you or your book. And plus I never even saw you at least in a cartoon, or on a show. When you get the chance please text me back.and im in high school and the scool I go to is baltomor.and im 15 years old

  3. deviousdragon122

    id rather be
    1 yellow bumblebee
    2 1 small candy
    3 vampire
    4 2000 candy bars in one minute
    5 frankenstein