December 14, 2010

Guess the Holiday Book Trivia Answers

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Last week I challenged you to guess the titles of the holiday books in this picture. . .



HermioneHJG was the first to get all 5 correct, so you get a Shout-Out from the STACKS Admin! Sign in to your profile to read your personal Shout-Out.

For the rest of you, here are all the correct answers:

Confessions Candy Apple: Confessions of a Bitter Secret Santa





Onchristmaseve On Christmas Eve

Mainstreet Main Street: 'Tis the Season





Canyousee Can You See What I See? Night Before Christmas

Geronimo Geronimo Stilton: Christmas Catastrophe

— Nancy, STACKS Staffer

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  1. ibored2

    I love playing trivia and especially in book form! it is so important to read and they make it so fun to do. Hope you have fun and READ!!