July 6, 2010

Guardians of Ga’Hoole Trivia

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Gahoole_130 Whether you're a seasoned Guardians of Ga'Hoole pro, or just getting into the series, check out our Trivia Quiz. The quiz is on the first three books in the series by Kathryn Lasky to get you pumped for the Legend of the Guardians movie (based on those first three books) coming out September 24, 2010!

  1. What was Eglantine's first meal?
  2. How did Soren “fall” out of his nest?
  3. Once Soren and Gylfie were captured and taken to St. Auggie's Orphanage, how did they resist moon blinking?
  4. How did Hortense die?
  5. What happened when the bats quanked?
  6. When Soren and his gang reaches the great Ga'Hoole tree and is put into a chaw, what job does he get?
  7. Where do owls feel their emotions?
  8. Who is Metal Beak?
  9. BONUS!! How many books are there in the whole Guardians of Ga'Hoole series? (not including the companion books)

Leave your answers in the Comments, and check back next week for answers!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Allison

    2. Kludd pushed him out of his nest.
    3. By repeating their numbers and the legends of ga’hoole.
    4. Hortense didn’t die, auntie finny pushed her and she fell, but was caught by streak.
    5. The bats sucked their blood out of their chest.
    6. Collieiring
    7. In their gizzard
    8. Metal beak is Kludd
    9. 15

  2. Natasha

    1. Cricket
    2. Kludd pushed him
    3. They recited the Ga’hoolian legends
    4. She didn’t really die but was first thought to have been pushed off a “cliff” by auntie
    5. They sucked the blood of the owls at st.aggies
    6. He gets double chawed for coillering and weather interpretation
    7. There gizzard
    8. Kludd
    9. 15

  3. junglecat23

    oops i mean
    5). the bats sucked the owl’s chest blood so that they couldnt fly away

  4. junglecat23

    1). a cricket
    2). he was pushed by his brother, Kludd.
    3). They told the legends that they had learned as kids, and said their numbers instead of their real names, and acting moon blinked
    4). she didnt really but she was thought to have by being pushed of the eggorium cliff by Sporn and Auntie.She was caught at the bottom by Zan.
    5). he was double chawed in the colliering chaw and the weather chaw.
    6). in their gizzard
    7). Soren’s brother Kludd
    8). 15 books

  5. Foxlight

    1) a cricket
    2) Kludd pushed him
    3) by reciting the legends
    4) she didn’t
    5) they sucked the owls’ blood so they didn’t want to fly
    6) colliering
    7) their gizzard
    8) Kludd
    9) fifteen

  6. Ash

    2-kludd pushed him so he could become a pure one
    3-reciting the legens of ga’hoole
    4-she didn’t but they thought she did when Auntie pushed her off a cliff(she couldn’t fly)
    5-They sucked the blood from the owls, so they couldn’t fly and would lose interest to do so
    6-he is double chawed into weather interpretation and colliering
    8-Kludd, also known as the high Tyto

  7. justine

    1. a centipede
    2.kludd pushed him
    3.saying their numbers instead of their names and saying the legends
    4.she was pushed by aunt finny and she didn’t die :)
    5.drank the blood of the owls to prevent them from flying
    6.colliering and weather
    7.in their gizzard

  8. pearlypup

    1. A cricket
    2. SOOOOO Kludd
    3. By staying in the shadows as long as they could, reciting legends and by not shouting their real name or shouting their # in stead.
    4. She was caught giving eggs to Sceench and Spoorn and was pushed out by ‘Auntie’ she didn’t die, she’s Mist
    5. The bats came and drank the owels blood to keep them from flying.
    6. Soren gets weather chaw. Hes’s scared because he doesn’t like the scribe
    7.In their GIZZARD!!!!
    8. Kludd. all because of Nyra
    I <3 this series

  9. -Milly-

    To lose blood or something you own very, very quickly
    Jim began to hemorrhage blood when he pulled the nail he stepped on out of his foot. So scary!
    The store had to hemorrhage money in order to stay open, but unfortunately they ran out and had to close down

  10. lily

    OMG I CANT WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lily

    1.a kricket
    3.by reciting the legends
    4.fell out of hatchery
    5.the bats sucked the blood out of their wings and further preventing flight
    6.soren gets into weathering and colliering chaw

  12. ali

    1.a cricket
    2.he was looking down from the nest and he fell(it wasnt kludd.)i cant answer any more Qs because im only on chapter 4!

  13. Ethan

    1. a cricket.
    2.he was pushed by his brother Kludd.
    3.pretending to march but stay in the shadows.
    4.she was pushed of the hatchery.
    5.they sucked the blood out of owls to make their feathers shaggy.
    6.Soren was chawed to coilliering and weather.
    7.their gizzard.
    8.Soren’s brother kludd.

  14. puppies125

    Warning: SPOILERS
    1. I think it was a cricket…
    2. Kludd pushed Soren out of the nest.
    3. They recited their numbers instead of their names, and they also recited the legends of Ga’Hoole in their heads.
    4. Hortense didn’t die. Hortense was pushed off the cliff by Finny (a.k.a. “Auntie”) but Zan caught her at the bottom.
    5. The bats would come and suck some of the owls’ blood, so they couldn’t grow flight feathers.
    6. Weather interpretation and colliering chaw (with Ezylryb)
    7. in their gizzards
    8. Kludd, High Tyto and Soren’s evil brother
    9. umm…15?

  15. guardianofgahoole

    1. a worm
    2. Kludd pushed him
    3.They whispered the Ga’hoolian legends
    4.she was pushed by Finny(but didn’t die!)
    5. The bats sucked the owls blood
    6.Weather and coilliering
    7.in the gizzard
    8.Kludd, Soren’s brother
    9. 15

  16. guardianofgahoole

    2.Kludd pushed him
    3.They the Ga’Hoolian legends
    4.Auntie Finny pushed her(she didn’t die!)
    5.The bats would come suck the blood so they wouldn’t want to fly
    6.Double-chawed in weather and coilliering
    7.In their gizzards
    8.Kludd, Soren’s brother
    9. 15

  17. S

    1. Cricket
    2. Kludd pushed him
    3. They recited Ga’Hoolian legends in their minds.
    4.Hortense didn’t die! However she got pushed from a cliff by her pit guardian, Auntie (aka, Finny)
    5. The bats would come, suck some of their blood, and prevent them from growing flight feathers. That’s the reason why they had to escape St. Aggie’s before the next quank.
    6. Weathering and colliering chaw.
    7. In their gizzard
    8. Kludd, (High Tyto) Leader of the Pure Ones
    9. 15
    I can’t wait for The Lost Tales of Ga’Hoole!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. WinkyGoMoo

    1: A centipede.
    2: Kludd pushed him.
    3: They recited the legends of Ga’Hoole.
    4: Auntie shoved her off the cliff, but she didn’t really die. One of the eagles saved her (I forget which one).
    5: They drank their blood to keep them from flying.
    6: He gets double chawed in colliering and weather interpretation.
    7: In their gizzard.
    8: Kludd.
    Bonus: 15 books.

  19. kat

    2)his evil older brother kludd pushed him
    3)They recited the Gahooloian legdens in their minds
    4)Hortense never died but she fell from the highest cliff in the canyonns of saint aggies, but revived the last moment and flew to the eagals in ambala and changed her name to mist
    5)Soren and gylfie had to escape before the next “quank”
    6)Weathering and collier chaw
    7)in their gizzard
    8)KLUDD, the evil brother of soren who pushed he out of there hollow as a hatchling

  20. peter

    1.meat ceremony
    2.Kludd pushed him
    3.they didn’t sleep for 4 days
    4.he was on a cliff and was been pushed down by auntie
    5.the owls let the bats drink their blood
    6.weather and temprotation chaw
    7.in their gizzard
    8.Soren’s brother Kludd

  21. VanillaShaq33

    1: A worm
    2: Kludd pushed him
    3. they kept saying their numbers instead of their names and pretended to be sleeping
    4. Hortense fell from the hatchery
    5. Soren and Gylfie must escape before the next ‘quank’ because it would stop them from being able to take flight
    6: Colliering
    7: Gizzard
    8: Kludd
    9. 15

  22. Hollystar_of_Thunderclan

    Warning, SPOILERS!
    1. a centipede
    2. His older brother, Kludd, shoved him out.
    3. they kept saying their numbers instead of their names and pretended to be sleeping
    4. Hortense fell from the hatchery [but she shows up again later in the series, alive!]
    5. wait, i don’t remember that one! I think it’s been a few months since i read that one.
    6. Soren was double-chawed in Coliering & the weather chaw
    7. in their gizzard
    8. Metal Beak is actually Soren’s older brother Kludd
    9. 15!

  23. Katelyn

    1. A cricket
    2. He was pushed.(by Kludd)
    3. Pretend to march and not move avoiding the moonlight.
    4. Auntie & Spoorn pushes her off the cliff of the eggorium.
    5. Soren and Gylfie realize they must escape before the next ‘quank’ because it would stop them from being able to fly.
    6. Weather chaw?
    7. In their gizzards
    8. Kludd, Soren’s brother
    9. 15

  24. Marytonga

    1: A worm
    2: Kludd pushed him
    3: Reciting the legends
    4: She didn’t, but was thought to after Auntie pushed her
    5: Young owls got their blood sucked out so they wouldn’t fly
    6: Colliering
    7: Gizzard
    8: Kludd, Soren’s older brother
    9: 15

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