August 14, 2013

Guardians of Ga’Hoole Author, Kathryn Lasky

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Gahoole130A Message from Guardians of Ga’Hoole Author, Kathryn Lasky

Dear STACKS Readers,

It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to my latest Guardians of Ga’Hoole book, The Rise of a Legend, the story of Ezylryb, the legendary whiskered screech of the Great Ga’Hoole tree. This prequel reveals how this owl from the ice-choked Northern Kingdoms rose through the ranks to become the commander of the Glauxspeed Division and why he gave it all up and flew to the Great Ga’Hoole Tree where he became the greatest scholar in its history as well as a mentor to the great owl Soren.

Why, for my first owl book in five years, did I choose to write about Ezylryb? It all began with a boy named Evan who sent me an email. “So what do you plan on doing after finishing the wolves series?” he asked. Would I ever go back to owls? “You told us about Ezylryb as a grown up, but why not go into detail about his childhood and years as a commander? You have endless possibilities.”

Why had I never thought of this! Evan was right. I felt a thrill in my gizzard. There were endless possibilities. The story of Ezylryb’s youth was so dramatic. Before he was known as Ezylryb, he was called Lyze of Kiel. Lyze never wanted to fight, but the death of his beloved sister drove him to pick up his battle claws. He became a great strategist. He knew weapons and he knew how to bring together animals as different as Kielian snakes and snow leopards and turn them into crack fighting teams and espionage units. In The Rise of a Legend, you will meet other characters from the Guardians of Ga’Hoole books, such as Octavia the blind snake and the Great Snowy owl Moss. You’ll see them when they were young, sometimes foolish, and often scared. You’ll see them grow, gather courage and begin to question why and if there must always be war.

I had so much fun revisiting Ga’Hoole and the hero owls there, and hope you enjoy reading The Rise of a Legend as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Read an excerpt and visit the new Ga’Hoole Website to play the brand new Rise of a Legend Game.

Happy Reading!

—Kathryn Lasky, Guardians of Ga’Hoole Author

  1. midnightunicorn108

    I love you Kathryn lasky I read the book twice it’s amazing I also read wolves of the beyond and Guardians of Ga ‘hoole.

  2. Alliyah

    you are one of my favourite authors. and someday i want to write amazing novels just like you. Thanks for inspiring me

  3. Jordan

    Oh my gosh, Kathryn, you are my FAVORITE author!I love your Wolves of the Beyond series and finished the last book in Feb. It’s so amazing how you made a gang of wolves walking across a bridge of ice so interesting! I’m so excited about this new Guardians of Ga’ Hoole book! I thought that you finished the series! Thanks for sharing your work with the world!


  4. Karis

    I read all the books up to the 8th in this series! i own the entire series! I would have to say it is a wonderful series that I would recommend to any young reader. Soren and Eglantine take many adventures through the entire series. Saving friends and family. I say a job well done.

  5. basketballmaster8

    To Mrs. Lasky,
    You are one of my favorite authors. How did you come up with your ideas? Are the words in your books like “scrooms” and other words that were italicized like “byrrgis” and “wilfed” real words???
    P.S. Where is the excerpt?

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