April 4, 2013

Earth Day at School

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EarthEarth Day at School

Earth Day is April 22, so let’s think about ways we can make the planet more “green.” Today’s post is about how to make your school more environmentally friendly.

Try these tips today!

  • Turn off the lights in the classroom when you don’t need them.
  • Don’t throw away any paper until you have used both sides.
  • Don’t throw away any paper at all. Recycle it!
  • Bring a zero-waste lunch to school – everything in reusable containers so you don’t throw away any plastic when you’re done with it.
  • Ask your principal to lower the thermostat by 1 degree in the winter to save on heating.

Do you have other ways to improve the green factor at school? Leave your awesome ideas in the Comments and in the Save the Planet Message Board!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. bulldogpurple292

    1.We should use less paper like toilet paper,paper towel,and napkins
    2.Recycle,recycle.and reuse
    3.Try not to use plastics like bags,cups,bottles,it it will be better to use glass contaners or cups

  2. Makaia

    I do like the Tips that schools should do to make the earth green but the third tip i dont like it

  3. anoushka

    OMG i am totally about making the earth greener some ideas are:
    1. when you are drawing or making sketches do it on reused or recycled paper
    3. Have fun helping the earth! You will want to do it more!!! And that will truly help!
    I hope these 3 ideas help!

  4. Nafizaa

    1. Turn off any appliances when not using them
    2. Turn off water while brushing
    3. DO NOT LITTER!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Adventurepegasus10

    1.turn off the computer when nobody is using it
    2.establish an enviorment club
    3.turn off the lights when you are using the smartboard
    4.make tests on used sheets of paper


    I love your ideas to make earth day truly green, but I do have a few ideas to make it greener.
    We could open windows instead of using air conditioning, and we could turn off the lights to let sky light in when we can.
    These are only two ideas, but I hope some people try it!

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