May 20, 2010

Green + Creative = Greenative!

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Earth Ok, I know I'm always saying this but it's true: you guys are the BEST. I saw this post from Allie (aka AutoreDiEssere) on the Save the Planet Message Board and I just had to feature it on Ink Splot 26. It's too fun to miss! It's a monthly writing contest where people write their ideas about the environment and then everyone votes on them! I'll let her explain it in her own words. . .

Alrighty then! I am planning on setting the April voting up soon, but we better get working on the May Contest, while that's going on. Now, this month's topic is Going Greenative. We've heard the phrase “Go Green!” before, but why not “Go Greenative!”? Let me explain. Greenative is a cross between the words green and creative. So, for this month, it's all about being greenative! That means, you can share creative ways to reuse/recycle, greener ideas, and "invent" your own green machine. Below, are more details.

  • Creative Recycling: If you choose to use this as your main topic, then share as many ways to recycle creatively as you can. I, however, would like at least ONE of them to be one you came up with yourself. Use your imagination! Make sure it is CREATIVE, though! Also, please include instructions too.
  • Greener Ideas: Now is your time to share your opinions and ideas on how to make the world a better place. It's pretty simple, actually. Have any ideas on how we can save endangered animals? Reach out to less-fortunate countries? Help protect the environment?
  • Green Machine: For this one, you will be “inventing” some machine to help the environment. It can be as unrealistic as you want, just include in it: how the machine will work, what it's made out of and a good description, and its uses. One example is if I said green shoes—magnetic so they pick up trash as you walk to school so you can throw them in the garbage! Get it?

Okey dokey then! Start working on those entries!
~ Allie

Doesn't that sound so fun? People have already started submitting their ideas and they are awesome! Do you want to participate too? Go to the May Contest thread on the Save the Planet Message Board and submit your entry. I can't wait to see what you write.

image from— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. green is the new black

    we should all try and make the world a better place 4 all of us! who want to live in a world covered in polution???? i wouldnt want to thank you VERY much! =-)

  2. u-12

    I’m surprised that some people don’t like the Twilight book series! Who does like a good vampiric romance?? Also, read the Cronus Chronicles! They r amazing!!

  3. mario fan 101

    Im now using old shirts as shoping bags and selling them. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii world

  4. mario fan 101

    please post what I DO Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas do ok ” I WASH MY PLATE AFTER 5 TIMES IT BEAN USED” HIIIIIIIII EVEN WINTER

  5. jnel01

    i’m going to post some ideas on the pepsi refresh project website to try to help the environment.

  6. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    It’s not a book. “Green + Creative = Greenative” is the title of this article, which is used to explain AutoreDiEssere’s contest on the Save the Earth! board. You could try it. I don’t think I’m going to, but I’m brainstorming back-up ideas in case I suddenly change my mind.

  7. soso man

    If you guys herd what the people have done to stop the oil spill (aka black tide) its pretty wacky.

  8. crazyperson99

    yeah i like being green to. i mean what if we had to go to a different planet b/c we trashed our planet

  9. soccergirl419

    this is a great idea i really hope everybody takes it seriously and really tries to go “greenative”

  10. 10soccergirl

    i love the color green i also love
    being cretaive 2 thing about me
    that is so smart
    so im greenative

  11. green queen 09

    Wait. Let me say this again. CONGRATS ALLIE!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. anna

    i have played outside today and i don’t have school on friday so i was bord so i read a 102 page book franny k stein!

  13. noney1345

    wow u really like the earth dont cha ok im new here jus tryin too get friends but good post

  14. Cooly 11

    OMG!!!! This is awesome…. A club that I’m in… ON THE INKSPLOTBLOG!!!! Hey…. How come I wasn’t in there? ;)

  15. mzswaga

    will u be my friend.I just tryed to add u as my friend.yo avatar is fabolus,nice,sparkly,and rockin.Okay!!!

  16. ICEDEMON96

    I also wanted to say I LOVE Harry Potter and The Hunger Games and Maximum Ride and Percy Jackson! I cant stand twilight though.

  17. Autore

    OMG! Thankyou so much for feauturing this…I’m honored!!! And everyone, don’t forget to enter!!!

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