September 21, 2009

Grab Bag: When Old Books Become New

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Thumb I've always loved the look and feel of really old books – you know, the ones with frayed canvas covers, precarious binding, and decades of smudges and memories. The first old book I purchased was a collection of poetry, and it sat on my shelf, surrounded by its younger (and some would argue, prettier) peers, for a few years. Until one day I found another special old book, and another after that. And then, a collection began to take hold.

So you can imagine my thrill when, just a few weeks ago, I scored BIG at a random garage sale I passed. The first thing I look for in any store or sale is the book section, so obviously I scanned the junk to see what bookish treasures lurked there. Soon my arms were full, but I didn't even know which specific titles I was scooping up – all I needed to see was that little “Nancy Drew” lettering on the binding.


Here's the thing about Nancy: she's an icon. She's always in style, she's had movies made about her, and everyone knows her name. But here's my confession: I haven't really read any Nancy Drew books.

So I thank you, garage-sale-proprietors, for charging me a mere $5 for a collection of antique books that I will now read and, hopefully, finally appreciate. (And, sorry to break it to you, but I think you seriously undercharged me.) Because now, these old (very, very old – 1942! 1937!) books have become new again.

Any readers out there who've scored some new-old books? Did you find them at yard sales, or maybe hidden deep inside your parents' or grandparents' attics? Leave a comment and let us know what they were!

— Morgan, Scholastic staffer

  1. Naquan

    i think that they are bringing old books to new is great because i would really enjoy reading about history that would be great when i say great i mean great Yeahhhh boy

  2. Amelia

    hey natasha5797, That’s so cool what you found! And on the topic of old books, my grandpa has an old shelf full of his old math textbooks from the early 1900s. they’re cool, but not as cool as Nancy Drew!

  3. Sydney

    Jennifer! You are so lucky to have the old ones!! I have the whole collection! (The newer ones)
    Nancy Drew is AWESOME! :)

  4. Mina

    Wow. I would really like something like that. 5 bucks?? I also even found some old books myself. Really wicked.

  5. horsedogwolf

    I loooooooove old books!
    I have found several old books, one is “The Complete Shakespeare” and the others are the three volumes of a story called “Kristen, Lavran’s Daughter.” (That’s not actually how you spell it.) They were just hanging out on the shelf.

  6. Madison

    OMG!!! First of all, I love old books. I think it’s sooooo cool to have something like that. Second of all, I love Nancy Drew.
    Combined, I would totally die for that! That is SOOOO awesome!!! And only FIVE bucks!!

  7. Jennifer

    I found some new old books left in the front yard of a neighbor’s house. I don’t know if the occupant died, or was moved to a retirement home, but whoever cleaned out her house just left the yard full of discarded stuff.
    Though, none of it was as cool as your Nancy Drew find! I’m so jealous!

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