October 22, 2013

Goosebumps Tagline Trivia Challenge

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Goosebumps Tagline Trivia Challenge

How well do you know the frightful tales of Goosebumps? The taglines for Goosebumps books can be just as spooky as the stories. Can you guess the Goosebumps book titles for the taglines below? HINT: All the taglines are from the Goosebumps Classic series. 

  1. One picture is worth a thousand screams.
  2. It’s gonna be a L-O-N-G night!
  3. Open wide and say . . . mouthwash!
  4. It’s a field of screams.
  5. If looks could kill . . .
  6. Something’s waiting in the dark . . .
  7. No swimming. No surfing. No haunting.
  8. Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?
  9. Enter if you dare . . .
  10. He walks. He stalks . . .

Post your guesses in the Comments below and check your answers!

  1. Monica

    10.the curse of the mummys tomb
    3. The vampire breath
    1.say cheese and die
    5. Night of the living dummy
    4. The horror at camp jellyjam
    2. One day at horrorland
    9.monster blood
    7. How I got my shrunken head

  2. fightingghost50

    1. say cheese and die
    3. Vampire breath
    5. the haunted msk
    7.the horror at camp jellyjam
    9.one day at horrorland
    10. The night of the living dummy

  3. Jasmine

    1. SAY CHEESE and DIE!
    2. I dunno
    3. Vampire Breath
    4. The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
    5. The Haunted Mask
    6. I dunno
    7. Ghost Camp
    8. Werewolf of Fever Swamp
    9. One Day at HORRORLAND
    10. Night of the Living Dummy

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  5. butterflyruby65

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