October 21, 2016

Goosebumps Movie Would You Rather

The Goosebumps Movie (rated PG), based on the Goosebumps books series by R.L. Stine is becoming somewhat of a Halloween classic, especially now that the DVD is out. Full of silliness, spooky characters, and just a great story line, it features teenagers Zack and Hannah. Zack has just moved to a new town with his mom, and meets the girl next door, Hannah. Little does he know she is R.L. Stine’s daughter, and before you know it, they have unleashed the monsters from his books. We dare you to try our Goosebumps Movie Would You Rather.

Would You Rather . . .

1. Be attacked by garden gnomes OR the abominable snowman?

2. Have horror stories come true OR really bad nightmares?

3. Be chased by Slappy the Evil Dummy OR a car full of evil clowns?

4. Be locked in a house OR stuck in a book?

5. Have R.L. Stine for a dad OR J.K. Rowling for a mom?

6. Be trapped in a deserted supermarket OR a deserted ice rink?

7. Have a graveyard ghoul suck out your soul OR a slimy pink Blob swallow you whole?

Gather your courage, and let us know what YOU would rather in the Comments below! And let us know if you’re a fan of The Goosebumps Movie!


  1. pugfur47

    1. garden gnomes 2.horror stories 3.slappy 4.locked in a house 5.R.L. stine 6.deserted supermarket 7.a slimy pink blob swallow me

  2. pugfur47

    1.be attacked by garden gnomes.2.have horror stories come true.3.be chased by slappy.4.be locked in a house.5.have R.L stine for a dad.6.be trapped in a deserted supermarket

  3. ty

    1. Garden gnomes
    2.really bad nightmares
    3.car fuul of evil clowns
    4.stuck in a book
    5.R.L Stine as a dad
    6.deserted ice rink
    7.grave yard ghoul suck my soul
    I love goosebumps

  4. AdorableBird716

    1.Be attacked by the abominable snowman cause I hate garden gnomes anyways.
    2.Bad dreams
    3.Clowns,slappy is way to creepy
    4.Be stuck in a book (being stuck in the diary of the wimpy kid would be totally awesome!)
    5.J.K Rowling I guess.
    6.A deserted supermarket cause I at least get to eat.
    7.Slimy pink blob…he’s sorta cute.

  5. Silver

    Being famous isn’t all it sounds like. Imagine having to hide from paparazzi. Every detail of your life is broadcast to thousands. And when you’re famous, everyone treats you like a star. Not an actual person. I think being famous is overrated.

  6. Silver

    1. The Abominable Snowman. Those garden gnomes are creepy.
    2. Bad nightmares. Any day.
    3. Slappy, I guess.
    4. Stuck in a book, as long as I like it. (Being stuck in Heroes Of Olympus (age 10 and up) would be totally awesome!)
    5. R.L. Stine for a dad, because if J.K. Rowling was my mom I would have to tell her honestly that I’ve never liked Harry Potter.
    6. A deserted ice rink. At least I would be able to skate.
    7. The Blob… at least it’s sort of cute.

  7. b786


  8. HopefulAngel123

    Garden Gnomes horror stories a car full of evil clowns locked n a house have R.L. Stine as a dad trapped in deserted super market have a grave yard ghoul suck my soul out of me

  9. Turtle

    1: uhhh… garden gnomes xD they might be easier to run from. 2: horror stories o-o not my nightmares!! 3: no comment 4: STUCK IN A BOOK cool :P 4: J.K. Rowling. i would just follow her around asking her stuff!!! sorry ‘mom’ 6: supermarket. you wouldn’t get hungry at least 7: probably the ghoul… if you become a ghost i think thats something more to brag about hahahah! XD

  10. Awesome_236

    1. The abominable snowman
    2. Horror movies
    3. Slappy the Evil Dummy ( I hate clowns!!!! )
    4. Locked in a house
    5. R.L. Stine for a dad
    6. A deserted ice rink
    7. A graveyard ghoul suck out my soul
    I loved The Goosebumps movie!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing

  11. chloe xoxox

    1. Be attacked by garden gnomes
    2. have really bad nightmares
    3. be chased by slappy the dummy
    4. be locked In a house
    5. have j.k rowling for a mum
    6. be on a deserted ice rink
    7. slimy pink blob

  12. Anonymous

    They’re asking whether you want nightmares or horror stories to come true, not having nightmares or having horror stories come true.

  13. carmine

    I would totally be attacked by the abominable snowman instead of the garden gnomes. garden gnomes have knives!!!!

  14. i would rather have horrer stories come true

    I would rather horror stories come true rather than have nightmares because I HATE nightmares!!!

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