October 20, 2015

Goosebumps Movie Monsters: Who Would Win?

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Goosebumps logoGoosebumps Movie Monster vs. Monster

Have you seen the Goosebumps movie (rated PG) which just opened in theaters? It’s filled with some of the coolest and creepiest monsters out there! I wouldn’t want them to come after me. But . . . what if they went after each other? Who would win if they went head-to-head against each other?

Play the Where’s the Creature Game to get a glimpse of some of these creepy creatures. Then vote below on who YOU think would win.

  1. Slappy the Evil Dummy vs. Murder the Clown.
  2. The Lawn Gnomes (remember they use knives!) vs. the Bog Monster
  3. Fifi the Vampire Poodle vs. Count Dracula
  4. The Executioner vs. Lack O’Lantern (He has a pumpkin head!)
  5. The Haunted Mask vs. the Shrunken Head
  6. Professor Shock vs. Clarissa the Witch
  7. The Snake Lady vs. the Bees
  8. A Graveyard Ghoul vs. Captain Long Ben One-Leg
  9. The Egyptian Priestess vs. the Scarecrow

Let us know your votes in the Comments below. And let us know if you’re still having nightmares from the Goosebumps movie!

-Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Anonymous

    1 Slappy
    2 Bog monster
    3 Count Dracula
    4 Executioner
    5 Haunted Mask
    6 Clarissa
    7 Bees
    8 Ghoul
    9 Preistess

  2. Anonymous

    Bog Monster
    Count Dracula
    Shrunken Head
    Professor Shock
    Snake Lady
    Captain Long Ben One-Leg
    Egyptian Priestess

  3. vampirewerewolf the evil vampire

    I love
    Captain Long Ben One Leg
    Lord High Executioner
    Murder the Clown
    Inspecter Cranium
    Dr. Maniac
    Lawn Gomes
    The Haunter

  4. ivoryarrow149

    slappy( i hate clowns)
    lawn gnomes
    haunted mask
    professor shock
    snake lady
    graveyard ghoul

  5. Kaeyln

    The Lawn Gnomes
    Count Dracula
    The Executioner
    The Haunted Mask
    Professor Shock
    The Snake Lady
    A graveyard Ghouls
    The Egyptian Priestess

  6. Calling All Creeps

    lawn knomes
    Jack O Lantern
    haunted mask
    professer shock
    snake lady
    grave yard ghoul
    the scare crow.
    Thats what I choose


    Lack O’Lanteran
    Haunted Mask
    Professor Shock
    Snake Lady
    Captain Long Ben One-Leg
    That’s what I choose.

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