October 20, 2008

Goosebumps HorrorLand — Tour the Park

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The release of the Goosebumps HorrorLand Video Game is getting eerily close! Until then, here’s another inside look at the game.

This week is your chance to check out what’s beyond the entrance gate of HorrorLand – five different park areas each with its own rides, attractions, and, of course, spooky twists. To help guide you through this blog post (and the actual Video Game!) download this EXCLUSIVE map (PDF | 3 MB) of HorrorLand. It’s not available anywhere else, so consider yourself one lucky Splotter!

Deciding how the park areas were going to look and feel was not an easy task. Each area transformed from an idea, to a sketch, to a color concept, to an actual park area in the video game with its own theme, color scheme, and overall vibe.

Carnival of Screams is the first area of the park you enter in the game. Although it seems pretty normal and like your average amusement park…something about this area is creepy. Maybe it’s the Horrors. Or maybe it’s the rides, like Bumper Carnage, where the only rule on the racetrack is to DESTROY by wrecking the other cars before they wreck you! Not all of the rides are open though. I learned this when I tried to get on the Terrible Teacups and was told that it was closed due to excessive scalding – this didn’t make me feel too safe . . .In addition to Bumper Carnage, there’s Calamity Canyon, HorrorLand Derby, Monster Mash, and Dead Ringer within Carnival of Screams.

Once you’ve earned 10 frights you’re allowed in Vampire Village. This Transylvania-themed area of the park features a Gothic castle, thirsty vampires and squealing bats. It has a much darker and scarier feeling than Carnival of Screams.


Even the rides are darker and scarier. I got on Coffin Cruise and had to paddle along a river of what looked like blood (gross) really fast so that the coffin wouldn’t close on me! Then I vanquished vampires in Garlic Crusher, played some mini-gold in Putt Cemetery, hit some home runs in Batting Cage, got spooked in Flash Fright and saved a little girl named Gigi on the Roller Ghoster. Also, at one point I walked past a stand selling Rotcorn. The Horror let me know that it came in four flavors: stale, wormy, moldy, and extra moldy. So gross! Could you imagine eating that? Ewww! I’m getting sick just thinking about it.

Vampire Village is centrally located in HorrorLand – meaning from it, you can access the 4 other areas of the park: Carnival of Screams, Fever Swamp, Mad Labs and Terror Tombs.

As soon as you meet the “fright restriction” you can enter Fever Swamp – a marshland of rides and attractions – and the Scholastic Interactive team made sure it looked like one! It’s the water-themed area of the park, except instead of water it’s filled with slime and gunk! Take a look at this palette which shows the colors used to create Fever Swamp.

Color Key of Fever Swamp

While playing, I had to be really careful not to fall in Swamp Stomp or get slimed by the Bogtopus – could you image getting those stains out! Beyond this, I had to escape swamp monsters on the Slime Flume, avoid a ferocious spider in Tilt-A-Web and toss heavy anchors in Anchors Away. I think the grossest ride in HorrorLand is in Fever Swamp. It’s Rub-A-Dub Slug where I pulled worms out of a green slug. The worms that came out of the slug would burp stink gas and I had to eliminate as many slugs as I could before the stench meter filled up!

My favorite area of HorrorLand is Mad Labs – a wacky place where science crosses with evil (kind of reminds my old Science teacher from 8th grade, ha ha ha!). Make sure you get meet the “fright restriction” so that you can enter this area of the park. Mad Labs looks like a mad scientist was let loose in a laboratory. You have to be careful what you touch in Mad Labs – unless you want to get electrocuted. I learned this the hard way while playing Buzzwire. My hand wasn’t steady enough and as I tried to move the loop along the wire I kept shocking the brain! Other rides delivered similar shocks like Shock ‘N Roll, ThunderVolt and Brain Drain while others like DreadMill and Toxic Gunk Dunk made me feel as if I were part of a weird experiment.

The sketch below shows the earliest stage of Mad Labs. Then take a look a look at how the sketch led to an early color concept.


Mad Labs sketch

Mad Labs Concept

One moment in Mad Labs that I definitely won’t forget was when I was walking around ran into a Horror working at the FACE OFF! Mask Booth. This was our conversation:

Me: You sell scary masks here?
Horror: Yeah, but you don’t want one of these.
Me: Why not?
Horror: Your face is scary enough already.

So rude!!

Mask booth

Screenshot of Face Off

The final area of HorrorLand is Terror Tombs. This Egyptian-themed area of the park is based on pyramids and ancient crypts. The Scholastic Interactive team had to do some research to get this part of the park just right. (I think King Tut would approve!)

Terror Tombs screenshot

While in Terror Tombs you have be careful and watch out for mummies! The walk around the park area and during Mummy Run, they chase you because they want you to become their new TOMB-mate. Nobody wants that! Also in Terror Tombs, I battled with scarab beetles in Beetle Battle, raced in Scorpion Speedway, charmed cobras in Snakes on a Chain and tried to get a hole in one in Pharaoh’s Fairways. Plus, there’s one last ride that tested by fear factor – Certain Death!

Click here for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game!

— Amabel, Scholastic Interactive Staffer

  1. Anonymous

    How do you get on the the ride “certain death” they say it is “too scary” and I can’t get on it

  2. Trev

    I don’t see an answer to the question on how to buy the horror mask. I have tried having more than 100 tokens and having exactly 100 and still get the same conversation with the shop keeper horror. I’ve seen this question posted online elsewhere with no answers either. Help!

  3. Horrorman

    To get into terror tombs, you have to get as many pieces of your ticket as you can. When the girl says that the next stop is Terror Tombs, then it opens.

  4. Nicolette

    Hey I have 84 frights and I’ve beatin cetain death AND got gold. When you get 90 frights THEN you have beaten the game. I promise you!

  5. Gingie

    I also cannot get into Terror Tombs and I have 52 frights. Is there something else that I need to do?

  6. Joey

    To beat the Vampires in Flash Fright, shine your light between two vampires, so the rays hits them both at one time…also don’t worry about charging your flashlight completely up before hitting the vampires with the light…shake and flash as fast as you can.

  7. Brady

    Hint: Amabel, make sure you have exactly 100 tokens before talking to the Face off! shop manager or you won’t get the mask for some reason. But it says the same thing though. Try it.

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