October 13, 2008

Goosebumps HorrorLand — Meet the Horrors!

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It’s Monday! This means another inside look at Goosebumps HorrorLand!

It’s no easy task to keep HorrorLand open and running — that’s why the green-skinned workers called Horrors are busy collecting tickets, operating rides, and more. The Goosebumps HorrorLand Video Game  will be available soon, but until then here’s a look at the creatures that staff the park and keep things running smoothly . . . well, sort of.

Goosebumps HorrorLand has been in development for the past year and I’ve gotten to know the Horrors pretty well (although I’m not sure I would call them my friends). The Horrors — with their green skin, big hands, and long tails — are generally lazy and put forth only enough effort to keep their jobs. They have a wry sense of humor and don’t care about the safety of the park’s visitors. At first blush, they appear to be people in costumes, but sometimes it seems they really are monsters.

After looking at some Goosebumps book covers, reading R. L. Stine’s descriptions of the Horrors, and drawing inspiration from movie monsters, Scholastic Interactive set out to bring the Horrors to life for the video game.

Making of the Horrors

Using 3D drawing programs and Photoshop, the team crafted the Horrors of HorrorLand over the course of two weeks, paying very close attention to details. Ambiguity plays an important part in the game, and this was key to implement in the design of the Horrors, who were purposefully designed to keep players wondering whether they were truly monsters or just workers in costume. On one hand, it looks as though the Horrors are wearing costumes that don’t fit well and are too tight. However, it also looks as though it could just be layers of monster skin. After the basic look of the Horror was finalized, the team went about creating the various themed Horrors that staff the park and worked on animating them.

As mentioned in last week’s blog entry, the boss of the group is a magician Horror named Horrifico. I think the name says it all; he’s a pretty scary guy with his glowing eyes, bad temper and skullhead cane.

The Pirate Horror is definitely my favorite! You can find him in Fever Swamp. In the initial concepts for the Pirate Horror, it was up for debate whether or not the Horror should have a missing leg. Ultimately, thinking that a missing leg would be just too horrifying, the team decided that the Pirate Horror would have a peg leg but his real leg would be tucked up behind him!

Which Horror do you like the best?

— Robin, Scholastic Interactive Staffer

  1. Ross

    codfan12, You need to really try hard in the game for it to be fun. That’s what makes it challenging.

  2. codfan12

    ok guys i still love goosebumbs and horror land but the game stinks every game rating thing i know rated it a 2

  3. Ross

    HorrorLand HAS to be the best part of Goosebumps, because the rides are PART of the fear, where in the other Goosebumps, you have to WAIT for the climax of the book. That’s why I like HorrorLand so much!

  4. karka ma leban

    i loveeeeeee the book 1day at hororLAND its cool:)
    and originaL ;)
    anddd i ;love thaa headlesss ghost!!! its coool :P andb i love night of the living dummy

  5. karka ma leban

    i flamminnnnnn love goossbumpssss mannn
    its not scaryyy i love it
    its hectikk cuzzz!!! all the waayyy
    i love horro mi 2nd name is horor :)
    i lovee the gamess
    and the movies AND the bookss
    im dieinnn to find thaa games
    any1 knoww whrr to get eemmm???
    in AUSTRALIA????

  6. Ploopy

    me and my friend are frekes for Horrorland. I own the game myself, but i’m not done yet. my favorite horror has to be thew vampire horrors, but i can’t stand Vampier Village. scare my up, Horrorland fans!

  7. summergirl537

    this stuff isn’t horror in my opinion if you could see what me and almost my twin (we don’t look alike we just have everything in common literally EVERYTHING)!!!

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