September 4, 2013


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Goblins by Philip Reeve

“There had been a time when all goblins had been servants of the same great sorcerer, the Lych Lord, who had raised Clovenstone and ruled the whole world from his Stone Throne.”

Skarper is different than other goblins. Sure, he likes his fair share of shiny things and loves spider soup. He can read and he is clever, qualities which result in him being catapulted out of the goblins’ home! Separated from his books and the secret Stenoryon’s map, Skarper will do anything to steal back his treasure.goblins

Henwyn is a “softling” who has a knack for getting into trouble. Banished from his hometown of Adherak, due to an unfortunate incident with a cheese monster, Henwyn decides to follow his dreams and become a hero. Armed with a blunt sword and high hopes, Henwyn sets out to rescue Princess Eluned, only to find quite the surprise.

Magic is brewing deep within the bowels of Clovenstone, ready to explode! Many will fight to harness this power, but only one can rule on the Stone Throne. A human, goblin, troll, giant, or three sorcerers – who will it be?

Philip Reeve presents a hilarious fantasy tale, packed with adventure and magical creatures. Do you think you have what it takes to go on this quest? Give this book a chance! Read a sample chapter. Then leave a Comment below!

—Elysse, STACKS Writer

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    1. emeraldtiger931

      yeah me too oh and if you know by the way I am a girl and I am not scared of just a little book.

    1. emeraldtiger931

      DOGBIRD851 did you know the guys who is Austin he is Ross Lynch he plays a band that’s called R5 and he was a actor for teen beach movie and teen beach 2.

  1. GorrilaPolorBear757

    Cool! Reminds me of the Hobbit (age 12 and up)! I’ll be sure to go to the book store before school starts to check it out!

    1. Anonymous

      I disagree. In my opinion, no book can be like the Hobbit (age 12 and up). The Hobbit is the Hobbit. Goblins is Goblins. No book will ever topple the hobbit down from its extremely tall tower of awesomeness. Never……