January 4, 2012

Henry Winkler’s Ghost Buddy: Zero to Hero

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COLL011225_GhostBuddy-CoverHow would you react if you moved to a new house in a new neighborhood only to find a ghost living in your new bedroom?!? You’d be freaked out, right? But what if that ghost was funny, he could help you fit in at your new school, and most importantly, get revenge on the school bully?

That’s what happens to Billy Broccoli in the new series Ghost Buddy, by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver. Read this sneak peek excerpt from Book #1 Zero to Hero where Billy and his ghost buddy (the Hoove) meet for the first time.

What do you think? Are you excited to read the Ghost Buddy series? Would YOU react the same way Billy does? Leave us a Comment with your thoughts.

–Vanessa, Scholastic Staffer

  1. puppypink121

    I would be so scarde . Be excited to. excited because I always have a frend with me. scard a gost.

  2. JoshTheTiger3444

    Me: *Walking in new hallway in new house and go to family room” aaaah… nice furniture, good color a-
    Cat: Mew?
    Me:AHH THERE GHOST CAT AND… It mine cat?

  3. jadecat74

    1.”The Double Rainbow”
    2.”The Bad Beginning”
    3.”Cloudy With a Chance of Boys”
    4.Any Bad Kitty book i LOVE him.

  4. artbloodhound137

    I would be scared but if it helps you I would become friends.I can’t wait to read it I can tell it will be a great book!

  5. liam

    I would freak out if there was a goast in my room.If there was a bully in school I would bring the goast to freak the bully out.

  6. sebastian

    I think its good that a ghost is helping a boy with his problems,just like a brother or a parent would.

  7. purpledolphin

    i really liked this book,a very awesome story,oh i love it.thx 4 this book,thankyou…………….

  8. Eric

    I think the authors did a great job with writing this book for kids. It teaches a great lesson on how to treat others even when they’re not the nicest to you.
    I love the books that Mr. Winkler and Mrs. Oliver write. I think they’re awesome!!!!

  9. maxwell


  10. Mysterygirl123

    Me: *Walks into new room* OK good space, good color, I think I’ll like this ro-
    Ghost; *Sitting in corner tossing ball in air* Hi!
    …should I be scared?
    Ghost: Maybe. Maybe not.
    Me: O.o I’m gonna take that as a no. And your friendly…
    Ghost; Your right! xD
    So, yeah I think I might want to read it!

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