November 20, 2012

Get Goosebumps at the Zoo

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20logoZoos Giving You Goosebumps?

The days following Halloween are always sort of a let-down. After spending all of that time picking out your Halloween costume, sniffing out the largest possible pillow case to haul your load of candy, and giving yourself a good fright with an overdose of scary movies, in just a few fun-filled hours it’s all over, and there are a full 364 days left until you get to do it over again next year. But just because October 31 is now behind us doesn’t mean that the scares need to stop. Fun-size candies may come and go, but you can get Goosebumps from fright-master R.L. Stine all year.

In fact, a lot of kids got a head start on all the horror-ific Goosebumps fun when a trip to the local zoo included an extra-special surprise: a brand-new, FREE Goosebumps book from Scholastic!

Here are some photos from the Bronx Zoo.

Goose bumps 6

Goosebumps 1

Goosebumps 2

Tell us . . . Do you like to read scary stories from Goosebumps year-round?

– Vanessa, Scholastic Staffer

  1. Why i LOVE goosebumps book

    I think that R.L Stine is very creative , i love the covers he make of Goosebumps book. The are so scary you just know its going to be good. Also every Goosebumps book has a lesson , but it really doesn’t like it. The best part is once you read one book you don’t want it to end cause its so so so good. Me and my 2 friends are HUGE FANS of R.L Stine and Goosebumps Books. These are the best series for kids and adults. You wonder why I said adults, well i said it because one they read it they will buy for their kids to read more. I hope Goosebumps series never ever ends. Sometimes in the night i read in the dark with a flash light , and its so so scary, and i never want it to end. Also early in the morning I get up and red my book. I hope R.L Stine gets to read my HUGE comment. And I hope you guys agree and start reading them. I LOVE GOOSEBUMPS BOOK!!!!!!! Thank you! ♥

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