July 17, 2013

Geronimo Stiltonoot’s Summer

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Cavemice2WatchYourTailA Stone Age Summer Day by Geronimo Stiltonoot

As the sun came up over Old Mouse City, the great cavemouse village, I leaped out of my straw bed. The weathersaurus was screaming in my ear. “It’s a perfect summer day today! Better get out and enjoy it!” he yelled. Great rocky boulders, that dinosaur is loud!

But I followed his advice and went outside. He was right; it was a perfect summer day! I wasn’t sure what I would do with it. I sure didn’t want to be inside chiseling The Stone Gazette. So I decided to surprise my sister Thea and take her on a picnic.

I packed a hollow gourd full of fern juice and lots of cheese to eat. My autosaurus had the week off. (He was away visiting his dino relatives), so I walked over to Thea’s. Walking is always a little dangerous for cavemice. You never know if today’s the day you’ll go extinct!

Thea was happy to go on a picnic . . . but insisted on riding her autosaurus, Grunty, who always wants to make a snack out of me! I barely got to eat anything because I spent the whole time running away from him!

Finally, he settled down for a nap. I looked out over the village from our beautiful picnic spot and smiled. How I love my home and all the cavemice in it! Summer vacation is the perfect time to do all the fun things outdoors you can’t do during the rest of the year.

What do you like to do in the summer? What outdoor activities do you have planned?

  1. Indigoangel52

    I love how Geronimo gets dragged into all these incredible adventures when all he really wants to do is curl up with a good book and a snack! Sometimes i feel like guarding him for just one evening so that he can rest without being disturbed but then again, I also LOVE his adventures!

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