July 3, 2013

Geronimo Stilton Summer Vacation

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FC_BC_9780545481946.inddWhy I love summer vacation! By Geronimo Stilton

Ahh, summer vacation. Who doesn’t love it?! I love my job, but sometimes I just need to get away from the busy atmosphere at The Rodents Gazette. In fact, just last week I had a fabumouse time away from work!

I had planned on having a relaxing week in New Mouse City sleeping in, reading in my cozy mouse hole, and picnicking in the park with my dear nephew Benjamin. Little did I know that I would be whisked away by my friends on a crazy camping adventure!

Holey cheese! I ended up on a camping trip with my athletic friend Wild Willy, my cousin Trap, my sister Thea, and Benjamin. I’m no sportsmouse, and I was totally unprepared for the woods!

During our time outside we ended up:

  • hiking up giant mountains! (Well, actually, maybe they were just very little hills.)
  • swimming in an enormouse, shark-infested lake! (Well, actually, maybe it was more like a pond with only little fish . . . but those fish did not like me!)
  • sleeping soundly under the stars! (Well, actually, I could barely sleep . . . all of the nighttime insect and animal noises scared me too much!)

It was exhausting. But in the end, it was a mouse-tastic week, because I was spending time in favorite way: with family and friends!

You can read more about my vacation in Geronimo Stilton Book #54: Get into Gear, Stilton! How do you like to spend your summer vacation?

  1. applesliding15

    I am in the distant future of May 8, 2014, and the newest book, The Stinky Cheese Vacation, came out. Reach for it!

  2. DancingLizard21

    I love Geronimo Stilton! Woo hoo! When is this coming out?! I HAVE to get it! :D

  3. Indigoangel52

    So excited! I cannot wait to get my hands on the book! I have to say that I am a big fan, I’ve been reading your books for about 5 years now! They are so entertaining and uniquely written.

  4. alexxa

    Geronimo Stilton is awesome! I wish I could have the whole series. I cant wait to read your new book!

  5. penguingerbil8

    Your books are amazing I read all your books in my school library. I ‘am your biggest fan.


    I read ona of the bouks you should to it is funny and misteryis at the sams time

  7. Christiana

    I love your books! With all the cool adventures and everything. Can’t wait to read the next book:]

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