May 7, 2013

Future Job Personality Quiz Results

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Trivia_quiz2Future Job Personality Quiz Results

Last week's Future Job Personality Quiz asked you some questions to help you decide what is the best job for you when you grow up. Are you ready for the results? Read on. . . 

You've got your mind on your money and your money on your mind! You would be a great investment banker, or a similar profession in the financial services industry like trader, accountant, hedge fund manager, or financial consultant. You love Math, and taking charge of yours (and other people’s) money. You are very organized, competitive, a hard worker to the point of perfection, and you love solving problems. Watch out Wall Street, here you come!

You will be a Sports Agent, keeping company with the best athletes in the world. You are tight with Jeremy Lin, Derek Jeter, and Peyton Manning. You are athletic, love sports, and your passion has grown into a career. You are always on the go, to whatever city your clients take you. You represent NFL players, NBA, NHL – you name it, you’ve done it. You are very social, and can talk anybody (even a wall!) into giving your clients more money and bigger contracts. Play ball!

You are one of the smartest people you know – a world class scientist. You read books on astrophysics, molecular engineering, and nuclear cold fusion for fun. You have a thirst for knowledge, and love to know what makes things tick. You have a logical mind, and you make nerdiness cool. Expect to display your Nobel Prize at your next dinner party.

You are a superstar TV Producer. You watch a lot of TV, but also love to tell stories and make them come to life. You know what it takes to make the next star, and when you have a great idea for a TV show, you make it happen. You rub elbows with Hollywood’s elite, and are BFFs with Selena Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove, and Jake Short. The next time your friends watch TV, tell them to look for your name in the credits!

Mostly E's: WRITER or ARTIST
You are a true creative – an artist of the body and mind! You feel best when you are writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, or creating. You draw beauty from nature, books, and the world around you. You travel the globe in search of inspiration for your next masterpiece. But you’re also smart, so when needed, you’ll use your artistic abilities to pay the bills! You’ll dapple in freelance writing, web design, or computer animation. From Picasso to Pixar, Shakespeare to Harry Potter you know how to appreciate good art and literature.

What do you think? Are you excited about your future job? Leave a Comment to tell us what you want to be when you grow up!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. irene

    i am 12 years old and now a published author when i was 5 years old onwards till now my
    ambition is author

  2. Winterninj3

    I ended up as a artist :D Which is fitting because I AM a artist and I plan to someday become a animator :)

  3. minkadventure17

    Woo Hoo! I’m a writer! I agree with purplewizard50. This quiz is AWESOME!!! :)

  4. purplewizard50

    YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I’m a writer! I already write books and being a writer was always my dream job! COOL QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!

  5. laptopfashionista10

    Im an investment banker, but the thing is that im always the opposite of the character traits the stacks listed!

  6. bashfulkoalabear10

    My sister and I found this very intresting. We both got E’s!!!! I guess we’re destined to be writers or artist’s. (She’ll most likely be the artist because my painting’s aren’t that great!) ^.^

  7. caylie

    E is so me its my dream to work at pixar and I love to read. Just hope my dreams come true

  8. Aliyah

    I’m a TV producer! AWESOME!!! actually in real life i want to be a drawing artist or a dancer or an author. ;D
    Aliyah <3

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