April 2, 2013

Future Home Personality Quiz

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Trivia_quiz1Future Home Personality Quiz

Have you ever played the M.A.S.H. game that randomly guesses your future spouse, your future profession, and your future home (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House)? Well today’s Personality Quiz will just home in on the home part. Answer these questions to predict what kind of home you will live in when you grow up.

  1. Your favorite place to hang out is . . . A) Any big city. B) At the beach or on the water. C) A cozy little café drinking hot chocolate. D) Outside, enjoying nature. E) At your house with friends.
  2. If you were a dog you’d be a(n) . . . A) Yorkshire Terrier. B) Portuguese Water Dog. C) Alaskan Husky. D) German Shepherd. E) Golden Retriever.
  3. If you could, every day you would wear . . . A) Your best clothes. B) A bathing suit! C) A puffy vest. D) A flannel shirt and jeans. E) Sweats or comfy yoga pants.
  4. Your element is . . . A) Fire. B) Water. C) Ice. D) Earth. E) Air.
  5. Which best describes you? A) You love to be where the action is. B) You float in and out of different interests. C) You crave adventure. D) You hate crowds. E) You like to be around your friends.
  6. Where would you most like to live? A) Paris B) Hawaii. C) Alaska. D) The Grand Canyon. E) A small town in Anywhere, USA.
  7. A cool profession you could see yourself being: A) Model. B) Pro Surfer. C) Snowboarder. D) Forest Ranger. E) Pediatrician.
  8. Where do you wish you could go on a class field trip?  A) A Broadway show. B) Sea World. C) Dog sledding on a frozen lake. D) Camping! E) Dunkin Donuts factory to see how donuts are made!
  9. What do you think is a good size for a town or city? A) The bigger, the better! You “heart” big cities! B) Doesn’t matter as long as there’s water nearby. C) You like a small, tight-knit community. D) You can’t stand the city! E) Medium.
  10. Which of these meals sounds the yummiest? A) Chinese takeout. B) Fish chowder. C) Salmon. D) Granola. E) Macaroni and cheese.

Count up your results for each letter, and click here for the results.

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. anoushka

    my element is earth duh i want to protect earth from pollution and make changes to help!

  2. indigowizard3

    1. cozy cafe
    2. husky
    3. best clothes
    4. air
    5. like to be around friends
    6. paris
    7. model
    8. broadway show
    9. big cities
    10. macaroni and cheese

  3. laptopfashionista10

    1.E (nothing like ur BFFs!)
    2.A (they’re so qt!)
    4.A or D
    6.A (that would be totally awesome!)

  4. Pegasusmagic13

    1. I can’t decide! B, C, or D!
    2. Easy. C
    3. Probably D
    4. A. Defiantly Fire
    5. All of them!
    6. B. I love Hawaii
    7. D.
    8. D. That would be so fun!
    9. B. I love water! (Well, mosly because you can’t swim in fire)
    10. E.

  5. Adventurepegasus10

    1.D outside enjoying nature
    2.E golden retriever
    3.D flannel shirt and jeans
    4.B water
    5.C crave adventure
    6.A Paris
    7.D forest ranger
    8.D camping
    9.E medium
    10.A chinese takeout
    mostly D

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