May 23, 2014

Funny Books Fiesta

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Funny Books FiestaHappy summer, everyone! As far as I am concerned, the best thing about summer is all the free, unlimited READING TIME! After a long school year of assignments and homework, it is finally time to read whatever you want for as long as you want.  Along with the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, we will be celebrating all the joys of summer reading with different activities on the STACKS each month.

Let’s kick off June with a month-long Funny Books Fiesta celebrating the books that make us laugh! What is the funniest book you ever read? Or who is the funniest character in a book you have read? Have you ever actually rolled on the floor laughing or fallen off your chair laughing while reading a book? Then the Funny Books Fiesta is for you!

Here is the schedule of events in June:

Funny Book challenge #1: Make your own Mad Libs

Funny Book challenge #2:  Silly Word Vocabulary

Funny Book challenge #3:  Silly Sentence Switch-Up

Readathon                          June 30 Noon -4 pm E.T.

To get started, tell us your June reading goals in the Comments. It could be to start a new book you’ve been wanting to read. It could be to finish a book that you started. It could be to discover some new funny books you haven’t read yet. It could be to read for a certain amount of time every day. Anything you want. Let us know YOUR reading goal for June, and then come back on June 4 for the first Funny Books Fiesta challenge!

  1. Athenaartemis738

    My summer goal is to read every day and to the percy Jackson and the heroes of olympus series all summer.
    Ps:I read more than 4 hours a day

  2. breezebrain39

    My June reading goal is to finish Tales from a not-so-glam tv star when I get it on June 3rd.

  3. decipheringbird26

    I had just started a book called,” Insurgent” (Teens). My reading goal is to read the whole series this week and to at least read 30 books this summer. I would definitely like to read at least 60 minutes everyday because last summer I barely got to read 30 minutes each day since I was so busy. Some other goals I would like to accomplish this summer is to read everyday. I would like to do that because also last summer I only got to read about 3-4 times a week, so that’s why I would like to try to read everyday. That’s all I really want to accomplish.

  4. midsummerbook13

    My reading goal is to at least get to book number three of the Swindle series this summer, maybe to read for about four hours (I don’t want my eyes to pop out of their sockets!) to maybe start the Percy Jackson series or read I Funny. And to read seventeen books.

  5. not telling :)

    Well, I always need to reread the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books…. and I’ve been wanting to read….um…..EVERYTHING I HAVEN’T!!!! I totally agree with you, summer is great I’ve totally been looking forward to reading time!

  6. Anonymous

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  7. unknown27

    My goal is to read at least 20 books this summer. And I have something I thought you guys might be interested in. I know a great author/cartoonist! But he has writer’s block right now. :-(
    But I bet he’ll be free from it soon! Thanks!

  8. dragondragon8951

    I am Danny’s mom and we are so excited about reading funny books this summer. My son and I enjoy bonding time reading books by Mary Pope Osborne. We are now on book number 26 of the Magic Tree House collection. Just wanted to point out that my Danny is six years old. He will be starting second grade this fall. We enjoy reading every night.

  9. fireyoga11

    I really really
    want to read 2,000,000 min. This hole summer that is a big challenge for me to do because I have a bunch of stuff to do!)!!!!
    I hope I can reach it….’. Please please please I hope I can do it

  10. Whitelynx113

    My reading goal for June is to read a funny book that my friend Robby showed me. I’m pretty sure it was Jedi Academy or something similar.

  11. kiwimelon16

    My goal is to read 100 minutes in a week, if we read 1,000 minutes, then we get a snow cone party! I know that is easy because I love reading with apples!

  12. aquachatty237

    My goal is to read 10000 minutes and a know its possible for me because I love to read and im a fast reader I nroke 4 school records 2 in 6 grade and 2 in 7 grade.

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