June 11, 2014

Funny Books Fiesta Challenge #2

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silly-vocabSilly Word Vocabulary

Have you ever wondered what a really crazy-looking word meant? I sure have! In fact, I do all the time. Of course, the right thing to do when you encounter a word you don’t know is to whip out the dictionary, but before you get the good ol’ standard definition of that difficult word, why not have a little fun first?

Today’s Funny Books Fiesta challenge is Silly Word Vocabulary! When you read a word you don’t know in your book . . . make up a definition. That’s right! Just make one up, the weirder the better. How does it change the sentence you’re reading?

I’m reading The Hypnotists by Gordon Korman (If you haven’t read it yet, you totally should!)–and I see a few words that I used to struggle with all the time. For example, brashness. Here is the original sentence that Gordon Korman wrote:

The door of the lounge was flung open, and Wilson burst into the room with his customary brashness.

Brashness really means energetic-ness or boldness, but if I were to make up my own silly definition, I’d say it means “having an extremely long, bushy tail.” Here is my new, silly sentence:

The door of the lounge was flung open, and Wilson burst into the room with his customary extremely long, bushy tail. 

This definition of brashness gives the sentence a seriously silly new meaning!

Are you that super-smart kid that knows all the words in the book you’re reading? Fear not, you can still have fun. Simply give a word you already know a new meaning. Example? Coincidence. My new definition? “A statue made of old coins, made in an ancient mine by elves who only wear the color blue.”

Pick a word, any word! Be bold. Share your new, silly definition in the Comments below. Can’t wait to see how creative and gloriously goofy we can get!

Come back next week for another Funny Books Fiesta book challenge. And don’t forget the LIVE Readathon on June 30! You’re coming, right? See ya later,

image from kids.scholastic.com — En-Szu, STACKS Staffer

  1. cheerfulraider14

    there’s a funny book called captain underpants but he died a few years ago but the
    last book still came out.

  2. cheerfulraider14

    have you read captain underpants?If you read it it was awesome and funny theres also
    a flip o-rama

  3. AwesomeWizard82

    “I want to fix that in my memory forever – Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret.” ~Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I am reading this book (for the 4th time; HP rules!) I wasn’t quite sure of the definition of ferret, so my definition is: long complicated braid.

  4. midsummerbook13

    I am reading Rules by Cynthia Lord and my word is occupational . I am going to replace it with a notepad, totally random.

    “You’re going to notepad therapy,” I tell David, “at the clinic.” He frowns. “Lets go to the video store.”

  5. Anonymous

    You log minutes by going in the scholastic search bar and type log my minutes. Then click on the Summer Reading Challenge. Scroll down to kids, click go now. Then you should be able to log in with your stacks screenname and password. or you can register but you will have 2 accounts then. I hope I helped. :)

  6. parker12

    waz up im reading the false prince now because I found it on this website………….I love it so far im not that far in it though cause I just started…………I recommend this book to ppl who like a like violent and mystery but not scary…….KEEP READING

  7. shrewddreamtime11

    book means a golden Egyptian jar with symbols
    wise means to dance the jig with a talking rabbit
    laugh means to make a funny noise with your feet
    to brush means a singing owl is talking to me in an opera
    a bathroom is a place with the king’s throne and golden plates
    carnival is a place where the dishes spoons and forks get dried
    cheese is another meaning for santa claus and his elves
    shirts are things that you feed to dogs and were made from selfish puppets in Africa that like to do the jitterbug while standing on their heads with a snail helping them stay balanced

  8. birdbull608

    I reely thoght you were funny but now I no your are and sometimes when sombodys cool you should tell them and opps I think I said to much and said the roung thang so good never mind

  9. breezebrain39

    I’m reading Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George and I’m on page 2. I have absolutely no idea what dubbed means, so I’ll replace it with a boring bed.

    And the Armor Gallery, as if it had already been a boring bed, was in the perfect place for such a thing, though the maids were nearly in revolt at the idea of having to clean and polish so many strangely shaped items.

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