June 4, 2014

Funny Books Fiesta Challenge #1

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Funny Books FiestaMake your own Mad Libs!

Welcome to the Funny Books Fiesta! To keep you reading (and giggling) all month long, we’ve got some seriously silly games going on. You ready to get your giggle on? Check out today’s activity!

Everyone loves Mad Libs. So why not make your own? The more original, the better! Here’s how this game works: substitute random nouns on the page you are reading with another, super-random noun.

For example, I’m currently reading Goosebumps HorrorLand: Welcome to Camp Slither. I’m on page 73. My super-random word? Tofu. Check out my new first paragraphs:

Sid grabbed the tofu and studied it. “The head tofu is someone named Uncle Jerry? Why haven’t we seen him?”

“Don’t you get it? This means Dr. Crawler isn’t the real head tofu,” I said, my heart suddenly pounding. “Dr. Crawler is some kind of fake.”

The tofu all started talking at once…

To inspire you, here’s a list of great, goofy words for you to use:


Of course, you can always pick your own word!

Share your new favorite, silliest sentence (or sentences) in the Comments below. The sillier and more random, the better!

Come back next week for another Funny Books Fiesta book challenge. And it’s not too early to start getting ready for the LIVE Readathon on June 30! Till next time,

image from kids.scholastic.com — En-Szu, STACKS Staffer

  1. energeticgriffin20

    I am reading The Lightning Thief and I am on page 310. I will be using the word pineapple.
    “Only two pineapples?” Pineapple said. “Arrogant pineapple. As if you have not already taken enough. Pineapple then. It pineapples me not to strike you pineapple yet.”

  2. caramelcat175

    I just started reading the book The world according to Humphrey page 6 and i’m using the word muffins. Today she’s coming back for muffins. good I could see nothing good in what mrs, muffins was saying. Besides I want to see the muffins Humphrey she told me. fine with me. I’v thoroughly enjoyed all the muffins I’v seen so far I’d go to the ends of the muffins with mrs, muffins

  3. Anonymous

    on time my brother spilled these croutons we were having for dinner and they got all over my new pants

  4. gladreading

    1)The football said hi to the crouton.
    2)Pants don’t talk said the bowl of beans to the chapstick

  5. $$$$$$$$ + co0lNes$ + Green + Camo = This Girl (Me)

    Scott screamed in horror as the stuffed bunny he was breathing jumped out of his chap stick, but the worst part was when the bunny actually said her cheek’s name(Sonia the cheek). When the bunny talked everyone screamed 10 times louder because it was a CROUTON. But what they did not understand was that it was not panting enough for 10 x Scott scream…it needed 10000 times Scott scream THE END


    I am reading StarGirl and am on page 27 I am replacing the nouns with the word cup
    Hillari herself set the cup the day before. In the middle of cup, she got up from her cup and walked over to Stargirl’s cup. Silence everywhere except for tinklings in the cup.
    That was just a few sentences. I hope I did it right.
    Your Friend,

  7. cheerydownpour10

    I’ll be your friend since you are new, but I can’t give you personal information, sorry. I’ll just tell you that my first name is Amy.

  8. breezebrain39

    “I really love my apple “LAMPS RULE!” And singing it always makes me feel better about my own very lampy, out-of-control pen.

    Especially with all of the lights I’ve been having lately. I was at the playground, totally lost in my apple, when I got an unexpected kitten….It was CRUNCH-BAR :) !!

    I was shocked and surprised to see HIM, of all puppies. He smiled and waved.

    As I sang he stared at me through the chapstick. He seemed to be in a serious blankie, even a little football.

    After I finished the apple, he actually clapped for me and playfully took a teakettle.

    That’s when the most brilliant woodwork suddenly popped into my beans.

    “This is the PERFECT beach, Crunch-bar!” I said as he entered the backpack. “I’m about done here. So let’s go across the rainbow to banana milkshake and work on your cloud! It’ll be MY television!”

  9. superconfident11

    Im new here and i hope your glad to see me!
    So i hope we an be friends that would be nice…

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