July 27, 2010

Fun Personality Quiz

Ink Splot 26

Hi! I know it’s “Trivia Tuesday” but I saw this cute personality quiz created by soccerkicker123 and I thought it would be fun to give your brains a rest and do a quiz with no wrong answers for a change! It is summer after all!

INSTRUCTIONS: Add your answers in the Comments!

1) What is your favorite food?

2) What is a talent that almost no one knows about you?

3) Who is your favorite star? (singer, group, or actor)

4) If you could pick any super power, what would it be?

5) Which texting term do you use the most?

6) What type of pet(s) do you have?

Tell us your answers in the Comments!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. pinkpolarbear109

    i dont think ive told anyone im good at acting
    marylin monroe
    I’d have to say animal speach
    2 dogs and 1turtled died and 1 dog i gave away

  2. werewolfcat5

    1) My favorite food is…..that’s really hard…maybe ice cream!
    2) A talent that almost no one knows about me is…drawing,I think.I didn’t think I drew good but one day I discovered that.I drew a beautiful bird.I have to admit that it looked like the bird in the book cover.
    3) My favorite star is probably Taylor Swift.
    4) If I could pick any super power,I would pick super vision.It would be cool to see like in the dark.
    5) The texting term I use the most is probably brb which means be right back.
    6) I used to have two fish,one red and one blue but sadly,they died…and then two turtles.

  3. FettCloneFangirl

    1. Tiramisu
    2. Singing, acting, video games
    3. Angelina Jolie
    4. The Force
    5. ROFL
    6. Snake

  4. Kayla

    1) I love fruit — mainly strawberries and bananas.
    2) Writing has always been a huge passion of mine. Ever since I was three or so years old, I’ve really enjoyed creating my own characters and stories. My parents and sister are the only ones who know!
    3) I have a bunch! Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, Evanna Lynch, Bonnie Wright, Tom Felton, Helena Bonham Carter, Jason Isaacs, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock, Dakota and Elle Fanning, Abigail Breslin, and Amanda Seyfried are just a few of my favorite actors/actresses. I like all music genres, but my favorite is probably country — especially Sugarland, Carrie Underwood, and Lady Antebellum. I also like the Jonas Brothers, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and a never-ending list of many, many more.
    4) I’d like to be transported to J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding world to become a witch!
    5) Probably LOL.
    6) I have two black lab mixes as well as a cat.

  5. Crazyyazymusicgirl8

    My favorite band is 2pm. 2pm is a South Korean band.
    They’re so awesome!! Taecyeon is the best one of the group. You should listen to their songs, especially Even if You Leave Me and Tik Tok.

  6. 32brownies

    1. pasta and potatoes (not together)
    2. I am really good with younger kids and I can make yummy strawberry frosting
    3. anyone from Bradybunch or Family Ties
    4. Turn myself into anyone
    5. CUL8R (see you later)
    6. I used vto have a dog

  7. Hiphopfab

    1.)Anything thats good
    2.)i would pick dancing over singing
    3.) Alicia keys keri hilson trey ongs lil wayne t.i
    4.)to ask any questions in my head and have them answered in my head o.0
    5.)XD or o.0 or o.o or lol
    6.)dont have any r.i.p to my dead fish

  8. Annika

    1. mint ice cream
    2. i love to talk (im a VERY shy person at school)
    3. Selena Gomez
    4. moving thing with my mind (telaconisuse or something like that)
    5. lol
    6. two cats three dogs and a fish

  9. Alexis

    1. toco
    3.rocket to the moon
    6.cats, dogs, horses, cows, sheep, chickens, guineas, guinea pigs,lama, and a goat.

  10. beyblader

    angel hair pasta with (Gasp) tofu. yeah, im vegan
    i skateboard and beyblade.
    Tony Hawk
    energy blasts like from DragonballZ
    i dont really use one, but when i talk, i say dude.
    A dog(multise yorkie)

  11. brody

    tunafish.my brains like a computur hint thats no secret.william shatner.the ability to stop time.dog/cat/kittens/4

  12. Mechetoxic

    1. tomato basil soup
    2. its a secret
    3. Drew Barrymoore
    3. Healing myself
    4. lol
    5. one Hamster

  13. running man

    1.crab legs
    2.i can do the belly roll
    4.make fun stuff appear when i need it
    5.where u at
    6.a dog

  14. JennieIsSoPretty

    1:bbq chicken w\ rice
    2:i can sing,dance and act
    3:Janet Jackson shes a great singer and actor
    5:GTG (Got to go)
    6:i used to have a cat

  15. SoulSisterTrain

    PS. i have a German Shepherd. BEST DOG EVA AND CUTEST SWEETEST AND <3s licking me!!!! :d and doesn’t like giving back his tennis ball or frisbe after u throw the ball! funny lil’ dude

  16. SoulSisterTrain

    1) What is your favorite food?
    2) What is a talent that almost no one knows about you?
    3) Who is your favorite star? (singer, group, or actor)
    4) If you could pick any super power, what would it be?
    5) Which texting term do you use the most?
    6) What type of pet(s) do you have?
    2)Singing (except my Bffs)
    3)LADY GAGA!!!!! train, Ke$ha Taio Cruz
    4) Flying
    5) :) :D :3 (opps chocolate mooostash) :d

  17. olivia

    1i have twins we have the same bithday and a baby brother
    2 do you know the movie alice in wonderland the one they just mad I LOVE LOVE LOVE it
    3 i want a dog
    4 i love pizza

  18. cheeseboy47

    1. pizza
    2. video games
    3. robin willams
    4. to pass through anything when I want
    5. brb
    6. two dogs

  19. readingrules30

    1) What is your favorite food?
    cheese pizza
    2) What is a talent that almost no one knows about you?
    i am ambidextrous
    3) Who is your favorite star? (singer, group, or actor)
    taylor swift
    4) If you could pick any super power, what would it be?
    5) Which texting term do you use the most?
    6) What type of pet(s) do you have?
    does my sister count…

  20. olivia k

    anything my mom makes
    loves to sing and dance
    taylor launter,miley,selena..etc
    every superpower
    i don’t really text
    2 dogs 2 cats

  21. iHARTmonkeys

    1) i like soup? …
    2) i do very good mimic voices…
    3) singer: talyor swift band: foo fighters
    actor: will smith :)
    4)i would want telekenisis(did i spell that right), mindreading, or invisibility. (All of them are super cheap!:))
    5) i use lol and u(you)
    6)none but i want a puppy….

  22. peachesandcream26

    I’m a great singer, but a lot of ppl know this…
    Adam Young (Owl City singer)
    Guinea pig, dog, cat

  23. sweettooth145

    1. hotdogs
    2.I can write stories good.:)
    4.fly(that would be soooo cool!)
    6.Two dogs, a cat, and um……Fish. :)

  24. Sassy Cat

    !. My favorite food is steak and corn
    2. I am a good dancer
    3. Do not have one, I like them all.
    4. Strength
    5. Two dogs

  25. Lucia

    1 Ziti (penne and cheese cooked)
    2 I can make up stories in my head real fast
    3 Steve Carrell (thats spelled wrong, right?)
    4 Invisibility
    5 OMG
    6 I have 2 cats

  26. immunegirl

    1.i dont have a favorite food.
    2.im a fast reader.
    3.my favorite group/band is black-eyed peas.
    4.i would want to reverse time any time i wanted to.
    5.i dont really text a lot.
    6.i partly own a rottweiler.

  27. dianerules123

    1. I can’t decide.
    2. Alot of people know I am a very good dancer. But, my talent that almost no one knows is that I like to sing. :]
    3. I seriously don’t know who my favorite singer is. But, my favorite band would either be All Star Weekend or Paramore. (; & I can’t also decide who my favorite actor/actress is.
    4. Read people’s minds. That would be cool.
    5. LOL. :D
    6. This is really funny, because I had pet fish before. I had 13 fish in a tank that we just bought. But on the next day, they were all dead.

  28. 1LunaLovegood1

    Chocolate Cake
    Don’t know
    Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana
    X-ray vision
    Don’t have any. :)

  29. soccermvp

    3.singer: ke$ha
    group: black eyed peas
    actor:Taylor Lautner
    5.bcuz (because)

  30. Bigluck

    1. Funnel Cake
    2. I can flip my eyelids
    3. Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man)
    4. THE FORCE
    5. Dis (This)
    6. I use to have a fish but it died so none

  31. Sheryl

    I definitely need this trivia to break the monotomy of working!
    1. pork bbq!
    2. belly dancing (haha)
    3. Angelina Jolie
    4. super strength and to be able to fly
    5. lol
    6. dogs!

  32. casey

    1. Pizza
    2. Can do magic
    3. Big time rush
    4. big magic
    5. hiss (angry)
    6. Cats, fish, puppies, horses, and dogs

  33. bigbadpoohbear

    1. I love shrimp and snow crabs.
    2. I am an amazing singer and dancer.
    3. definatly JADEN SMITH he is so CUTE.
    4. I would love to be able to control peoples minds(then i could make my dad take me to c jaden).
    5.ttyl(talk to you later).
    6. I have a couple of crayfish, well one of them just died.

  34. 44maplesyrup

    1.mushroom pizza
    2.i’m a pretty good singer but i only sing in the shower LOL
    3.rupert grint definitely!
    4.to transform into an animal
    6.i only have fish but i wish i had a dog!

  35. Josephine

    1- Pizza, of course! What else would it be?
    2- I can put both of my feet behind my head. Wait, is that a talent?
    3- Dakota Fanning
    4- Fly
    5- LOL
    6- None :( But I want a cat! I want a cat! I WANT A CAT!

  36. stuffedbear3

    1. of course bacon and chips
    2.i used to do ballet umm i can sing awesome but i did that for the talent show….
    3. shakira, taylor swift, and selena gomez
    4. i would be invisable and fly.
    5. umm lol oh omg i just used lol lol
    6. none never had one…

  37. liz22101

    3.Selena Gomez
    4.The ability to control people with my mind
    5.Two pet rats (They are very sweet!)

  38. missysmiles299

    1.Pizza & spaghetti
    2.Designing clothing and singing/playing acoustic guitar
    3.Selena Gomez
    5.Lol, ttyl, and gtg

  39. ladysquecky13

    1. i had chinese food
    2. i can lick my elbow
    3. homestar runner
    4.controll water
    5.I DON’T TEXT
    6. i have a dog two guinea pigs and 37 fish

  40. stonefairy

    Spaghetti & meatballs
    I never hardly ever forget anyone I meet
    Alan Rickman
    idk (that’s the term, not that I don’t know)
    I have a grey cat

  41. Lunagal

    1) What is your favorite food? German food!! And cheese and mashed potatoes!
    2) What is a talent that almost no one knows about you? Ummm, all the talents I know I have, I think all my friends and family know about.
    3) Who is your favorite star? (singer, group, or actor) For singer: Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, gruop: I dunno, actor: Evanna Lynch and Robin Wiliams!
    4) If you could pick any super power, what would it be? The power to fly. That would be SO cool.
    5) Which texting term do you use the most? I don’t text, but on the computer I guess I use w/ or lol. That’s an old one.
    6) What type of pet(s) do you have? Cats and kittens.

  42. Xoe

    1)Velveeta Shells and Cheese
    3)Selena Gomez
    6)A boy dog, a girl puppy, a boy ferret, a girl ferret, and a boy turtle

  43. peace1414

    taco in a baag
    i can use both hands with mostly anything
    Demi Lovato

  44. Don11

    2.Hmm…I can hold my breath for 55seconds.lol
    3.Chris Rock and Black Eyed Peas
    4.Super speed
    6.2 dogs

  45. Blake E

    I like a lot of Italian and Asian.
    Well I am really good with art,culture,beauty, and animals.
    I have a pretty BIG group.
    To fly.
    Like none.
    Dogs and a Bunny

  46. The Modern Kristy

    1) Mac ‘n’ cheese!
    2) I can imitate people. It’s really weird.
    3) John Lennon of the Beatles.
    4) Flying, and controlling the weather.
    5) LOL!
    6) Goldfish. (sigh.)

  47. 0mintchoclatechip

    1.cheese pizza
    3.Lady Gaga
    4.flying and invisibility
    5.2 (for to)
    6.2 cats and 1 dog

  48. percyj99

    1) pizza
    2) I.D.K.
    3) Singer:Demi Lovato Group:PureNRG
    Actor: Logan Lerman :D
    4) invisibility
    6) a dog

  49. starrysnowflake

    1) Costco’s samples…
    2)I am great at school subjects…
    3)Tim Burton
    4)The power to read minds.
    5)NONE!! :( But I really do want a hamster…

  50. mintchocolatechip100

    1.mashed potatoes and gravy
    2.i make really awsome jewelry and sing pretty good too
    3.Abigail Breslin
    4.to be able to look however i want ( like tonks in harry potter )
    5.i like full sentances
    6.none! :(

  51. Charmfairy

    1) What is your favorite food? Sushi
    2) What is a talent that almost no one knows about you? IDK? bubble-gum blowing. All of my useful or important talents are pretty much known to the world.
    3) Who is your favorite star? (singer, group, or actor) Evanescence
    4) If you could pick any super power, what would it be? Flying
    5) Which texting term do you use the most? C U l8ter
    6) What type of pet(s) do you have? None that are my own, sadly. But my uncles have dogs.
    Wait, do Nargles count?

  52. Yana

    1 Probably,a salad
    2 I have been dancing since i was 2 and that i am a cheerleader!!!!!!!!!
    3 My favorite singer would have to be Usher
    4 The super power that i would want is to be able to read minds that would be sweet!!
    5 LOL!!!!!!!
    6 I have one dog and a fish

  53. sydney

    1.my moms potato soup
    2.i can play the clarinet
    3.ummmm taylor lautner
    4.to be able tto read minds
    6.ummm i have fish and dogs

  54. weirdmonkey99

    1.Chocolate Cake
    2.I can actually sing good.
    3.I like all of them!
    4.To change into every animal there is.
    5.ROTFLCIF=Rolling on the floor cuz it’s funny!
    6.I used to have a dog.:(

  55. Pumpkat

    1.New York Style Triple Fudge Cheesecake
    2.I can sing with my mouth closed while buzzing my lips
    3.Maroon 5 (Their old, but there’s just something about them that just…)
    4. Power Poots (like on Johnny Test)
    5.c u l8tr
    6.Cat, got him on my b-day

  56. funnydance

    miranda cosgrove
    to make people stop talking
    u (you)
    to awesome dog

  57. Aly

    mac’n cheese!!!
    I’m really good with little kids
    Emma Watson
    I don’t have any pets. :( unless spiders in your house count…

  58. nellieforeva

    2. the abililty to have no talents.
    3. hey monday (if you don’t know who they are then oh well)
    4.transparent (that way i can walk thorough walls and i am invisible
    6. one cat

  59. ultimate_muse_fan

    1) Wheel pasta with butter, no sauce
    2) I can sing pretty well
    3) singer: Matt Bellamy
    group: MUSE
    actor: Daniel Radcliffe
    4) Invisibility
    5) Kk
    6) none =(

  60. bibliomania123

    *mint chocolate chip ice cream
    *i love adrenaline rushes (not may people would guess that)
    *i would like to have awesone fighting powers like sword fighting
    * idk (hahahahaha)
    * a dog

  61. autumnapplebelly

    1) Indian
    2) I am destined to become a great actress/author/teacher/artist. :-D
    3) Singers: Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, and Kate Nash!!!!
    Group/Band: The Decemberists
    Actor: Johnny Depp
    4) Flying
    5) I don’t have a cell phone, so I don’t text.
    6) A really fat cat (17 pounds!!!).

  62. Sweet Touth

    2) I can BREAKDANCE
    3)I Don’t know
    4) The power to make vegetables taste like candy and teleportation
    5) Lol and TTYL
    6) Non!

  63. twilightfan60

    1)Any Type Of Cupcake
    2)I Can Make Myself Sound Like The Mad Hatter
    3)I Have 2 Favourites: Ke$ha and Taylor Lautner
    4)The Abilty To Read Minds
    6)I Have A Cherry Headed Conure (Bird)

  64. OathOblivion

    My favorite food is: Anyting that tastes good.
    The talent that I have that nobody knows is: If I have a talent that nobody knows, I don’t know it either.
    My favorite singer is:Smashmouth
    The superpower that I would choose is: Super Speed!
    The texting term I use the most is: LOL
    The kind of pets that I have are: Two dogs.

  65. gylfie97

    1. mac and cheese
    2. acting
    3. don’t have one
    4. flying
    5. omg
    6. used to have 2 cats and a bunny, now 2 aquatic frogs.

  66. Emma

    1. umm…mashed potatoes
    2. er…I’m a really good singer
    3. Emma Watson (awesome actress plus she shares my name LOL
    4. invisibility
    5. I have two kittens

  67. bmw3bug

    1. ummm slurpee!!!!!
    2. im a really good soccer player (better than i think aparently cuz juring my games even tho we hav 4 subs coach will never sub me off but he subs off ever1 else 2/3 times. once we had a different coach and he subed me off for a bit and my dad says that the game almost fell apart while i was off! and others agreed with him!!!)
    3. pureNRG (Jordan Yates (17), Caroline Williams (15), and Carolyne Myers (15))!!!!! they rock!!! but this is their last year! :(
    4. mind-reading, flying, or invisablility
    5. lol! :)
    6. snake, frog, dragon, dog, iguana, bird, fish, another snake and 1 more snake. lol i wish!!! i dont hav any pets :(

  68. doggiedreams

    well…lets see
    1)my favorite food is pizza(YUM!!)
    2)my talent that no one really knows about me is…I don’t really know!(Sorry)
    3)my favorite star is..(that’s a hard 1)justin bieber
    4)if i could pick any super power, it will be Invisable.
    5)i don’t know (sorry)
    6)i have 1 pet and it’s a cute fluffy dog!!:)
    so.. this is really most of MY answers! bye bye!

  69. Hollystar_of_Thunderclan

    1) I’d have to say Chocolate Chip Banana bread, but if treats don’t count i’d have to say bow-tie macaroni
    2) that almost no one knows about me…um…
    3) I’m a fan of Selena Gomez’s music and also love watching her show Wizards of Waverly Place
    4) I’d love to be able to talk to animals or turn into a wolf or something
    5) I actually don’t really text much…
    6) Dogs, Cats, & Guinea Pigs

  70. brightpeppersock

    2)four wheel
    3)I’m good at basketball
    4)sandra bullock

  71. pacohaley

    1. I have no idea.
    2. Well, I can do a killer British accent, and a pretty good Southern accent too.
    3. I really like Allstar Weekend, especially their song Dance Forever.
    4. I would like to read people’s minds. I think that would be cool.
    5.Either U, R, or OMG.
    6.I have 2 dogs, 2 birds, and two African Dwarf frogs. One of my dogs is a pit bull (the sweetest dog on earth) and one is a beagle/cocker spaniel mix. My two birds are parakeets.

  72. ICEDEMON96

    1.Tacos with fake meat
    2.I have a VERY photographic memory
    4.To be able to fix ANTHING with just a touch(That includes animals and people too!)
    6.Two male cats (brothers) and a girl cocker spaniel (that we rescued.We rescued all of our pets!)and a male Great Pyrenees.

  73. potterfan434

    1. my mom’s salmon
    2. I don’t really know
    3. I really don’t know
    4. Invisibility
    5. LOL
    6. I don’t have any pets

  74. cookiedoughhippo

    favorite food is: cheese ( not makaroni not cheese pizza just cheese)
    a talent is: plate spinning ( witch is a very wierd talent)
    my favorite star is: I like the stars like katy perry
    super power: i would want to make any wish in the world
    texting term: omg
    I have a pet

  75. stuffedmudkiptoy

    1. chocolate
    2. that i am a monkey (shh its a secret)
    3. Abba (i know they’re old)
    4. to fly
    5. dont know what that is (don’t laugh)
    6. 2 dogs a pembroke welsh corgi and a crazy yellow lab (like marley in marley and me)

  76. s.snape2000

    1)Either Sushi, grilled cheese, or macaroni and cheese
    2)Well, I dont know.Oooo!Got one!I can recite any line from Harry potter and can answer anything about the subject.
    3)Hmmm, I absolutely love Alan Rickman!(he plays Snape in harry potter)I love all of his movies:)I also love Helena Bonham Carter.Oooo.Tim Burton is awesome too.
    4)To speed read!
    5)BRB(be right back)and KK (ok)
    6)I have 2 cats and a dog.

  77. sidw

    1. Cheese Cake
    2. I can do a REALLY maniac laugh!
    3. Selena Gomez
    4. To read peoples minds
    5. LOL
    6. dog: Golden doodle

  78. Katelyn

    1)A tie between pizza and ice cream, but I’ll say ice cream because it is the summer.
    2)I dream things before they happen.
    3)Alexis Bledel

  79. ilovepercyandmax

    1. chocolate!
    2. i can sew
    3. taylor swift
    4. invincibility
    5. lolololololololololololololololololololol
    6. dog (schipperke)

  80. 83lautner

    1. Chicken
    2. i am a karate kid
    3. taylor lautner
    4. to read minds
    5. lol
    6. a pit bull and chiwauwa

  81. ExtraInnings10

    2) alot of people think im a football player / dancer but im really a HHHHHHUUUUUUGGGEEEEEEE baseball fan

  82. iluvdavidcook

    1) What is your favorite food?
    fruit, and Italian food
    2) What is a talent that almost no one knows about you?
    I sing/play acoustic guitar. :$
    And I make amazing brownies. ;)
    3) Who is your favorite star? (singer, group, or actor)
    Kay, I HAVE to do each one. :p
    Singer: Regina Spektor
    Group/band: Switchfoot
    Actor: Wentworth Miller
    4) If you could pick any super power, what would it be?
    5) Which texting term do you use the most?
    “lol” :)
    6) What type of pet(s) do you have?
    None. :( But I really want a Yorkshire terrier!

  83. GNOletsgo1

    1) Every single kind of fish.
    2) I am a super fast reada.
    3) MILEY CYRUS!!!
    4) The power to be awesome. LOL.
    5) LOL.
    6) Um, none. Unless you count stuffed animals.

  84. HeroineHiding

    1. Umm…Hot dogs candy and sugar
    2. I type really well with my right hand. My left hand holds up my head or food or something.
    3.Big Daddy Weave
    6.None!! :)

  85. breaking dawn 29

    1. pickles
    3.Jhonny Depp
    4.the power to multiply myself
    5.u (you)
    7.Dog and cats

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