July 3, 2012

Fruit Personality Quiz

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What Type of Fruit Are You?

We have a new Personality Quiz today from DanielSurfing on the Reading Buzz Board. Your answers to these questions will reveal your fruit personality – because I know you have always wondered about that! Are you an apple, an orange, or maybe a kumquat? Answer these 3 questions and click here for the results.

  1. People would best describe you as:
    a. funny, energetic, bright, zealous
    b. kind, sweet, cheerer-upper, nice
    c. plain, average, normal, hot-headed
    d. knowledgeable, smart, sweet, energetic
  2. If you saw a bully picking on a smaller kid, what would you do?
    a. Tell the bully to back off, or else.
    b. Ask the kid if she/he is okay after the bully picks on him/her.
    c. Watch. As much as you want to help, that bully will just take care of you as well.
    d. Go and tell an adult and/or higher authority.
  3. The food you are most like is:
    a. hot fudge sundae
    b. vanilla cupcake
    c. vanilla ice cream
    d. Rocky Road ice cream

Thanks, DanielSurfing! This is an awesome quiz!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. brainmagic4

    D. smart knowledgeble,intellectual energetic
    A.I would stand up for the kid
    D. rocky road is a delisous american made mixture.icecream wss invented in china with the use Of rice.

  2. Dolphinaqua1088

    c,d,d isnt that crazy last night i had a dream that someone was bullying someone else

  3. funnypainting3

    1.get pushed in a pool with my favorite summer outfit on
    2.ride the fastest speed boat in the world
    3.swim near a waterfall with favorite singer/band
    4.go to work with parents for a day
    5.painful sunburn on my shoulders
    6.get hit with a water ballon by your secret crush
    7.go to the most exciting sleep-away camp in the world without my friends
    8.spend three days at the beach with friends
    9.control water like percy jackson

  4. wolffrost14

    1. D.
    2. A. and D. (I would do both. I’d tell the bully off and then go get an adult.)
    3. D.

  5. cr0c


  6. chattyangel42

    d. knowledgeable, smart, sweet, energetic
    b.and d. I’d do both!
    c. vanilla ice cream

  7. wrestlerstrong6

    I’m mostly the smartest kid at the 2nd grade this year in my school.

  8. funny3

    1.a, b and d
    2.b I might just stand 2 the side as well
    all of those choices sound tempting

  9. cheerfulmist8

    Here are mine:
    1. D – knowledgeable, smart, sweet, energetic
    2. D – Go and tell an adult and/or higher authority
    3. C – vanilla ice cream
    I wonder what fruit I will turn out to be. I think I will be an apple…
    Also, 2010musican, zealous means you want to help a person or cause due to a warmth or soft spot you have towards the cause/person. Hope this helps!

  10. Starrninjarawr

    1. D. knowledgeable, smart, sweet, energetic
    2. A. Tell the bully to back off, or else.
    3. A. hot fudge sundae

  11. moonlightdragon15

    1. d
    2. a
    3. oooh…. too hard to answer! hmm…. fine hot fudge sundae

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