April 11, 2009

Small Screen to Big Screen: TV Shows to Films

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Tvtomovie_130This weekend, as Hannah Montana sings her way from the small screen in your living room to the big screen in movie theaters, I’ve been thinking about other television shows that have made the leap into film.

One of my favorites is the classic The Muppet Movie, which was a hit both commercially and critically way back in 1979. But some other shows-to-movies weren’t so well received — like The Lizzie McGuire Movie, which performed decently at the box office but was a critical dud; or The Wild Thornberrys Movie, which was positively reviewed but failed to generate any box office buzz.

Bringing old television shows to new movie audiences can sometimes pay off big, though. Take a look at The Brady Bunch Movie, which I still think is hilarious, or any of The Addams Family movies, which brought the black-and-white gothic humor of the 1960s television show to movie audiences in the 1990s, where it was a hit (and, like The Brady Bunch Movie, spawned several sequels!).

Going from the small screen to the big one can be a challenging task, because the longer movie format doesn’t always work when audiences have grown used to watching characters act out storylines in 30 short minutes. I can’t help but wonder, will the funny, wacky antics on Hannah Montana lend themselves to a full two hours of screen time?

So, what do you think about your favorite television shows becoming movies? And are there any that you particularly love?

— Morgan, Scholastic staffer

  1. Summerlovergirl

    I might go see it. I’m not sure. It’s probably expensive though. I don’t think it will be that good though. Jonas Brothers are better in my opinion.

  2. Amanda

    Do you think that this series ender movie will be a bigger hit than some other series ender movie?

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