November 20, 2013

Floors Trilogy Book 3

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Floors Book #3: The Field of Wacky Inventions by Patrick Carman

When the Whippet Hotel owner, the beloved Merganzer Whippet, takes Leo and Remi away with him on a “little adventure” for a week, Remi’s mother thinks nothing of it. “It’s Merganzer. How dangerous could it be?”

Boy, she had no clue! Remi and Leo were whisked away by a flying blimp which carried them to the top of the hotel to Merganzer’s headquarters – a field of wacky inventions. Merganzer has decided to combine his six hotels into one, and must appoint an “Emperor of all Whippet Hotels.” So he sets up a series of trials and puzzles inside the mysterious floors of the hotels to weed out the unworthy.floors3

Who will come out on top? And who is secretly working for Ms. Sparks, the woman who is trying to take over the Whippet Hotel? Read and find out!

In an adventure full of magic and surprise (There may or may not be live mini-dinosaurs and gravity-defying puzzle arenas!), Leo and Remi explore the wonderful inventions of Merganzer’s mind come to life! What do you think of the conclusion to the Floors trilogy? Read the first chapter and let us know!

–Elysse, STACKS Writer

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