September 28, 2011

Floors by Patrick Carman

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Floors-130x130 Patrick Carman has written lots of books. You may have read his 39 Clues book (Book 5: The Black Circle), or Skeleton Creek, or Atherton, or Trackers, or his Land of Elyon series. But his newest book is something totally different. I just read it and it’s really fun! It kind of reminds me of The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. Here is Mr. Carman himself to tell you about it.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Carman’s other books? Will you be reading Floors? Let us know in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. sorry but book wasnt that great dont recomend this no thrill or any thing !

    bad book very boring and lame

  2. aquaelf443

    I read this….. AND I LOVE IT

    there are 2 sequels and if you look at the front cover it shows the elevator pointer thingy pointing at the 1 and the second,2 and the third, 3 it goes accordingly

    I wish Leo wned the hotel chain but Alfred is a nice guy

  3. Rahul

    hi patricia cmraan i am one of ur major skeleton creek fans, even if i am a girl i really love ur books they are so cool and have you have a cool way in writing books no matter what u have to do make a 5th book the series cant just stop like that it has to keep going on like harry potter. i have an idea for u in the 5th book ryan and sara should kiss just saying. well i hope u mke a fifth book

  4. emeraldangel58

    this book sounds totally awesome!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to getit after hunting it down at the school library and dig in…………

  5. dolphinfairy49

    I’m definitely going to read it! I’ve read Land of Elyon series and The Black Circle, too!

  6. G

    I have read his books on the 39 clues series, and it’s obvious I LOVED them! But the Atherton series didn’t really make me want to read more. And when I finished it, I wasn’t sad that there wasn’t more. But I’m going to read the Floors, and hope it will be good.

  7. redwolf31

    Awesome! I read his books the Trackers (and loved it!), The Black Circle, and the Skeleton Creek series! I will one day read Floors after I get through my list.

  8. flashchihuahua1

    Hi I haven’t read his books and personally, I believe that the best author is Judy Blume or Carole Wilkinson as she brings the stories to life!

  9. Phoenixsng3

    It sounds sooo good! I will read it for sure!!
    I’ve read his book called Atherton.
    EVER!!! (one of the best)

  10. pegasusathena1

    I really love Patrick Carman’s books. I have read all his Skeleton Creek books and the first book in his Trackers series!

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