November 26, 2014

Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

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Pie Consume, inhale, gobble, wolf, chomp, devour, gorge, dine, munch. . . the list of words to describe eating goes on and on.  Thanksgiving is here, so get ready to salivate because I’m about to reveal my favorite Thanksgiving foods.

(Warning: Do not read this on an empty stomach.)

Food #1: Honey Butter Rolls
I can just smell the aroma now; that buttery scent wafting through the kitchen initiates the urge to start the feast otherwise known as the “Yum Yum” fest at my house.

Food #2: Herb-Infused Turkey
Rather than just throwing some salt and pepper on the turkey and sticking it in the oven for four hours, my mom’s method combines innovation and culinary excellence. She infuses her own mix of juices and herbs into the turkey with this really cool turkey injector. This result is a delectable moist and juicy turkey. Plus she leaves the skin on, which is irresistible!

Food #3: Fruit Compote
My family puts our own twist on traditional cranberry sauce. In addition to fresh cranberries, ours also includes baked apricots, roasted pecans, and caramelized pears. I’m guessing one tablespoon is probably around five hundred calories, but oh well.

Food #4: Dessert!
Honestly, does it really matter what kind of dessert it is? Though my family isn’t a huge fan of pie, we certainly make up for it with chocolate chip cookies, apple crisp, boxes of chocolates, and homemade biscotti.

After all those delicious foods, I’m really surprised we can even get out of our chairs without toppling over! And what’s even more shocking is the fact that the next day, we eat leftovers!

Tell us YOUR favorite Thanksgiving foods in the Comments! Happy Thanksgiving!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. M

    Instead of pumpkin pie for dessert, I like pumpkin moose. It is like chocolate moose but with a pumpkin flavor! So good!

  2. MIMI

    I like gravy, turkey,(even though im a veggietarian)stuffing, &pie.
    Everybody likes pie & stuffing!!!
    Everybody can also EAT pie & stuffing, too.

  3. MIMI

    It’s not a book!!!
    It’s some sort of scholastic-staff-only blog and we can only write comments.
    Wait, is that actually true???
    I hope so!!

  4. Candysplash

    I should have listened to your warning about reading the article with an empty stomach!I am going to go eat now!

  5. Kassi

    mmm…. turkey skin. its the most unhealthy thing but it makes me drool. this thanksgiving i made the best cupcakes theyre called little pumpkin cinnamon cakes. YUM YUM YUM

  6. rebbie

    thanksgiving, we ate pumpkin pie and apple pie made with whip cream and turkey and stuffing sweet potatos banna pudding mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and nirvanaa already put turkey two times

  7. Emmygal

    My favorite thanksgiving desert is oreo fluff its crunched up oreo and cream whipped cream YUM in me tum!!!!!!!!

  8. Nirvanaa

    today, we had Pumpkin and apple pie, home made whip cream, stuffing, turkey, watermelon pickle (still have no idea what that is), apple and sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy (along with Turkey heart. I didnt try it.), and of course, turkey.

  9. cakefrosting76

    I can just smell the turkey I ate earlier this evening. It was so juicy and moist.
    #1 food:
    cranberry sauce! The most wettest cranberry sauce yet.
    #2 food:
    dessert!! my family makes turkey shaped sugar cookies with candy corn and icing and yummy treats! and of course, the sweet apple pie, and the juicy pumpkin pie! and chocolate cream pie!! I have a HUGE family!!!!!
    Those are pretty much my only fav thanksgiving food.

  10. rulingworld

    I think it was great,but I think it needs a bit more of excitment, you know pictures,colorful words,but overral it was pretty good!!!!!!!!!

  11. cookiedough860

    My sister read it and she says she hates it,and the reporter needs better taste,but I liked the dessert part!

  12. Aly

    My favorite foods are
    1. Mashed Potatoes- they’re SO good! Me and my brother always argue over who gets the last bits.
    2. noodles- a family recipe. they take a long time to make, but it’s worth it!
    3. Turkey- thanksgiving isn’t thanksgiving without a turkey (even though there wasn’t one at the first dinner)
    4. stuffing- a little lower down on the list, but still yummy!
    Can’t wait to eat today. Oh, I’m hungry just thinking about it!!!!!

  13. tinypanda98

    I love Thanksgiving so much. I get to see my family. But the best part is the food! My favorites are the stuffing and pumpkin cake.

  14. missy

    my favorite thanksgiving food is the turkey and the rolls. they r yummy. no for dessert is a nice big piece of pudding pie YUM.

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