April 5, 2009

Favorite Sunday Comics

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I love Sundays! It’s the one day of the week where you get to rest, finish your errands, be a complete couch potato, catch up on your reading, and/or relax with your breakfast and take in the Sunday comics. I must say, I do all of these quite well — with the exception of finishing my errands.

When I was home in Minnesota in March, I remembered how much I love reading the Sunday comics while eating breakfast with my parents. Unfortunately, I do not receive the Sunday edition of The New York Times, but even if I did, it just wouldn’t be the same. For one thing, The New York Times doesn’t have the same comic strips as the Minneapolis newspaper. And secondly, I don’t have a kitchen table where I can sit down to read the paper and eat my breakfast. (Yes, it’s a problem.)

While many of you probably don’t find yourself dealing with my kitchen table dilemma, I am sure many of you are not offered all of the same comics as I was in Minneapolis.

So get ready to laugh as I present you with my top five favorite Sunday comics!

5. Baby Blues
Not only will you laugh, but your parents will get a kick out of this comic too!

4. The Flying McCoys
This is definitely one of those comics that just makes you laugh even though you’re not always sure why. Maybe it’s because of the kooky drawings?

3. Zits
Oh, teenagers! They can be so dramatic sometimes, but oh can they be funny!

2. Ballard Street
Totally quirky, utterly bizarre, completely eccentric, and absolutely hysterical.

1. Mother Goose and Grim
I love this comic because you never know what random jokes and illustrations will come next.

That concludes the list of my favorite Sunday morning comics, but I want to know what some your favorites are!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. Zoyanna

    I LUV COMICS! Get Fuzzy, Calvin and Hobbes, Brewster Rockit Space Guy, Foxtrot, Zits,Pearls Before Swine, Baby Blues,Agnes, Lola, Funky Winkerbean, I could go ON and ON….

  2. saquester

    I know this comic isn’t in the paper anymore, but I love Calvin and Hobbes!!! They inspire me. heh..heh… :D

  3. Nirvanaa

    I like Zits, Lio, and Pearl Before Swine. My favorite’s Pearls. Out of all of those, which one is ur fav?

  4. warriorgurl

    I love Baby Blues, too! My favorite comic is probably Foxtrot. It’s really funny!
    I don’t really like Sundays, since you have to go to school the next day…

  5. Hope111

    I luv Mother goose too. Sunday is my most favorite day of the week! Thanks for posting my comment.

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