June 6, 2013

Fashion Poll

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Trivia_quiz2Fashion Poll

We know some of you are HUGE fashionistas, so we want to know what fashion designers you’re into. Answer this poll below, and we will announce the winner on June 13!

UPDATE: The poll is now closed, but the winner of the Fashion Poll was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! For more polls, go to Poll Mania!

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  1. PinkFashionista84

    I love fashion!! I can’t wait until they tell us on June 13th. I also LOVE pandas. Pandas Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. arcadecat27

    i chose MaryKate and Ashley Olsen because this makes them multi-talented and i love them their so talented

  3. Fashionastia 21

    I am the bigegst fashionastia in the world! Just because i am in soccer does not mean i can”t be a fashionastia my favriot color is pink so i really hope i win! Well good luck to every one that entered!!!!!

  4. Nature-girl

    I have no idea who any of these people are! (WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I fell like a freak. Do you?

  5. bearmelone6

    i chose mary kate and ashley olsen she was on full house i still watch it even though it finshed you can watch it at 8 i love those twins

  6. kennedi

    do any of you guy like J. crew clothes i kinda like them but not much. take my word for it i am a diva. lol

  7. mermaidgreen18

    I am a fan of MaryKate and Ashley because of Full House when they played the little girl Michell!!!!!!!!! LOVE THOSE GIRLS!!!!!

  8. c

    i think that this poll really shows girls what types of fashion is out there i mean, all of these designers have a certain style they may stick with and may even be your style i really enjoyed this