June 18, 2014

Fantasy Books Festival

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Fantasy Books FestivalAfter the fun of last month’s Funny Books Fiesta, we are enjoying a new  STACKS summer reading celebration: the Fantasy Books Festival! Have you ever wished for a Hogwarts letter to come to your house? Have you ever looked inside a wardrobe to see if it’s really a door into another world? Have you ever wondered if your real father is a god from Greek mythology? If so, then you should join us for the Fantasy Books Festival in July. We know just how you feel!

Here is the schedule of events:

Favorite Fantasy Books             July 2

Fantasy Guess the Books          July 9

Fantasy Who Would Win            July 16

Fantasy Book Previews               July 23

Harry Potter Week                     July 28- 31

Readathon/Harry Potter birthday celebration! July 31 Noon -4 pm E.T.

To get started, tell us your favorite fantasy book in the Comments.

  1. Luis

    that should be a crazy thing every one just play the game,fall in to a viarutl world,perhaps one day we can not find ourshelf in the real world

  2. Emily

    CALLING ALL HARRY POTTER LOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was watching Good Morning America when I found out J.K. Rowling is making more of the series you love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 驴三

    Although it’s hard for me__such a Chinese to read these sentences,but I feel very exciting by looking though this activity!!

  4. Studyingwings18

    New harry potter Books! Not fantastic beasts and where to find them… Reply to learn more!!!

    ps. CAN”T WAIT!

  5. Sapphirehorse7

    The School For Good and Evil. This is one of my favorite books. I love fairy tale stories.

  6. chasingcobra485

    Well, my favorite fantasy series is The Land of Stories. There’s only two books in the series but they’re both really good. I think you should really consider reading them.

  7. layla

    I once hoped a Hogwarts letter would come one day. I finished the series being blown away. I Am SOOOOOOOO excited for the challenges.

  8. creekclimbing11

    hmm…… my favorite fantasy book would either be the lord of the rings, the hobbit, or harry potter.

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