August 16, 2011

Famous Lefties Trivia Quiz Answers

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Qmark_130 President Obama is Left-Handed?? Cool!

Last week in honor of International Left-Handers Day, I posted a Quiz on famous left-handed people. Did you get all the answers yourself, or did you need a . . . hand? (Insert LAUGH here)

Answers are below:

  1. Name our current Commander in Chief, who happens to be a left-hander.
    ANSWER: Barack Obama
  2. This famous Adventures of Tom Sawyer author was a lefty.
    ANSWER: Mark Twain
  3. The lead singer of the band Coldplay is actually ambidextrous. He writes with his left hand, and draws with his right hand.
    ANSWER: Chris Martin
  4. This famous New York Yankees player known as "The Babe" was left-handed.
    ANSWER: Babe Ruth
  5. He painted the Sistine Chapel and sculpted "David" during the Italian Renaissance with his left hand.
    ANSWER: Michelangelo
  6. He was invented the "Model T" back in 1908, which was the first Ford car.
    ANSWER: Henry Ford
  7. This "Baby" singer swears to "Never Say Never."
    ANSWER: Justin Bieber

BONUS QUESTION: Lefties account for what percent of the human population?
A. 10% B. 25% C. 40%
ANSWER: A. Only 10%. And this number has remained steady for more than 10,000 years!

Are you one of the 10% of humans who is left-handed? Represent and show your Lefty pride in the Comments. And give yourself a hand! Right or left, it’s your choice. Until next time.

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. laura

    im amidextoris too!! i can wright with my right and left,though i honestley feel though my left is alot more comfortable to write with . i was born left but my autie forced me to write with my right – but one day me and my friends were trying to write with our left hands and it was the most comfortable my writing has EVER been though it was messier. ikept it up because it felt so much better. in about 2 or 3 weeks it was neater. i think of my self as more left because i do have more ability writing with my left even if it is naturally messy its neater than my right by quite a bit ,overall and a million times more comfortable then my right it just feels more natural with my left. any ways i do mostly every thing else with my left hand too ,subconsiously .more comfortable and natural . but sometime i doubt my self ,i dont know ! at first it wasent comfortable with my left but then it clicked in and it really was very comfortable for me with my left!alot more comfrotable than my right, i think. what do you guys think am i really left or right???oh yeah and sorry for my extremy long coment :/

  2. Awesomesoccer57

    My grandfather is a a lefty and so am I but we are the only two in our family. We can do things with our right hand as well but not everyone can do things with their left. We are also very talented SWEET!!!

  3. dancetoes4

    I can not write with my left hand, but I can write well with my right hand. I can do a left split well.

  4. alywrites

    I’m dominantly a righty, but I can legibly write with my left hand. It feels awkward to do so, and my handwriting style with my right hand looks much better, but you can read it well enough. I don’t think I’m ambidextrous, or maybe not entirely…?

  5. artbutterfly88

    that is so coooool that President Obama is left handed just like my lil sister! i wish that i was left handed like Presdient Obama!

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