February 10, 2009

Exclusive from Patrick Carman!

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Skeleton Creek Small Image I’ve been visiting schools for the past five years, and 600 schools later, I’m convinced the time is right for a new kind of ghost story. Skeleton Creek is unlike anything anyone has ever read. That’s because Skeleton Creek is a book and a movie at the same time. You heard me right. This is the only book where you’re going to read and watch the story unfold.

Here’s how the story works: The first 25 pages are from Ryan McCray’s journal. He’s going to tell you about the spooky town he lives in and the one place he’s almost sure is haunted: an abandoned dredge deep in the woods. Ryan has a best friend named Sarah, but she doesn’t enjoy writing like Ryan does. She’d rather use her video camera, because she’s a novice filmmaker with a monster case of curiosity. On page 25 you’ll get a web address and a secret password. Leave the book behind, because you’re going into watch mode! Enter the password and get ready to settle in for five minutes of Sarah with her video camera, showing you just how haunted the dredge really is (consider bringing popcorn and leave the lights on!). When the clip ends it’s time to race back to your book and read the next section from Ryan. The mystery gets bigger as you go. Some you read, some you watch, and before you know it you’ll have raced through the entire story: an hour of video, 185 pages, and a whole lot of chills and thrills.

Three years is a long time to work on one project, but Skeleton Creek was SO worth it!

— Patrick Carman, Author

  1. Zohal

    Hey. I accidentally read the book then watched th videos for book 1 and 2 but for book 3 I will read and watch in order

  2. rockst116

    I’ve actually finished the book…Its really really good! Everybody should read the book watch the videos and discover the mystery…but so far i can’t solve anything until book 2 comes out. This book with bring many questions to your mind as well as chills down your spine… Skeleton Creek is the new generation of a good horrer book… but would be even better on the big screen.

  3. madison and avery

    My daughters, 9 and 7, love me reading the story to them and yet at the same time cant keep from blocking their eyes on the videos. It’s an awesome experience!

  4. Jaime

    I can’t get the password videos to work…. the other videos on the page work except the ones that require a password. How can I read the book when the videos aren’t working?

  5. Bonnie

    Pat, I don’t know if this will work! Tom and I knew
    you in Oregon and we are
    excited about your writing
    career. I’ve tried to contact you before but we
    didn’t know how. Hope all is well,
    Bonnie and Tom J.

  6. Cinderpelt22

    It is so cool you wrote this book! I need to finish a couple of books and then I will start reading yours.

  7. ZackFSCIR

    Man, I got this book and its insane! I love how you include a movie to go along with the book. I smile when I see Sarah because Ryan talks about her throughout the book so much. The characters really come alive in the book but now that a movie goes along with it, it feels like they are sitting right there with you.
    Amazing book! REALLY FREAKY!

  8. gabyo


  9. lars

    k i don’t know what’s going on with this book bcause some ppl are saying its real but it looks like a normal book has anybody read it?

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