June 7, 2014

Ernest & Celestine DVD

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Ernest & Celestine DVDCelebrate National Best Friends Day with a heartwarming movie.

The world is full of stories about best friends whom everyone else thinks should be enemies: Romeo and Juliet, Lady and the Tramp, and now . . . Ernest and Celestine. Since National Best Friends Day is June 8, we would like to introduce you to the unlikely friendship depicted in the French movie Ernest & Celestine (rated PG).

Based on the classic Belgian book series by Gabrielle Vincent, Ernest & Celestine is about a society of mice that live underground in constant fear of the bears that dwell in the city above. In this world, bears eat mice. But when the mouse, Celestine, comes face to face with one of those bears, an unlikely, but beautiful friendship begins.

What do you think? Who are YOUR favorite fictional or famous BFFs? Leave a comment!Ernest & Celestine art

Ernest & Celestine won France’s César Award for Best Animated Feature and a nomination for Best Animated Feature at the 86th Academy Awards®, and it will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD June 17.

  1. DancingDolphin719

    Cool but I have a great friendship with my best friend Kennedy and if a bear were to wake me up I would be very grumpy and nasty if you like to eat mice

  2. anthony gorillacomputing11

    if that bear wake up and catch the mouse on the tree and eat eat

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