January 17, 2010

Enter the Invention Dimension Challenge!

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So, you’ve gone through the inventing process, and you have an amazing creation that you’ve worked hard on, now what? You’ve come all this way, don’t just stick it on a shelf and forget it! If you do that, nobody will ever get to play with your awesome new game. The best toy ever will just sit on a shelf. Your cool sporting good will never get turned into an Olympic sport! No! It’s time to get the word out about your invention. You could try talking to every single person you meet individually and telling them about it. Or, you can do what we did and enter an inventing competition!

Sometimes people tell us we have done something unusual by having our inventions out there getting made for sale in stores. The truth is the only thing we did different from lots of inventive kids is that we entered competitions that helped our ideas get noticed.

Try entering your grand invention into a contest such as one from By Kids For Kids (BKFK). Keep in mind that in competitions, there are only a few people who win the prizes. We’ve both entered contests we didn’t win! But, that didn’t stop us from working on our ideas and making them better, and it didn’t stop us from creating new things, either. We’re pretty sure that if you keep inventing, you’ll never be bored. And, who knows which of your inventions will be the next “big thing?” We can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

— Alyssa Hansen & Kaycee Johnsen, Kid/Teen Inventors


Alyssa Hansen and Kaycee Johnsen, both 16, began inventing when they were just 10 years old. They, along with their siblings and friends, have created Boogie2Boogie, a new kind of wave-riding toy and the Underwater X-treme, a challenging pool toy that solves the problem of everybody peeking when playing Marco Polo. Both inventions won the National TOYchallenge and are currently being marketed by By Kids For Kids. Alyssa and Kaycee have been writing a regular column for creative kids since 2006 and have co-written a book and activity kit that teaches kids how to invent.

  1. Cayli Is the coolest person eva!!!

    I started making one,But my family doesent have very chances!!!

  2. Ostoro is in GATE

    I have one to give so pick me.I make awesome inventions every day
    -Ostoro is in GATE and Rocks

  3. lillian123

    this is so cool because i love inventing stuff. likein 1st grade and then i made a big art project for the principal.

  4. Sunshine_Girl_3231

    Hmm… I like art and inventing, but… with all that and I still can’t find anything to invent! Wow, that is WEIRD!
    (PS: WOW that is a lot of slash marks!)

  5. Megan

    Pretty cool! I’m working on an invention called All Together. You link up these clothes and… well, I can’t say the idea, but this is really cool!

  6. lillian

    everyone shold go green because our planet is dying like recycling,coservation and reusing stuff.

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