December 19, 2008

Don’t Call Emma Watson “Hermione”

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Emma Watson Interview with Scholastic Staff Hermione Granger Emma Watson gave an interview to Scholastic and gabbed about The Tale of Despereaux (and more, of course), which I thought was pretty cool considering I recently posted my 3 Questions for Hermione. And, while Emma isn’t Hermione, she’s still just as interesting!

Marie (Scholastic’s resident celeb schmoozer) managed to score a pretty cool interview with her, just like she did with Harry Treadaway (from the City of Ember movie) and the cast of High School Musical 3.

Note to self: Find out how to get Marie’s job. Interviewing movie stars all day? Awesome!

Regarding The Tale of Despereaux, her animated movie based on Kate DiCamillo’s book:
Q: This was your first animation experience. Were you nervous the first time you recorded?
A little bit, yeah, I was. I’d never done it before. I was a bit nervous. I felt a bit unprepared. But it was fun, really.

Q: You got to record with Matthew Broderick. Did that help?
Emma: Yes, it was lovely. You realize how important it is to have other actors to play off. It was really nice to have that.

[Nancy] I’ve noticed that the use of the word “lovely” is much more common with British people. How quaint! Me, I would have said, “Yes, it was AWESOME!” Anyone who reads my blog entries will notice I overuse that word, though. Not awesome.

Q: How old were you when you started recording?
Emma: I must have been just 17. It was made over a long period of time, so I was brought in for a couple of days here and there. Something would change, and I would come in and do another. It was quite spread out, and it was a long process. But it wasn’t intense.

[Nancy] Emma is now 18, BTW.

Q: Do you like the way the animated Princess Pea looks?
Emma: Yes, definitely. She’s gorgeous.

[Nancy] I didn’t have quick access to a picture of Princess Pea, but here’s her leading man mouse:

Despereaux 001
[Nancy] I conquer thee, dastardly Cheese, with my sword!”

Q: How does your character relate to you personally? 
Emma: Everyone who’s English lives in a castle in the countryside! I’ve never lost anyone close to me, luckily, so I can’t relate directly to that experience and that’s probably the biggest one for Pea. But I know how it feels; I guess everyone knows how it feels to feel lonely and isolated at times. It’s part of being human.

Q: What’s the movie’s message?
Emma: The messages in the film feel really profound and philosophical, and I loved the ending, about forgiveness. I thought that was incredible. A chain reaction happens where the king was hurt so he hurt his daughter, and she was hurt so she hurt the servant girl and Roscuro, and the whole thing just kind of took off. By one person saying sorry and really meaning it, everything was restored. Another favorite message is every girl is a princess. Mig in her father’s eyes is a princess. I think that’s beautiful. I really love it. It works on lots of different levels.

Emma-Watson_fullQ: Do you have a personal motto?
Emma: I try and live life to the fullest and give 100% to everything that I do, and make the most of every opportunity that’s handed to me.

[Nancy] Good motto!

Q: What are your three top priorities right now?
Emma: My friends, my family, and my work.

Q: If you were a teacher, what would you teach?
Emma: English literature.

Q: Who would you like to act with?
Emma: I was in awe of Sigourney [Weaver] today. I think she’s amazing.

[Nancy] Sigourney Weaver is the narrator in The Tale of Despereaux.

Q: What makes you happiest?
Emma: My friends.

Q: Does that include Daniel [Radcliffe who plays Harry] and Rupert [Grint who plays Ron]?
Emma: Yeah, of course. They’re a big part of the movies being fun for me.

Q: What’s your five-year plan?
Emma: Going to university, and I want to establish myself as an actress in my own right, I guess. Most people don’t think of me as an actress; they think of me as Hermione. It makes sense, but I would like to play some other roles — convincingly.

Q: What would we find if we looked in your bedroom closet?
Emma: Chaos. It’s very messy. The favorite things in my closet are the comfy tracky bottoms and hoodies that I put on. I have so many pajamas and tracky bottoms.

[Nancy] Hear, hear! Bedroom closets should never be organized, and clothes should always be comfy.

Q: Green things you do?
Emma: I drive a Toyota Prius. I recycle. I love Fair Trade, and I don’t know why every single product is not Fair Trade. And I’ve got those light bulbs. There are more things I’d like to do, but we lead such busy lifestyles . . . it’s hard to do, but it’s important.

And YAY! More about HARRY POTTER:

Q: Did you enjoy the Potter books even before you knew you were going to play Hermione?
Emma: Yes, I loved them. My father used to read them to me before I went to bed.

Q: Is Hogwarts cooler than anything you ever experienced at school?
Emma: Yeah, definitely!

[Nancy] Of course it’s, “Yeah, definitely!” . . . With the exception of Voldemort attacking people and dementors sucking out souls, I would have to wholeheartedly agree that Hogwarts is way cooler than any school anyone can experience these days.

Q: Do you think it will be easy to move on to other things or has Harry Potter typecast you at all?
Emma: I think that because I’m still changing physically and my personality as well, because I’m so young, I hope it’s possible to play other roles.

Q: So what happens afterward? Harry Potter has been most of your life. Will you be sad?
Emma: Of course I’ll be sad. It’ll be really mixed feelings. I’ll be really sad to leave it because it’s been a massive part of my life, but at the same time I’ll be really excited to play other parts and continue my career as an actress.

[Nancy] So it’s :( but really :) + :( + :| . . . I know I’ll be :( but also can’t wait to see what she does in the future!

— Nancy, STACKS Staffer

Emma Watson Photo Credit: Gerri Miller; The Tale of Despereaux Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

  1. EmmaWatsonfan

    OMG it is sooooooooooooooo hard to not think of Emma as Hermione is there a way to be able to contact her or Daniel or Rupert i NEED TO NO

  2. balletbelle

    ..`i love you emma!!..
    ..`keep up the good work!!..
    ..`brilliant interview nancy!!..
    ..`thanks a lot for all the info you squeezed from emma..
    ..`i’m a huge fan of her..

  3. Peachey 08

    I totaly agrey. Harry Potter has been a big part of my life too, but in a difrent way. I have been reading the books since i was young and now i’m the best reader in my class. I had mixed fillings when the 7TH book came out. I was glad to be reading the final chaper in the Potter siryes and sad that they’ve come to an end.I’m sary I’ve been known to go on and on and on… I have so much to say and yeat i don’t say it. Maby i’ll wright a book…

  4. Colleen

    Emmma Watson is a lovely actress. She is so cool. I watched her in Ballet shoes and i was relly had not to think of her as Hermione. I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I can not wait to see her in her next movie.

  5. Stixcomic

    Lol. Love the use of the smileys. And myth or fact, did Rupert Grint really buy an ice cream truck? I read in the book of world records, but i’ve seen them put in some stuff that isn’t all true.

  6. read-a-holic

    herimone is like a movie nickname so i would say only people in the harry potter movie should call her that!

  7. hermione_Ginny_me

    I keep thinking of emma as hermione> IS the 7th movie really going to be split into two movies so that you don’t leave out any parts.I’m so excited for the last 2-3 movies left

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