October 15, 2012

Embarrassing Writing Prompt

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Writing_prompt_bananaEmbarrassing Writing Prompt

Are you ready to bare all your secrets? Or at least your most embarrassing moment? Today’s Write On Writing Prompt comes to us from Shannon and she wants to know:

Think of the most embarrassing/silliest thing you have ever done in your lifetime. Would you change it or leave it be? Why or why not? (Make sure the event in your life is not inappropriate! Have fun writing!)

I remember once when I was in middle school, I was trying to impress my crush while dancing (what I thought was) cool at a school dance. I wiped out and fell on the floor right in front of him! I don’t think I would change it though, because I was having a great time dancing with my friends. Even though it never did work out with my crush . . .

Let us know your most embarrassing or silliest moments in the Comments below. And to read more ambrrassing stories, check out the Middle School Survival Hall of Shame. Misery loves company!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Megan 4

    how do you guy s work this thing
    said my x boyfriend i helped
    him and then everyone
    posted the picshures that
    they took and put them
    on my blog and every
    one told me the next day that i was the most weird girl ever

  2. Natalie

    I have had a lot of emberrassing things happen but one of them is last year in class i got in trouble even though i was not doing anything and the teacher was a substitute and i started crying and was so embarrased and another was i told my friend that i liked this boy and she went and told him!

  3. izzy

    Hmm… Well, I can’t think of anything super embarrassing. I guess it would have to be just recently, when I told a guy I liked him as more than a friend. I’m kinda shy so yeah, don’t usually do that. :P

  4. Tealtornado8

    cool stories some super embarassing just letting you know we all have embaressing moments even celebs

  5. Marisa

    Don’t feel bad. At my school, people are unusually old.
    I peed my pants, and I went home, and everyone was asking about it. So embarassing!

  6. seemo2

    There is a really young teacher at my school and on the second day i said “he’s a teacher, he’s young wow!” For months afterwords boys teasedabout it saying “Oh… you like mr.(not going to say his name. I start blushing for no apparent reason sometimes and i started blushing then! SO humiliating

  7. EpicInk2

    Oh, my gosh.
    A few weeks ago there was some teenagers at the back of the bus, about two or three of them, older than me. My eyesight is rubbish, and I wasn’t wearing my glasses, and thought one of them was someone I knew, and I ACTUALLY WAVED AT THEM! I don’t know if they noticed or not, but it WAS SOOOOOOOOOO HUMILIATING.

  8. purplepanda1039

    Hmm.. let me think. it was in fifth grade. i got in a fight with my best friend, which doesn’t sound embarrassing, but she ended up telling everyone who my crush was and they all kept asking me about it… don’t think i would change it… if you change one little thing in life you wouldn’t be where you are now, or at least that’s how i like to think, LOL

  9. monkeyblack87

    one time i was dancing all silly with my friends at a dance thing and i fell and and started gushing out blood i just then figured out that my crush was behind me the hole time i felt so silly! he helped me up and walked me to the nurse!!

  10. chartreusedragon44

    I had a solo and I had a hard time remembering the words. My mom wrote the first word of every line on my hand so that I could look at it before it was my turn to go up and sing.
    When I was singing, I kept on looking down at my hand, and everyone laughed!

  11. bloodhound519

    I had a crush and I tried to impress him and I ended up falling and acting dumb so I ruined it for me and him.

  12. chattychihuahua5

    I slipped on wet grass before school, fell backwards onto my back and before my head hit the ground, my crush slipped his hand under it!I got up red faced and told him thank you and walked away grumbling about my clumsiness. it was so horrible!

  13. chattychihuahua5

    Oh, that stinks!!!! I have embarrased myself in front of my crush so many times, it’s not fun.

  14. Cutie3500

    it was the end of the school year. I had my dance recital that night. My face was fine when I left home, but at school, it was red and blotchy and gross! The nurse looked at it and said it was just a rash, and that I couldn’t go home. I walked around all day with my face like that. Then, I had to put TONS of makeup on to cover it up when I went onstage. I was constantly checking my makeup, making sure my tomato face didn’t show.

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