April 18, 2011

Earth Day Writing Prompt

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Earth Writing Prompt for Earth Day

Recently I re-read the 1971 Dr. Seuss book The Lorax. It has such a powerful message that it actually made me sad. Who knew a Dr. Seuss book could do that?!

Basically, it’s told from a “Once-ler’s” (a boy who’s grown up) point of view. He once came upon a wondrous land filled with Truffula trees, Bar-ba-loots (like bears), Humming Fishes, and all sorts of amazing creatures and plant life. The Once-ler was captivated by the Truffula trees and chopped one down to make a “Thneed.” Then he chopped down more, and more, and more to make more Thneeds. Thneeds were shirts, hats, gloves, etc. Before you knew it he was greedily mass-producing Thneeds in his factories, and selling them all over the world. But it created pollution, killed the plants and wildlife, and soon all the Truffula trees were gone, and the plants and wildlife were dead.

He went to the Lorax for advice. The Lorax was a creature we never saw, but apparently he had banished himself from the ruined earth, and lived up above a rock etched with the word, “UNLESS.” The Lorax told the Once-ler to plant the last saved truffula seed, and maybe, just maybe, all would not be lost. It leaves you with a sense of hope. But also, the story is a cautionary tale not to fool with Mother Nature. This line really stuck with me from The Lorax:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, it’s not going to get better. It’s not.”

It made me think we EACH have to take care of the earth so our world doesn’t end up like the one the Lorax left behind. There are so many simple things to do. To begin, I’ll name a few.

  • Bring your own bag to a store to shop for clothing, school supplies, etc. Nag your parents to bring re-useable grocery bags.
  • Re-use wrapping paper to wrap gifts. Or use newspaper or magazine pages. (not only eco-friendly, but you can start a new trend!)
  • Use a metal water canister instead of water bottle.
  • Use a cloth towel instead of paper towels to dry your hands.
  • Conquer your fears of the dark, and skip the night-light!

What are YOUR tips? Let me know in the Comments below, and also join other eco-friendly kids on the Save the Planet Message Board. Let’s see how many great ideas we can share.

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. werewolfcat5

    Wait until you get home when there is a recycle bin to recycle your things like bottles and paper,etc.

  2. legit/awsome/cool

    Have any of you read the Maximum Ride series, well at the end of one of the books there are some pretty interesting facts about how people are polluting the Earth.
    (Also they are good books and you should read them if you haven’t already. I just finished reading Maximum Ride: The Final Warning. I can’t wait to read the last two books in the series!)

  3. legit/awsome/cool

    There is only one world. This is the only planet Earth. And we have to take care of it. I know that we all here the somewhat cheesy commercials that tell us to recycle and to turn off the lights when we leave the room, but u know what? They are all true. So, no matter what age you are, you can help save the Earth. So lets do this thing! SAVE THE EARTH! RECYCLE! AND MAKE THE EARTH A BETTER PLACE!

  4. applebottom45

    Saving the earth is important cause it is the planet we live on .If we don’t clean up the earth ,we’ll be living in our own garbage.

  5. Lordofawesomesness

    I love to draw and write. So i use alot of paper. lets say it stacks up. I try to use the scraps or use the back and front of the papers. It helps alot!

  6. Bianca the Bookworm

    I have a perfect one! No more waste! If there is a kind of trash (like cream cheese containers, anything of the sort) use it for a sauce, leftover soup, anything like that. We’d generally be saving up to 1,000,000 lbs. of garbage a year? or a month even? You can even save those plastic cups you get from smoothies at McCafe (McDonald’s) plus those cups you’ll see at gas stations, Race Tracs, QTs, etc. Those ones you can put fountain drinks in. SAVE THEM, BE GREEN! :D

  7. yepper

    uh yeah, basically just start at home, and make recycling and all that goes with it a habit. If we want to change the world, we have to change ourselves.

  8. aquadog14

    For Earth Day, my whole school will be having enviromentally-friendly lunches. The class with the most participation,will win a prize

  9. springflubber

    When you are writing, always try to use the backs of the papers and don’t skip lines. Believe it or not, this small action saves a lot of paper.

  10. pie cooker

    At school they say to do the three r’s recycle reduce reuse but it helps our only home in the universe. :)

  11. spygirl248

    1. turn off the lights when your not in the room
    2. take off the plug of your charger after you’re done charging
    3. charge your electronics at night
    4. recycle bottles, paper, and reuse/recycle plastic bags

  12. SkullGoth99

    Dr. Seuss is a genius. I read the book and didn’t really think anything would happen. He must’ve been psychic or someone thing ’cause everything is messed up now :(

  13. SFGIANTSFAN283855

    my school’s elocution contest was today and someone recited The Lorax. i thought it was a really cute story. GO SF GIANTS AND GO GREEN!!!

  14. Sophia

    Check this out: it takes 100 liters of water to make a slice of bread? And it takes 1 340 000liters to make one tonne of aluminum

  15. Choco-Chipo

    My family and I always bring are recycled papers to the school recycling bin. It’s open to everyone to put their recycled papers in. Not only is it helping the enviorment, but every 1 pound of papers the community recycles in that bin, the school gets money for it!!!

  16. stonefairy

    I’ve got one. Clothes dryers use up a lot of electricity, especially when they aren’t so effective and you have to run them again. In the spring and summer, hang a clothesline and put your clothes on it to dry. It’s a solar-powered dryer, and you don’t have to worry about those burns and rips that electricity-powered dryers do!

  17. owlgirl

    Recycling helps save the planet. I know you’ve probably heard it 1,000 times, but it’s true. Make an effort to recycle at school and home.

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