April 20, 2010

Earth Day Trivia Quiz

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Earth from space photoEarth Day Trivia Quiz

Go, Earth Day! It’s your birthday! Ok so it’s not really the Earth’s birthday, but Earth Day is April 22nd. And as we can see from our Save the Planet Message Board you guys are really passionate about the environment. Whether it’s telling us about ways you conserve, giving tips on how to have an eco-party, pack an earth-friendly lunch, or getting your whole school class to join the Save the Planet Message Board (shout out to YOU Jolly Green!) — we see how much the Earth is important to you.

  1. In what year was the first Earth Day held?
  2. Who is credited as the founder of Earth Day?
  3. What was the name of the movie former Vice President Al Gore made about global warming?
  4. Name 3 things you can do to help the environment. (So many to choose from!)
  5. Should you pick wild plants or flowers?
  6. Name 3 types of materials you can recycle.
  7. What does E.P.A. stand for?
  8. Which room in your house uses the most water? (kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room)

Check your answers here.

Here are some other things you can do to celebrate Earth Day.

I plan to wear green, and maybe even throw on some green nail polish and eye shadow. Plus I resolve to refill my water bottle, not eat any packaged things all day, and try to pick up garbage I might see in my neighborhood.

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. pearl pendent princess

    earth day is not meant the day for keeping earth green.we should every day do things that do not harm the enviorment.

  2. megan

    iw uold really liek to help for everyday for earth day liek picking up trash,planting trees and helping the invirerment in any wway i can…….:)
    i think everyone should help the earth to

  3. selenagomezfan4eva101

    You guys wrote alot of stuff for only asecond grader to read.But I read really well.

  4. Norhs

    People why dont we face it we are destroying the Eart it is only place we can live on plz help stop globaal warming!!!!!!!!!

  5. lysausage

    smileybeachgal101 you are too funny next earth day i am going to run around screaming go shorty its your earth day gonna party cause its your earth day!!!!Ha Ha XD

  6. j101

    every day should be eart day my teacher mz t say go shawty it ur earth day time to party cause it ur earth day!!!!lol haha!!!

  7. rebecca

    1 1970
    2 u.s.senentor gaylord nelson
    3 an inviormental truth
    4 pick up liter recycle and don’t liter
    5 no way that would kill them
    6 aluminum papper
    7 enviormental protection agency
    8 bathroom because we take 2 showers and brush our teeth and we also wash our faces and hands
    thanks alot for helping the earth and saving wild life 1 step at a time

  8. zumascooby10

    go earth day i wore green today (you should were green in earth day :) and tomorrow is world book day yay! i love books!

  9. megan

    i really like that they have earth day because if they didn’t the earth would be really messed up!!

  10. Gabby

    You are really into recyling! So am i! You should always encourge people to help! GO GREEN!!

  11. GNOletsgo1

    Earth Day started when there was an oil spill in like 1969. The Senator Gaylord Nelson started Earth Day because of that!

  12. dedes

    i hope that everybody is voulinteerin for earth day cuz how wud u feel if people throw trash n yo yard and didn’t pick it up and throw it in the garbage

  13. nichole

    Earth day is about recyling and not littering Help us save the earth by doing these things please help us out

  14. felice

    hey,”it does not say,HOW DID EARTH DAY START!!!!! i really really need to know!!!!!!
    GO GREEN!!!!!!!!!!

  15. -diamond-

    i really like that they have a earth day because they really could inspire people not polute the earth. young people like us could be taught how to recycle and not polute .

  16. GNOletsgo1

    YAY! I <3 Earth Day! At school we have to wear green, and after school i’m helping out in the Earth Day Party, to educate younger kids about the ENVIROMENT!
    1. 1970?
    2. Senator Gaylord Nelson
    4. Recycle, Conserve Water, Eat veggies (blech)
    5. NO! That’s killing life!
    6. Paper, Plastic, Glass
    7. Enviromental Protection Agency
    8. I’m not sure if there’s a right answer, but I guess bathroom, because of flushing, washing, and baths.

  17. Blondie31

    Go see Oceans opening week!!!!! all the money spent on tictes will go to the enviorment!!!

  18. ICEDEMON96

    2.u.s. senator Gaylord Nelson
    3.an inconvenient truth
    4.Reduce Reuse Recycle
    6.Paper, Plastic, and Glass
    7.Eviromental Protection Agency

  19. krystalkobra

    YAY! i am the first 1 2 comment. HOW DID EARTH DAY START? i need 2 know. it does not say anything about HOW it started.

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