June 23, 2014

Dutchie the Puppy Create a Caption

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Create a Caption for Dutchie the Puppy!

Dutchie may look like a lovable, innocent little pup but don’t let that fool you! He may be adorable but he has a bad side too! Would you just look at those blankets? How can a doggy so small make such a huge mess?


What do you think Dutchie is saying? Write YOUR own caption in the Comments!

Amanda, STACKS Intern

  1. Donut Man


  2. sprinklessoftball16

    i think the dog is saying……. “I swear it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it. It was all billy not me allll billy.”

  3. peacefulpuppy95

    ha ha ha ha HA! now the house may never be clean again!! and I shall never get a bath! ha !

  4. Amanda, STACKS intern

    so pretty if I seen that puppy I would gave you a lot of money $$$$$4444$4444444$4$4 dolars

  5. pinkhamster431

    I really want a dog for my birthday and I hope I get one of those for birthday he’s really cute for real

  6. coffeeship9

    I think the dog might be saying help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ( lol)
    out side of that he’s so cute !!!!!!

  7. coffeeship9

    IDK who u are but I’m guessing sense you say your such an angel your name might be Angel…

  8. eagerturtle15

    I think he is saying……
    Fine i will look at the camera right after i get that stick over there

  9. secrettwilight19

    Dutchie is a wonderful dog , all ears and an adorable pet. Dutchie loves selfies and here is why we have him smiling in such a cute way.

  10. natasha

    But the dog made a mess. Had you read the sentence about the dog being innocent,but you can’t let that fool you.

  11. peacefulpanda129

    Smile to the camera! I’m ADORABLE and you know it and I know it too! If you know it friend peacefulpanda129

  12. turtlegirl

    “Leave me alone! I hate it when you scratch my ears! If only there was a way to tell you. I hate only being able to bark!” That is what I think he would say. :)

  13. Desariah

    i think the dog might be saying, “I’m totally innocent. I’m aALWAYS innocent because i’m a cute little puppy…”

  14. Anonymous

    I’m so glad yr not mad at me for moving these blanke–………
    Oh…. ok uh.

  15. shrewddreamtime11

    “Get your hand off of me! Do I look like I want to be touched?!?! These blankets are MY property!! So hands off buddy or you’ll feel the wrath of my dark side!!!” (Dun dun dunnnn!!)

  16. Taniyah

    i think he is saying that he is hungry because of is puppy eyes they are so cute.And i know because i also have a puppy of my own.or that he is ready to play cause my puppy does the same thing

  17. Anonymous

    dutchie is a smart little cute puppy, by his action it tells everyone not to bother him.

  18. onyxcaramel18

    This little pup is s-o-o-o-o-o cute. I think that the pup want to…………..


  19. breezebrain39

    “That’s what the owners get for not getting me that new chew toy. Now I’m going to go lie on their couch and wipe my paws on every single bed in the house…including mine, which I’m not allowed to do. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. chasingcobra485

    I think Dutchie is saying, “Look, at the mess I made. Have fun cleaning. He he he. Ooh, can I have a treat?”

    P.S. Don’t forget to friend me. My username is chasingcobra485.

  21. chasingcobra485

    I think Dutchie is saying, “Look, at the mess I made. Have fun cleaning. He he he. Ooh, can I have a treat?”


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