August 22, 2011

Dude, What Would Happen

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DWWH10 UPDATE: The Dudes replied! Read their answers to your questions here.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Dude, what would happen if you tied 375 helium balloons to a sumo wrestler?” Or, “What would happen if you filled a camper with popcorn kernels and torched it with 3 flame-throwers?” If you have, then you are very random and would fit right in on the Message Boards. Also, you would love the show Dude, What Would Happen (rated TV-PG). It’s on the Cartoon Network Wednesdays at 8pm and it asks these kinds of random yet thought-provoking questions AND finds the answers each week. Armed with unlimited access to anything and everything, 3 dudes, CJ, Ali, and Jackson conduct extreme experiments that take sheer randomness to the next level.

Exhibit A: The Dudes pit the Snowman and Scarecrow against their most feared enemy, FIRE!


Is there something random that you have always wondered about? If you could ask the dudes your wackiest question, what would you ask? Finish this question in the Comments. . .

Dude, what would happen if ___________________? (Fill in the blank.)

The dudes themselves– CJ, Ali, and Jackson– will be reading your questions this week and responding to them! Leave your question in the Comments and check back here on September 2 to see if the dudes respond to YOUR question!

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Images courtesy of Cartoon Network

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  1. Isabella

    Dude what would happen if a liger was attacking a honey badger so what if Ollie is a liger and one of your other friends was the honey badger and the last one is a hunter that hunts honey badgers so dude who would win the badger or the liger

  2. Isabella

    Dude what would happen if you had this big fishing Poe and the big can of worms and you guys had a tank filled with fish ad u could fish in the tank

  3. em

    DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. dude what would happen if you set a snowman on fire!!?? andser: he would melt and you would think everything was ok but then you figred out that your cat was setting the world on fire and you get hit by a flying monkey\unicorn\mushroom guy. dude that`s what will happen. don`t laugh or the unicorn guy will get you

  4. aquacloud33

    dude what happend if, there was a 20 foot tower right behind them and someone spit and the spit landed on the head and it cracked there skull. O and i am a girl

  5. Puppyblue91

    Wow, this is cool. What happen if you went to school and you are in a really bad situation with your friend? What would you becuase you have told one of your friends a secret. Please tell me what would you do. I need advice for real cause i’m tired of being angry everyday by the minute. See you.

  6. Shannon

    Do you guys get paid normal salary, and/or hazard pay to do these crazy stunts? And do you love to do these stunts? Have any of you ever gotten hurt doing some of these stunts P.S- Big fan of you PB&J sandwitch-stick stunt lol

  7. Shannon

    Dude, what would happen if you tried to race on some full-grown pot-belly pigs down a slanted hill covered in peanuts???

  8. Lavenderblue4

    OMG!!!! Really! Im Ready for mine here I go!
    Dude, what would happen if you would use salt instead of fertillizer into a habitat of earth worms?
    Dude, what would happen if you have a vampire and werewolf compitition?

  9. bulldoggreen52

    dude what would happen if you tried to become real secret agents and would you let some body guest star on each episode thanks dudes

  10. bulldoggreen52

    dude what would happen if you used a …… truck to take down a ………. reinforced glass wall!!!!!!!!!!

  11. BLUECANDY190


  12. Bookworm

    Dude, what would happen if you tried to swim in honey?
    Dude, what would happen if you couldn’t close your eyelids for an hour? (or longer?)
    Dude, what would happen if you lived on nothing but eggs and water for a month?

  13. eby

    Dood what would happen if you tried to give a pig bacon?
    Dood what would happen if you slammed a pinball into a giant cake? Hmmmmmm?

  14. julia

    for who ever said go on a roller coaster right after lunch I did that and thrust me it is not pretty you feel like your going to throw up then burst into chunks like a bomb.anyway this is my dude what if:
    dude what if you took a bunch of rasins and form them all into a ball and use them as a baseball!:)it would be like be a ton of rasins just falling apart into mini rasins.OMG what would it look like in slow mo!wierd right!

  15. pinktummy4

    Dude, what would happen if u put jello, ice, and non-blown up basketball, a tennis ball and a banana in a blender all together?

  16. sammy

    dude what would happen if you rode a girrafe in traffic ….
    now thats something they should put on the show that would be soooooo cool dont ya think reply please !!!!!

  17. TangledHairxd

    dude!what would happen if i cloned justin beiber??Selena Gomez would dump him,then fall in love with the clone!

  18. shoppingipod1

    Dude, what would happen if someone ate only one certain food for like a year or two? :)
    And what would happen if there was a lopsided building and people actually worked in there??

  19. Mazdarmc

    Dude what would happen if you made a slipin slide out of melted marshmallows. Would you make it to the end!!!!

  20. Caroline

    Dude, what would happen if you were giant teapots and tried to pour 4 gallons of tea into a pool from a platform that was 40 feet high?

  21. Alex

    me and my friends are pretty weird maybe weirder than you so
    dude what would happen if you had a weird off between you and us

  22. The Hater

    Dude, what would happen if Cartoon Network didnt have stupid shows like mad or adventure time, or the problemsolverz, and replaced them with shows like teen titans, code lyoko, and a new season of codename kids next door, where theyre all grown up? Ill tell you what would happen- People would actually watch CN!!!!!

  23. JC Da Masta

    Dude, what would happen if you had a war against King Kong and his climbing and strength abilities, and Godzilla with his fire breathing abilities?

  24. JC Da Masta

    Dude, what would happen if you rode in a giant banana sled into a giant bowl of whipped cream, chocolate, and cherries?

  25. Katie

    Dude, What would happen if “Dude, What would Happen”, and “Destroy Build Destroy” Got together, and did a wacky project that they thought up?

  26. Alex

    my friends and i are pretty weird weirder than you guys i think so i was wondering
    dude what would happen if you had a dude off against us

  27. sammy

    dude what would happen is awsome i wach it everyday. it would be evn better if they let someone guest star oon thier show at least once a month

  28. Robin

    Dude, what would happen if you built a stair case of books? Would it be safe to climb? How long would it stand?

  29. SilverFairy1

    Dude, what would happen if we reenacted the Hunger Games?
    Dude, what would if we were ant, in an actual ant farm?!
    Dude, what would happen if we really tried to ride a dragon?

  30. cutie3500

    Okay, here’s my question:
    Dude, what would happen if you blowtorched a banana? Quoting Cat from Victorious: I WANNA KNOW!