October 25, 2013

Dove Cameron Interview

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Dove Cameron in Liv and MaddieDove Cameron is Liv AND Maddie!

Dove Cameron is the 19-year-old actress who plays the parts of Liv and Maddie on the show called . .  . Liv & Maddie, (also Kayla in Cloud 9, and Maleficent’s daughter in Disney’s Descendants)! It’s totally crazy to me how Liv and Maddie can be in the same room talking to each other but it’s really only one girl. How does she do that? We got to talk to Dove about her experiences on the show, and we found out why she changed her name to Dove!

Q: What’s it like to play identical twins?
Dove: It’s a tremendous experience. The whole novelty of playing two people was sort of terrifying at first, but it is probably the best training and experience I’ll ever have. It’s a completely different feat, and especially doing it on television, because, it’s a much faster pace than film. The last time one girl played twins on television, I think it was 60 years ago on The Patty Duke Show. It is a little bit daunting at times, but it’s just been the most incredible experience for me as an actor, and as a person getting to explore two different characters at the same time.

Q:Does it ever get confusing? Do you ever start doing Liv, and come out with Maddie kind of stuff?
You know, I don’t, because originally, our show used to be called Bits and Pieces. I only played one girl, and then Disney decided it needed more of a solid plot, and so I became twins. Since I never actually auditioned for either of the twins, I got to completely create them from the ground up. I’ve known these characters really, really well for the better part of six months now. There’s no confusion around that, just because they’re so concrete in my mind. They’re like real human beings to me.

Q: You’re 5’2″, and you can dunk now. What is your basketball training like?
 We didn’t have basketball training in the beginning, but I used to work a couple of times a week with this tremendous basketball coach in Hollywood. I actually really love it. Among the long list of things that this show has given me, it’s also given me back my love of sports, and honestly exercise. I love basketball. I wish I had more time to play it, and I think it’s a great workout. I’m really, really happy it’s been brought back into my life through this show.

Q: Is it true that the writers sometimes put a personal detail of your life into the script?
 I’m obsessed with Doctor Who and Doctor Who references show up in a couple of episodes. There was an episode where we do show choir and I used to do show choir back when I was in high school. There have been some references to something that I’m also very passionate about: I make a lot of my own clothes. I have a teddy bear that I bring to set a lot, that my sister gave me, named Stanley, and so there was a little creature named Stanley on the show, and just things like that.  They have a fun time messing with me.

Q: How did you get the name Dove?
I was actually born with a different name [Chloe Celeste Hosterman], and my father gave me the nickname Dove when I was an infant. I got it before I even turned a year old, and then it was Dove, and Dovey, and Dove-Love, and that was literally just my name. My family called me that; all my friends called me that. My birth name is actually on year books and my birth certificate, but other than that, I have nothing to do with it.

Q:What is your all-time favorite book?
 Oh, wow. To be honest, my all-time favorite book is actually a collection of Edgar Allan Poe poetry that I was given by my grandfather when I was very, very young. I still have it. The spine is crooked and frayed, and all my favorite pages are basically worn through, but I’m a huge Poe fan.

Q: Do you have a pet?
I do. I am a huge animal lover and I have a 13-year-old cat. Her name is Fern. She’s very fluffy, and she’s got vibrant green eyes, and she’s been with me since I was 4. I think she is a Maine Coon.

Q: Do you have a first day of school memory?
I make a lot of my own clothes, and I have been doing so since I was very young. So, I think most of my back-to-school memories are always staying up until all hours of the night before to finish my outfit, and debuting it. First day back at school was always such an exciting day for me. I love the first day back in school because that’s where you meet everyone, and you look in the eyes of all the people who you’re going to be spending the most of a year with. You know your teachers, and you get integrated, and there’s that exciting buzz. I love first day back at school.

Q: What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?
I decided, when I was 12, to cut my own hair, and then dye my own hair. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, “You know what? I want bangs,” and so I grabbed the scissors from the kitchen, and I gave myself bangs.  Except I cut, like, halfway back on my head, and so I gave myself half a bowl cut. [LAUGHTER] And then I dyed it black. I think I was going for, like a Zoey Deschanel. [LAUGHTER] It was like a German school boy’s look, 70s sort of look. It was really bad.

Q: Is there any food that you could not live without?
Oh, grapes. I could not live without grapes.

Q: What would your definition of a perfect day be?
 I would have gotten 10 hours of sleep. I would have woken up and had a gigantic breakfast. It would be 75, breezy, sunny, and I would spend most of the day either reading or writing, getting in a little bit of studio time recording a song, and cooking a huge dinner, and baking some lavish dessert.

Q: Are you working on a CD?
Yes I am. Music is actually an equal if not greater passion of mine, than acting. I have always been a singer, ever since I was very small, and I actually have a strange voice. It’s a voice that was meant for opera, but since I’m a pop singer, I have to be constantly working on it, or else I can burn it out. It’s very delicate. Keeping your voice in shape is like training for a marathon; you have to constantly be feeding it and keeping it in shape, and taking care of it and worrying about it, catering to it. But yes, I have been working on music since I was very young, and I just recently started working on an album.

Q: Do you have a personal motto, or a favorite quote?
Yes I do. It’s actually a Mother Theresa quote. “If you judge someone, you have no time to love them.” That one’s affected me for quite some time because it rings so true for me. I am the kind of person that cannot hold a grudge. It is very easy for me to forgive someone, and I have a very hard time not giving someone the benefit of the doubt. I love people so immensely that I just don’t have room to walk around with judgment hanging around my ankles and dragging that with me wherever I go. I would much rather be free of all of that and be able to express my love to people than to feel the burden of my heavy thoughts.

 Interview by Marie Morreale

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  21. DoveC-Lover

    Olivia is not and has never been her real name. Olivia is an abbreviation of the name Liv from Liv and Maddie. It is just Liv’s full name.

  22. DoveC-Lover

    There are doubles for when she needs them to hug. That’s why they only show one of their faces at a time. If you look up, “who plays the doubles of Liv and Maddie?” It should have their names. Hope this helps! :)

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    P.S. This was just my guess she has not
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  49. Evie

    I still do not get this. How does she play two people when they are often in the same room together? I can get if she was playing them in different rooms, at different times, but I just
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  58. pinlover2001

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    i think they get a person to play Maddie when Dove is talking as Liv and another girl to play Liv when Dove is playing Maddie. i think this because at the end of the show when it says the cast it says “Maddie 2″ and it also says “Liv 2.”

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  67. aquaemerald317


  68. Alyssa

    She is one person but they filmed at different times and then the camera people put them together to make it seem like they are talking to each other.

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  81. dancingagent17

    Her real name is not Dove. she is 17. it answers both of those questions and maybe more in the article.

  82. dancingagent17

    FootballDog289- Dove plays both Liv and Maddie. I am pretty sure amethystdolphin311 is on the right track. Just an FYI.

  83. Brittany

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  84. PINKCASH237



    they like, do one part of the scene with l or m, and then they do the same thing but with a different character doing different actions and then they probably edit it a little bit. (b t w football dog, they are not two peeps read the interview it said it is one girl)

  86. sealivory6

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  88. Brhe

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  96. Ally

    Just one thing about the moderation. If it takes 24 hours to moderate a comment, no one will see it. Not to be rude or impatient (I keep apologizing so my comment will get posted, although the only ones who need to see it are the moderators), but no one looks at my not fanning comments except the other latecomers. Thanks a lot! Oh, and why am I posting comments too quickly? Please leave a post on greencrest16′s avatar page.

  97. FootballDog289

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  102. Damaris your biggest faN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love your new music video Dove it decribes my whole relashionship with my best friend Jessica we are so different but we could never be more similar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are so awesome and amazing your my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :) <3

  103. Ally

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  104. Ally

    In my opinion, most, if not all, of the shows on Disney Channel are, to quote Frank Sutton, “dumb, stupid, and ridiculous.” Liv & Maddie is no exception. Please, STACKS moderator, whoever you are, post this. I don’t mean this in any derogatory fashion to the actors. It’s just that on most old television shows, stupidity isn’t the one comedic quality of most characters. Take The Odd Couple, for instance. Felix Unger, one of the main characters, is extremely intelligent. Oscar Madison, while being Felix’s total opposite, is not stupid. He’s a sportswriter for a newspaper. Please post this as an educational comment from someone who takes the time for grammar, capitalization, spelling, and punctutation.

  105. Kylie

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  109. BREANNA



    Dear Live & Made, I really like your shows. I watch your shows all the time that I record them on my TV. And by the way I really think when the popcorn machine falls down the stairs P.S tell your brothers that they are awesome!!!! From , Hunter

  111. tamia

    i love liv and maddie i know how they can be in the same room talking the camera pauses the show and does what he needs to do its just like on Marin. Martin and SHANA IN THE SAME ROOM AS martin yeah.


  112. Anonymous

    you sound like such a nice and talented person i can not believe you are both of them i am in love with you you are now my favorite famous person

  113. Damaris your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SARAH is my best friend and yes the one that did a coment i was with her when she did it she was the first one!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Damaris your biggest faN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love liv and maddie and your name theyre both really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think its so cool how you play both people now THAT is good acting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  115. chiuahuacyclops10

    it’s really cool howthey are talking to each other if it’s just one girl. I would have loved to be there when it happened and actually talked to “them”

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