April 28, 2014

Dork Diaries Dream Cast

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Who should be in the Dork Diaries movie cast?

If you haven’t read any Dork Diaries books yet, they’re pretty hilarious. They are written from the diary perspective of Nikki, a 14-year-old middle-schooler, who just transferred to a snooty private school. What everyone doesn’t know is that she is there on scholarship as a part of her dad’s bug exterminator business contract.

Nikki doesn’t fit in with the wealthy, designer-clad students, and spends most of her time alone writing in her diary. Then she befriends two other “dorky” girls, Chloe and Zoey, and discovers the beautiful Brandon Roberts (her crush). But the most popular girl in the school, MacKenzie Hollister, also has a crush on Brandon, and is determined to make Nikki’s life more miserable than it already is.

We want to know who’s in YOUR dream cast? Maybe some big Hollywood exec will even read this post and cast your pick!

Let us know your cast picks for . . .

G Hannelius photo

Disney Channel

Nikki: With her brown pigtails, and artsy, clumsy, and lovably dorky ways, I would choose G Hannelius or Rowan Blanchard.

Chloe: She is slightly prissy and a self-proclaimed expert on boys. I can’t decide between Peyton List and Olivia Holt.

Zoey has dark hair, loves self-help books, and acts like a teen Dr. Phil with hoop earrings. Zendaya or China Anne McClain maybe?

Ross Lynch

Janet Mayer / PRPhotos.com

Brandon has wavy hair and blue eyes. He’s an animal lover and super-cute dreamboat. Ross Lynch — no contest!

MacKenzie has blond hair, blue eyes, and is as evil as a rattlesnake in lip gloss and ankle boots! I would pick Dove Cameron — not because I think she’s mean, but because she can play all different kinds of girls. She plays 2 completely different people in one show!

List your dream cast in the Comments below. We can’t wait to see who you say!


  1. Sofi

    Nikki – Laura Marano
    Chloe – Jenna Ortega
    Zoey – Skai Jackson
    Mackenzie – Dove Cameron
    Brianna – Francesca Capaldi
    Brandon – Ross Lynch, Corey Fogelmanis
    Dad – Ben Savage
    Mom – Danielle Fisher

  2. Kayla

    I believe some of these actors looks to old to play the role. After all, this takes place in a MIDDLE SCHOOL!

  3. Anonymous

    I Agree Rowan Blanchard (Nikki) and G Hannelius (Chloe) will make a better actress than all of those actor and actress

  4. Anonymous

    Nikki = Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe=G Hannelius

    Just them two there the best actress than any other Disney character put together

  5. Anonymous

    Nikki = Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe = G hanneluis
    Zoey = China-Anne Mcclain
    Brandon = definitely Ross Lynch
    Mackenzie = Peyton List

    I think the cast should be younger than dove Cameron

  6. Michelle

    It looks like a lot of people are just mentioning Disney actors. Here’s my list:
    Nikki – Rowan Blanchard
    Brandon – Jack Griffo
    Mackenzie – Sterling Griffith
    Chloe – Lilimar Hernandez
    Zoey – Skai Jackson; ME? (I’m African American)
    Brianna – Mia Talecrio; Francesca Capaldi
    Mom – Anne Hathaway
    Dad – Eric Allan Kramer
    Grandma – Julie Andrews; Betty White

  7. Annzy

    Nikki:Rowan Blanchard
    Brianna:Abby Ryder Fortson
    Mr Maxwell:Jason Sudeikis
    Mrs Maxwell:Summer Glau
    Brandon: Isaak Presley
    Nikki’s Grandma:Blythe Danner
    Chloe:Sabrina Carpenter
    Zoey: China Anne Mclain
    Mackenzie: Peyton List

  8. priya

    they should use the entire JESSIE cast and rowan blanchard.
    for bradon they should take jack griffo or ross lynch

  9. Anonymous

    Dork Diaries is AWESOME. I just checked in to the website and everybody is suggesting Peyton List as Mackenzie, Rowan Blanchard as Nikki, and Skai Jackson as Zoey. Just check the website… It’s true!

  10. JADE E.

    JESSICA : DOVE Cameron
    Grandma :BETTY WHITE

  11. Anonymous

    Nikki. Hannelius or rowan blanchard. Chloe Chloe luskink or Peyton list. Zoey. Zendya or China Ann mc claim. Branden chase Norman. Mackenzie dove cameon

  12. Shanna

    This is all wrong! On Wikipedia it says that Nikki has brown hair, green eyes, Chloe is Hispanic, Zoey is African American, and that Brandon has brown eyes and brown hair!

  13. Hannah G

    Nicki Rowan Blanchard
    Mackenzie Hollister Peyton list
    Brandon Roberts Ross Lynch
    Chloe Garcia sabrina Carpenter
    Zoey Franklin Laura Marano
    Nicky dad Ben savage
    Nicky’s mom Daniel Fisher
    Violet sky Jackson

    Jessica dove camron

  14. I love dork diaries

    Nicki:Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe Garcia:Sabrina carpenter
    Zoey Franklin:China Ann McClain
    Brandon Roberts:Peyton meyer
    Mackenzie Hollister: Peyton list
    Jessica:dove Cameron
    Mr.maxwell:Ben savage
    Mrs.maxwell: Danielle Fisher
    Theo: Camerón boyce
    Marcus:Ross Lynch
    Violet:skai Jackson

  15. Dork Diaries Lover

    Nikki Maxwell: Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe Garcia: Sabrina Carpenter
    Zoey Franklin: China Anne Mclain
    Brandon Roberts: Peyton Meyer
    Brianna Maxwell: Francesca Capaldi
    Mr. Maxwell: Ben Savage
    Mrs. Maxwell: Danielle Fishel
    Mackenzie Hollister: Peyton List
    Theo: Camerón Boyce
    Marcus: Corey Fogelmanis

  16. (0_0)

    Kirstie Maldonaldo
    Scott Hoying
    Mitch Grassi
    Thomas Brodie Sangster
    Ki Hong Lee
    Dylen O’Brien

  17. Kitty

    g. hannelius. -nikki
    Chloe – Sabrina Carpenter
    Zoey – Rowan Blanchard
    Francesca capaldi – Brianna
    Mom- Taylor Swift
    Brandon- Karan brar
    Dad- Ben savage
    Mackenzie- dove Cameron
    MMarcy- Payton list
    Violet- skai Jackson
    Jessica- Sofia Carson
    Theo- Cameron Boyce
    Marcus- Ross Lynch
    Grandma- Ellen DeGeneres
    Mrs wallabanger- Maggie Smith

  18. Anonymous

    I would love for Sabrina carpenter -Nikki (but her hairs blond :( ) or Rowan blandchard
    Brandon-Peyton Meyer if not Zander from bunked
    Mackenzie- Peyton list or OH WOW OH Sabrina carpenter Sabrina is SUPER SWEET but could look just like Mackenzie!
    (But I want her as Nikki)
    Zoey- China annamchane
    Chole-…..idk ;P

  19. Tay

    I totally wish that I could be Nikki because we are literally like the same person and I look exactly like her(no joke there)

  20. Liz

    Alli Debery as Mackenzie
    Rowan Blanchard as Nikki
    Nick Robinson as Brandon
    Rhys Matthew Bond as Brandon
    Paula Andino as Chloe
    Kiersey Clemons as Zoey
    Mia talerico as Briana

  21. matti

    ChlOE Olivia Holt

    Nikki: Rowan Blanchord

    Mackenzie- Dove Cameron

    Zoey Chyna Anne McLain

    Brandon: Peyton Myers

  22. Dorky fan

    mr maxwell : Robert Downey jr
    Nikki me
    Why the second one
    They both have the same things in common
    I have read all the books I am not an actress

  23. Sarah

    Nikki is g hannelius Chloe is Peyton list Zoey is zendaya Mackenzie is Dove Brandon is Ross

  24. Em.

    I think that Ross, Dove, and Zendaya are probably too old to be fourteen year olds. Now if you want someone that looks like they are fourteen or are fourteen, here’s my list:

    Nikki- Me, (If I become an actress) Lilimar, or Kelli Bergland
    Mom- Hillary Scott (Or my mom) or Candace Cameron Bure
    Dad- Kevin Symons
    Violet- Landry Bender
    Theo- Karan Brar
    Brandon- Leo Howard, Jackie Radinsky, or Payton Meyer
    Makenzie- Brett Bassinger
    Brianna- Makenzie Dunne or Julia Butters
    Chloe- Payton List, Brec Bassinger
    Zoey- China Ann McClain, Skai Jackson
    Max- Leo Howard

  25. Anonymous

    Nikki:Rowan Blanchard/ Kira Kosarin
    Chloe:Jade Pettyjohn
    Zoey:China Anne McClain
    Brandon:Jack Griffo/Ricardo Hurtardo/Peyton Meyer
    Mackenzie:Peyton List/Dove Cameron
    Brianna:Mia Talerico
    Mrs. Maxwell:Rosa Blasi
    Mr. Maxwell:Ben Savage
    Jessica:Sofia Carson

  26. ineedaname

    duh for Niki; G Hannelius and chloe; Olivia Holt and Zoey; Zendaya Brandon; ross lynch and dove Cameron for mackenzie

  27. Anonymous

    Nikki: Rowan Blanchard because she has brown hair
    Chloe:Dove Cameron because she is pretty
    Brandon: Peyton Meyer because he is cute and nice
    Zoey: Sofia Carson because she loves books, has dark hair, and is a goofball

    MacKenzie: Peyton List because she is sassy and pretty

  28. Anonymous

    Nikki:Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe: Dove Cameron
    Zoey: Paris Berlic
    Brandon: Peyton Meyer
    Brianna; Mia Talerico
    MacKenzie; Peyton List
    Mr. Maxwell; Ben Savage
    Mrs. Maxwell; Tammy Townsend
    Jessica; Sofia Carson

  29. S

    Nikki = Mackenzie Foy, AKA, Renesmee from Twilight.
    Chloe = Dove Cameron, AKA, Liv/Maddie from Liv and Maddie
    Zoey = China Anne McClain, AKA, China from A.N.T Farm
    Brandon = Peyton Meyer, AKA, Lucas from Girl Meets World, or Josh Bogert, AKA, Miles from Disney channels newest show, Backstage.
    Mackenzie = Peyton List, AKA, Emma from Bunk’d

  30. S

    I totally changed my mind on my last few comments, my new one I am sticking with. I think my new cast is the be perfect cast for this movie!!!!!!!!

  31. S

    Nikki = Mackenzie Foy
    Chloe = Dove Cameron
    Zoey = China Anne McClain
    Brandon = Peyton List, or Josh Bogert
    Mackenzie = Peyton List

  32. dorky

    Nikki: Ariana grande
    Chloe: dove cameron
    Zoey: zendaya
    Brianna: mia talerico
    Brandon: tenzing norgay trainor
    Mackenzie: peyton list or Stephanie scott

  33. Ij

    Rowan Blanchard because she is goofy in girl meets world.then Peyton list because she is a total expert on boys.then China because she is a teen dr. Phil. NO OFFENSE, to the others who I did not choose.

  34. Scherion

    Ronni Hawk should play Nikki Maxwell.
    Dove Cameron should play Chloe Christina Garcia
    Zendaya should play Zoey Ebony Franklin
    Peyton Meyer or Kevin G. Quinn should play Brandon Roberts
    Peyton List should play Mackenzie Hollister
    Mia Talerico should play Brianna Maxwell

  35. Scherion

    Nikki = Ronni Hawk
    Chloe = Dove Cameron
    Zoey = Zendaya
    Brandon = Peyton Meyer or Kevin G. Quinn
    Mackenzie = Peyton List
    Brianna = Mia Talerico

  36. Scherion

    Nikki = Ronni Hawk
    Chloe = Dove Cameron
    Zoey = Zendaya
    Brandon = Peyton Meyer or Kevin G. Quinn
    Mackenzie = Peyton List

  37. Anonymous

    Nikki has to be Ronni Hawk
    Chloe has to be Dove Cameron
    Zoey has to be Zendaya
    Brandon has to be either Peyton Meyer or Kevin G. Quinn
    Mackenzie has to be Peyton List

  38. Scherion

    Nikki = Ronni Hawk, AKA, Rachael from Stuck in the Middle
    Chloe = Dove Cameron, AKA, Liv/Maddie from Liv and Maddie
    Zoey = Zendaya,AKA, K.C. from K.C. Under Cover
    Brandon = Peyton Meyer, AKA, Lucas from Girl Meets World, or Kevin G, Quinn, AKA, Xander from Bunk’d.
    Mackenzie = Peyton List, AKA, Emma from Bunk’d
    Brianna = Fracesca Capaldi, AKA, Chloe from Dog With the Blog, or Mia Talerico, AKA, Charlie from Good Luck Charlie.

  39. S

    Nikki should be played by Sadie Robertson
    Brandon should be played by Peyton Meyer or Kevin Quinn.
    Chloe should be played by Dove Cameron, no contest
    Zoey should be played by Zendaya, no contest.
    Mackenzie should be played by Olivia Holt, no contest.

  40. Mayci

    Your right Dove Cameron would be great to play Mackenzie but I think Stefanie Scott would do a SUPER good job at playing Mackenzie she was the best at being the mean girl in the movie Frienemies!

  41. Isabela C

    How do we get an audition for Nikki Maxwell? I know I probably have no chance on playing Nikki but I would really love to be.

  42. bella

    i love dog with a blog avrey is my favorit cloe my other favorit my lest fav is tiler i li ke stan to

  43. cece

    nikki: rowan b. chloe:peyton list zoey: china anne mcclain brandon :rosslych dove cameron for mackenzie

  44. maddie b

    Zoey = Skai Jackson or China Anne Mcclain because zendaya is (no offense)too old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. PajamasPants24

    Here is what I choose.
    G Hannelius because her hair is lighter and I think it goes well!
    Olivia Holt because she is tall and I think that she would look exactly like Chloe!
    I think china Anne McClain because she is short and Zoey is too.
    Ross Lynch and Dove Cameron would do great for both of their parts!
    I hope the movie comes out soon! ~ Thank You!, PajamasPants24

  46. Annette

    Ava Kolker should play Amanda Hollister,mackenzies sister.Francesca capaldi should play brianna,nikkis sister.

  47. Zoeysha

    Peyton list for makenzie hollister zenday for Zoey dove Cameron for Chloe and spencer lee for Brandon

  48. Annette

    I want dove cameron to play mackenzie, rowan blanchard to play nikki,olivia holt to play chloe, and china anne mclain for zoey,and peyton list for jessica (you forgot jessica).

  49. Jessie

    G as Nikki
    Peyton as Chloe
    Zendaya as Zoey
    Ross as Brandon
    And of course Dove Cameron as Mackenzie

  50. Dork Diaries Fan

    Those are great chooses. However, the dork diaries crew wants kids who are 14/15 years old. Well, Ross, Zendaya, and Dove are 19/20 and China, Olivia, and Peyton are 17 years old. Rowan and G are the only choices that would make them look like a 14 year old.

  51. dragontroll837

    Nikki would totally be Rowan Blanchard, Chloe would be Olivia Holt, Zendaya for Zoey, your right abot brandon and Peyton list would be mackenzie.

  52. Gowndance

    Rowan blanchard: Nikki
    China anne mclain:Zoey
    Peyton list Chloe
    Maybe JAce norman for Brandon I’m just saying

  53. Julia

    I love your dork diaries they are so awesome.First of I think Rowan Blanchard would go for Nikki.For Chloe Peyton List would go well. Your fan, Julia

  54. Anonymous

    Nikki: Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe: Olivia Holt
    Zoey: China Anne McClain
    Brandon: Ross Lynch
    Mackenzie: Peyton List

  55. Marinette Dupain-Cheng Fan

    i’m just saying rowan blanchard would be a better fit for nikki and Peyton Meyer Would be a better Brandan Ross lynch get’s to be in a lot of shows and I think Peyton Meyer is WAY cuter that’s my opinion but you are on point with the other ones Dove would make a GREAT Mackenzie.

  56. Marinette Dupain-Cheng Fan

    you are right everyone wants a blond for nikki and brandon but they have Dark hair

  57. unnamed

    for NIKKI maybe G Hanneluis
    for Chloe maybe Peyton List OR Olivia Holt they are both so talented
    for ZOEY maybe China Anne McClain
    for MACKENZIE maybe Dove Cameron, Peyton List or Olivia Holt
    for BRANDON maybe Ross Lynch

    everyone of these people are super talented Please think about my choices and let us know when the MOVIE IS RELEASED
    thanks P.

  58. K

    Peyton List as Nikki Maxwell
    G Hannelius as MacKenzie Hollister
    Mia Talerico as Brianna Maxwell
    China Anne McClain as Chloe Garcia
    Dove Cameron as Zoey Franklin
    Bridget Mendler as Mrs. Maxwell
    Ross Lynch as Brandon Roberts
    Neil Flynn as Mr. Maxwell
    Mary Berry as Grandma

  59. cheeryunicorn123

    Nikki- Rowan Blanchard cause she’s just SO quirky and that’s perfect for a Nikki. :)
    Chloe: Emma Watson cause she meets the standards for Chloe
    Zoey: Zendaya cause she’s a good actress that can be perfect for Zoey
    Brandon: Peyton Meyers- no comment.
    MacKenzie: Dove Cameron- no comment.

  60. Tomisin

    Nikki: G Hannelius
    Chloe: Peyton List
    Zoe: Zendaya
    Brandon: Ross Lynch
    Mackenzie: Dove Cameron
    I should know I am OCD about Dork Diaries

  61. HanShootsFirst

    Nikki: Isabelle Fuhrman
    Chloe: willow shields
    Zoey: Bailee Madison
    MacKenzie: annasophia robb or willow shields

  62. GirlyGirl

    Nikki- Rowan Blanchard Brandon- Ross Lynch Chloe- Sabrina Carpender Zoey- Zendaya Mackenzie- Dove Cameron

  63. Alexis

    Anyone as long as their not on Disney for many various reasons. For 1 I hate Disney channel and most of these people are like on the same show already like seriously? Get some new actors instead of some brainwashed Disney actors

  64. Deja

    Nikki:Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe:G. Hennelies
    Zoey:ChinaAnne McClain
    Mackenzie:Peyton List
    Brandon:Bradley Steven Perry
    Mom:Leigh Allen Baker
    Dad: Benjamin king
    Brianna:mia talerico or Francesca Capaldi

  65. Anon

    I think: Rowan Blanchard – Nikki, Peyton Meyers- Brandon, Sabrina Capenter, Dove Cameron or Olivia Holt- Chloe, Zendaya – Zoey and Peyton List – MacKenzie

  66. Selena

    Ok guys, I do not want to be mean or anything, but I don’t think Rowan Blanchard would not make a good Nikki. Everyone can have their own opinion.

  67. Jayla

    I definetly think Debby Ryan would be a really young parent to an 8th grader, because she only is 22 years old.

  68. Jayla

    I really don’t think Victoria Justuce would be a good choice because she is too old to play the role of an 8th grader.

  69. Jayla

    I think Nikki should be Rowan Blanchard, Zoey should be Quvenzhané Wallis, Brandon should be Peyton Meyer, and Chloe should be Sabrina Carpenter but the Mackenzie role you picked is perfect.

  70. Poppy

    Nikki: Jada Facer
    Chloe: Jenna Ortega
    Zoey: Amandla Stenberg
    MacKenzie: Saxon Sharbino
    Jessica: Danika Yarosh
    Brandon: Spencer List
    Brianna: Hannah Glassman
    Amanda: Alyvia Alyn Lind

  71. Mia

    Nikki- Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe- G Hannelius
    Zoey- Amandla Stanberg
    Brandon- Jack Griffo
    Mackenzie- Dove Cameron
    Brianna- Mimi Kirkland
    Mom- Kenda Benward
    Dad- Mark Wahlburg
    Grandma- Julie Andrews
    Jessica- Kar McNamara
    Amanda- Mackenzie Ziegler
    This is who I thonk should be the cast of the dork diaries movie

  72. Anna

    I think the actors for Dork Diary Movie should be:

    Nikki Maxwell- Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe- Sabrina Carpenter
    Zoey- Zendaya
    Brandon-Peyton Meyer
    Mackenzie-Dove Cameron
    Brianna- Francesca Capaldi

  73. Nikki

    Nikki should be Rowan Blanchard
    Brandon should be Peyton Meyer
    Zoey should be Zendaya
    Chloe should be Sabrina Carpenter
    Mackenzie should be Peyton list

  74. Anonymous

    Nikki= Mackenzie Foy
    Brandon= Peyton Meyer
    Chloe= Sabrina Carpenter
    Zoe= Zendaya
    Mackenzie= Bella Thorne

  75. Anonymous

    I think for Mackenzie it should be dove Cameron .Then Brandon should be Cameron Boyce from Jessie . Brianna should be Francesca capaldi from dog with a blog.jessica should be Stephane scott. That is what I have so far see yah

  76. Anonymous

    Nicki: Bella Throne
    Chloe: Olvia Holt
    Zoey: Zendaya without a doubt
    Brandon: Peyton Myer or Ross Lynch
    Mackenzie: Peyton List

  77. Emma

    P.S. I think that Ross is too old to play Brandon, who is only in middle school. I am SO excited for this movie. As Niki would say, SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Emma

    The name of the guy that played Harry Potter is Daniel Raddcliffe. He would also be too young to play Nikki’s Dad.

    P.S. I’m a Harry Potter super fan
    P.P.S. Please don’t think that I’m trying to be mean

  79. Emma

    I totally agree. Most of the people everyone suggested are either too old for the part or are too well-known. This could really be some undiscovered actor/ actress’s big brake. Sorry that my comments are always so long. ;)

  80. Emma

    I think all of those actors and actresses sound good for the Dork Diaries movie except for Ross Lynch. The book says that Brandon has wavy DARK hair. I know it doesn’t really matter that much, but I like it when movies are very similar to their books. I’m a Harry Potter fan and I spaz out every time I watch the movies because I think they changed the story too much. I have really high hopes that this movie will be good, so don’t ruin it for me. ;D

  81. Adenike

    Dork Diary Movie should be…

    Nikki: Sabrina Carpenter
    Brandon: Cole Sprouse
    Brianna: Mia Talerico
    Chloe: Ciara Bravo or Rowan Blanchard
    Zoey: Skai Jackson
    Mackenzie: Peyton List or Stephanie Scott
    Mr. Maxwell- Tom Cruise
    Mrs. Maxwell- Rachael Taylor
    Grandma- Blythe Danner

  82. kaylie

    Nikki – G Hannelius
    Mackenzie – Peyton List
    Chloe – Sabrina Carpenter
    Zoey – China Anne McClain
    Brandon – Jace Norman

  83. Hope Peace Joy

    These would be my casting choices. I chose actors that are more obscure, so that it wouldn’t be a Disney overload. I feel as though the movie would be tacky and feel like a Disney channel original movie if they did so.

    (I also find that some of these actors are suitable for more than one role)

    - Emma Holzer
    - Lennon Stella
    - Brighton Sharbino
    - Saxon Sharbino
    - Elise Luthman
    - Michelle Bergh
    - Danika Yarosh
    - Madeleine McNulty
    - Madison Leisle
    - Madison Pettis
    - Amandla Stenberg
    - Yara Shahidi
    - Eden Duncan-Smith
    - Madison Pettis
    - Danika Yarosh
    - Natalie Alyn Lind
    - Madison Leisle
    - Spencer List (twin brother of Peyton List)

  84. hippie^luv

    Nikki: Rowan Blanchard or Emily Alyn Lind
    Makenzie : Peyton List
    Brandon : Tenzing Norgay Trainor
    Chloe :Lilimar Hernandez
    Zoey :Skai Jackson
    Brianna :Francesca Capaldi
    Mrs Maxwell :mom from Liv and Maddie
    Mr. Maxwell : Any man in his mid forties I guess.
    Please let me know what you think about my ideas.

  85. Ashley K

    I think
    Nikki:Rowan Blanchard would be a good pick
    Zoey: Skai Jackson
    Chole: Peyton List
    Brandon: Jack griffo
    Mackenzie : some one tall and girly voice but personally I would not want to play Mackenzie as Dove Cameron maybe Peyton list

    I hope your movie goes well :) ))))) Big fan

  86. lal

    nikki=Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe= maddie from dance moms
    zoey=victorious justice
    Mackenzie= Rachel Mcadams/Regina from mean girls
    Brandon=Jack Griffo

  87. meg

    my dream cast would be
    Nikki Maxwell: Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe Garcia: Chloe Lukasiak
    Zoey Franklin: Nia Frazier
    Brandon Roberts: Peyton Meyer (sorry but no matter what i still ship rucas XD)
    Mackenzie Hollister: Sierra Mccornmick
    Brianna Maxwell: Mia Talerico
    Mrs.Maxwell:Debby Ryan
    Mr.Maxwell:Ben Savage
    Grandma: Betty white

    thats all! XD

  88. mermaidathena542

    Nikki- Paris Berelc or Chloe Lucasiak ( More Chloe Lucasiak)
    Zoey – Madison Pettis ( The Game Plan)
    Chloe- Hailee Steinfeld ( Pitch Perfect 2)
    Brandon- Atticus Shaffer ( The Middle)
    McKenzie- Chloe Lucasiak (Dance Moms) or Paris Berelc (Mighty Med) ( More Paris Berelc)
    Brianna- Francesca Capaldi ( Dog With A Blog)
    Grandma- Betty White ( Golden Girls)
    Mom- Jennifer Aniston I have no idea)
    Dad- Alan Rickman ( Harry Potter)

  89. s

    Peyton list for Mc kenzie Rosie -brianna brandon-Peyton Meyer grandma – Betty white
    nikki-demi-lavato chole – cameran Diaz zoe-selena gomez mom Melissa mc carthy dad – Mike from Mike and molly hopefully u like it

  90. Anonymous

    Hi I love your ideas . Dork Doaries is my favorite book series. So I think Landry Bender would be perfect for Zoey. I also think Sabrina Carpender would be good for Chloe. Hope you like my ideas

  91. s

    I❤ dork diaries Nikki is my favourite I have a book of yours called OMG all about me diary
    I❤ Nikki’s asomeone she is cool

  92. s

    Peyton list for Mc kenzie , Rosie -brianna, brandon-Peyton Meyer ,grandma – Betty white, and nikki-demi-lavato, chole -cameran Diaz zoe-selena gomez mom Melissa mc carthy
    dad – Mike from Mike and molly
    I ❤ dork diaries

  93. Alex

    I personally think that you should have loads of school auditions in the US. This is not going to be a very long comment, I just thought you should know.

  94. jess

    I think rowan Blanchard should be nikki
    my friend neira should be Zoey or chyna anne mclaim
    maya le clark should be Brianna
    jake short should be Brandon
    Makenzie dove Cameron

  95. L

    Nikki- Landry Bender
    Zoey- Chyna Anne Mklean(i dont know how to spell it)
    Chloe- Rowan Blanchard
    Brandon- Mitchell Hope
    Mom- Beth Littleford
    Dad-Erikk Allan Kramer
    Brianna- Francesca Capaldi
    Macenzie- Peyton List
    Grandma- Betty White

  96. Maria

    Oh! And I forgot to mention:
    Brianna: Francesca Capaldi
    Zoey: ( This is just another idea) Skai Jackson

  97. T H

    I think carry under wood will be amazing at makinzie not cause shes bratty ir anything but she is very beautiful and nickey should be Selena Gomez and Brandon should be oh sory cant remember his name but he is the guy on mean girls Aron samouls maby is the actor nam not shure but i like them 3

  98. Maria

    We put a lot of thought into this, so here we go.
    Nikki: Torri Webster
    Chloe: Rowan Blanchard
    Zoey: Quvenzhanè wallis
    Brandon: Peyton Meyer
    Mackenzie: Peyton List
    Dad: Sandy Jobin-Bevans
    Mom: Amber L Devos, She’s GORGEOUS!!!
    Grandma: Meryl Streep
    Theo: Joey Bragg
    Marcus: Micheal Murphy
    Violet: Madison pettis

  99. kb

    Olivia Holt for chole hmm I like good decision.:) oh but I think rosey the one with Sophia grace should be Brianna I mean I don’t think she is bratty but it would work and I’m not sure how old rosey is but does any one agree??? But like I said I pick Peyton list for Mackenzie way better that Cameron dove Peyton list seems better and joey king seems so AWESOME for Nikki I mean if I was Rachel renne Russell I would definitely pick Joey king as Nikki I mean its so perfect kk thx

  100. kb

    Um… I don’t think mattyb cause he is 12 and the age range is probably 13 to 15 but honestly i think Peyton list for Mackenzie is the best it fits her description way to well and China Ann mclain is perfect for zoey and I think the lil red headed girl off of dog with the blog would be awesome for brianna

  101. Annette

    this is just a silly quiz!!!!!!
    they will not actully cast who you want!!!!! they only want an opinion!!!!!!
    and even if they choose you how will they contact you!!!

  102. n

    I think I could totally play Zoey im african american with brown hair and i love books pick me please!

  103. Madelyn

    Nikki Me because I have starred in lots of plays also I have awesome acting skills and singing talent and very dorky I also own a diary and have problems as Nikki. I am 10 going on 11 so please cast me as Nikki or Brianna because I would be perfect for these roles.

  104. CuteDiva404

    I don´t know why but I think MattyB should be Brandon since he´s blonde and has a mix of blue and green in his eyes. That is my opinoin.!!! CAN´T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Anoyomous

    Nikki Maxwell: ME!

    Zoey: Zendaya or Willow Smith

    Mackenzie: Olivia Holt

    Jessica: Brec Bassinger

    I seriously hope they hold a lot of auditions!!!!! I would love to play Nikki Maxwell

  106. Jocelynn

    Nikki Maxwell: Me
    Zoey Franklin: China Anne McCain
    Chole Garcia: Isabella Moner
    Mackenzie Hollister: Sabrina Carpenter
    Brandon Roberts: Jacob Bertrand
    Marcus: Corey Fogelmanis
    That’s all I got

  107. Jocelynn

    Nikki Maxwell: Me! -I’m an actress.
    Chloe Garcia: Isabella Moner
    Zoey Franklin: Madison Pettis
    Mackenzie Hollister: Sabrina Carpenter
    Brandon: Jacob Bertrand

  108. Leo

    Nikki Maxwell: Isabela Moner (from Splitting Adam and 100 things before high school)/Rowan Blanchard/Some yet to be discovered actress
    Brandon Robeets: Peyton Meyer
    Brianna Maxwell: Francesca Capaldi/Elsie Fisher/Addison Riecke
    Zoey Franklin: Amandla Stenberg (from Hunger Games as Rue)
    Mackenzie Hollister: G. Hannelius/Sabrina Carpenter
    Chloe Garcia: Some Actress with Mexican descendance/Isabela Moner (if she doesnt get Nikki’s part)

  109. Anonymous

    Zoey: Zendaya
    Nikki: Anna Kendrick
    Brandon:Peyton Meyers
    Cloey:Dove Cameron
    Mackenzie: Peyton list
    Brianna: Mia Talerico

    Hope u got some ideas

  110. Becca

    I think that Nikki should be Rowan Blanchard! Chole should be Isabela Moner! Zoey should be China Anne McClain! Mackenzie should be Sabrina Carpenter! Jessica should be Brec Bassinger! Brandon should be Peyton Meyer! Brianna should be McKenna Grace!

  111. Christina p

    Sabrina carpenter should either be a ccp girl or Jessica. Im still trying to think of good people for this.

  112. Christina p

    I said the exact same thing that Belle Throne should be Chloe or i think Mackenzie.i’d say everyone that people are suggesting are totally rong for these parts!:) im not trying to be mean but its true.

  113. Christina p

    I was totally mistaken Jeremy is way toooooooo old for this part i looked at a old pic online of him but i just looked right now and i feel really silly, but he Would of been good for the part TWELVE YEARS AGO.Sorry:-\

  114. Christina p

    I think Brandon Roberts should be played by Jeremy Sumpter:) Nobody else. Iv read all of the books and i know every one has also but look at it my way, he’s PERFECT for this.And looks just like him,you have to get people that ACTUALLY looks like them and the people you have in mind are not recommended….Just sayin.

  115. Castletwister15

    I do not agree with some of these. Aren’t some of these actors too old? They have to act and look like a middle school student. Also, I think that Rowan Blanchard should act as Nikki.

  116. emeraldgown53

    Nikki- G Hannelius
    Chloe- Peyton List; Olivia Holt; Sabrina Carpenter
    Zoe- Zendaya
    Brandon- Ross Lynch
    Mackenzie- Dove Cameron

  117. silverangel772

    Brandon: Definitely Ross Lynch or Riker Lynch
    Nikki: Caitlyn Carmichael
    Zoey: Zendaya
    Mackenzie: Yep Dove Cameron, from the blue eyes and blonde hair and she also has a fierce look to her
    Chloe: Olivia Holt
    Marcie: Although there is not a Marcie slot, for Marcie in the 4th book, I don’t want to be bias, but I would want to be it. :)

  118. 5sosluver1362

    That is alright but, isn’t Brandon supposed to have brown hair? or am I just thinking that? I think Payton List would be better for MacKenzie and Sabrina Carpenter for Chloe but not Dove Cameron. ( don’t want to be mean) And Joey Lynn King would be PERFECT for Nikki!
    China Ann McClain would be good for Zoey. Bradley Steven Perry would be ok for Brandon, Just if he can play the part. Just saying but your decisions were really good! Don’t take this the wrong way but I think they are perfect for the parts. Thanks.

  119. sunshinesurfing15

    Nikki: Madison Pettis
    Chloe: Dove Cameron or Sabrina Carpenter
    Zoey: Zendaya or Kelli Burgland
    Brandon: Ross Lynch
    MacKenzie: Dove Cameron or G Hannelius

  120. cutietie15

    I am a huge fan of theses books, probably more than anyone else. I was just wondering if there is going to be any open casting call auditions anywhere because I would LOVE to play a role in the movie. I happen to love acting with all my heart and I have always felt like i was a part of the book, and most of all, the character of Nikki is very much like me. So please take this plea into account. I would NOT disappoint you!

  121. Gracie

    I think that dove cameron, or brec bassinger would be great in the movie of dork diaries

  122. Naidalyn

    Nicky =G Hannelius Chloe =Olivia Holt Zoey = Zendaya Brandon =Ross Lynch MacKenzie =Dove Cameron

  123. VIVI

    Nikki : rowan Blanchard
    Brandon: Ross lynch
    Mackenzie: dove Cameron
    Zoey: zendaya
    Chloe: Olivia holt
    Jessica: Laura marno
    That’s all I can think of

  124. bagelgreen53

    OMG I am so excited dork diaries is my favorite series I have read all exempt the new one!! And I think the actors you choose are great. The movie will be awesome noooooooooo… doubt about it! O my gosh when I found out I started jumping with joy

  125. Chase

    MacKenzie has blonde hair and blue eyes. I vote for Megan Trainor because I feel like the song all about that bass has a little sass in it.

  126. Scherion

    Nikki= Mackenzie Foy
    Chloe= Willow Shields
    Zoey= Zendaya
    Brandon= Peyton Meyer
    Mackenzie= Dove Cameron

  127. Bella

    I love the idea of Ross Lynch as Brandon, but I think Mackenzie should be played by Peyton List. and for Zoey, I think China, while Chloe should be Olivia Holt. Dove Cameron would be one of the CCP!

  128. aligirl3000

    i agree with niki peyton list for chloe is my vote and chinia ann mclain for zoey but ross lynch is to old if the niki is way younger

  129. Anonymous

    There is a boy at my school named Brandon who would be perfect for the role of Brandon. He’s super cute

  130. Anonymous

    I would be PERFECT for Mackenzie. Um, are there like auditions? Hello? Non famous people want a part too!

  131. S

    Nikki= Mackenzie Foy
    Chloe= Zendaya
    Chloe= Willow Shields
    Brandon= Peyton Meyer
    Mackenzie= Dove Cameron

  132. Anonymous

    Uh… Auditions, right? There are people who want to try out that might not be famous!!!

  133. downpourbull35

    I think Nikki should be Laura Marano and Chloe should be played by Bella Thorne and Zoey should be Zendaya and Mackenzie should be Taylor Swift and Brandon should be played by Ross Lynch

  134. vampirewerewolf1252

    Nikki- she may be a dork but she being true to herself that’s important.
    Chloe- is kind of crazy but is a great friend.

  135. emily c

    love it yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee omg omg omg omg

  136. puppyart467

    Nikki :G Hannelius
    Chloe :P eyton List
    Zoey :Zendaya
    Bradon :Ross Lynch

    this is my line who are the charaters in Dork Diaries!!!!!!!!!

  137. Anonymous


  138. Kutekimi

    I have all the books of Dork Diaries!!!
    No~G Hannelius, i do not think that i would really enjoy her as Nikki.
    Yes and No~ Yes to Peyton List but no to Olivia Holt.
    Yes and No~Zendaya would be amazing as Zoey but China Anne McClain would not be that great.
    Yes~ Ross Lynch would be supper great and cute as Brandon.
    No~ I’m sorry Dove Cameron but i think you are way to sweet to be the evil McKenzie

  139. Lollipop

    I don’t think Ross Lynch should play Brandon because he does not look like Brandon.I think Zendaya should play the part as Zoey. Olivia Holt should play the part as Chloe.

  140. wittyindigo15

    For Nikki, I say Shailene Woodley! But that is just me being a fangirl. How about Sabrina Carpenter for Nikki? She doesn’t seem like a mean person. Neither does G. Hannelius, but I think she would make a good MacKenzie. I think the two of them would be able to sort of become their character and they would help each other develop the characters’ emotions.

  141. olivia

    I so agree that G would be awesome for Nicki. Honestly I’ve read every book an G would be awesome. Brianna I’d say Chloe for Dog with a Blog.

  142. Nichole

    I don’t think Ross Lynch should play as Brandon. He’s playing as a middle schooler when he’s 19!! I think some cast of Girl Meets World should play. Although we all wish some actors to play as children its about age! I think I should play as one of the characters because we need new famous people. Its always the same people and it would be nice if there was a change in who people liked.

  143. awesome is moi

    Most of these are to old for this movie. they should be middle schoolers not people in their twenties and thirties

  144. awesome is moi

    i don’t agree with you SKYLAR. Logan Lerman is a little old for this movie. They have to be at least 13-15 or 16.

  145. awesome is moi

    Ross Lynch would not due as brandon. Brandon should have light brown hair and not blonde.

  146. bookclaws39

    If they had a show with G Hannelius as Nikki, Ross lynch would have to be smaller.

  147. zariyah

    is it just me or these acters are getting pretty old exept for zendaya who agrees with me leave me a comment

  148. zariyah

    loves basketball. always has a cool style. acts like herself on tv zendaya its zendaya.

  149. hopefulcheese16

    So true i agree especially Dove Cameron Not because shes mean cause she is NOT mean
    but because she is an amazing actress ;]

  150. pajamasunicorn4

    Isn’t Ross Lynch a little too old to be playing Brandon? I mean if he isn’t, we would need a much older Nicki or something like that.

  151. Jl

    Genius! All these cast members are perfect for the role. Especially Dove Cameron. Not because she is mean. She is quite bubbly actually. She did a good job at playing the mean girl in zapped too. I think Payton list for Chloe although she’d be good at Mackenzie she wouldn’t beat out dove Cameron. Definently China for Zoey.

  152. emeraldfairy1001

    you’re totally right! Man, that’d make an excellent movie? Anybody agree?

  153. Neana

    nice job .I never got a book of dork diaries but i want one bad. you did a nice job how you made it

  154. Gianna

    Nice job with that, it was very well done. I really like Dork Diaries, especially Nikki i think she is cool even though she has diary. your welcome

  155. Ferneidy

    Hey i have friend named brandon cool piece I like it have fun and keep writeing you are good at it.

  156. Tia

    Nikki as Taylor swift
    Brandon as Peyton Meyer
    Chloe as Selena Gomez
    Zoe as zendaya
    Mackenzie as Ashley tidsale
    Jessica as dove Cameron

  157. chattyangel180

    WOW I never ever knew Brandon would have Blond Hair I thought he had Brown/Black hair!!!!!

  158. Lily

    Nikki-Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe-Bella Thorne
    Zoey-Kiki Palmer
    MacKenzie-Stephanie Scott
    Jessica-Peyton List
    Brandon-Peyton Meyer

  159. crazyadmiral11

    Nikki: G Hannelius

    Zoey: Zendaya

    Chloe: Peyton List

    Mackenzie: Elle Fanning

    Brandon: Ross lynch

  160. S

    NIKKI: the girl from the Cinderella (the brand new on )
    CHLOE: Payton List
    ZOEY: Zendaya
    BRANDON: Ross Lynch
    MACKENZIE: China

  161. chattyangel182

    My Dork Diaries Dream Cast
    Nikki- Madison De La Garza
    Brianna- Rosie Mcclelland
    MacKenzie- Paris Smith
    Brandon- Hayden Byerly
    Zoey-Sabrina Carpenter
    Chloe- Bailee Madison

    AKA you should actually use actors that have part of the characters traits!
    Reply ↓

  162. Meeee

    I just don’t want it to turn into another Disney movie……I love disney movies, but some people really hate them and won’t go anywhere near them. No matter who’s in it I’m gonna watch it, I am just kinda tired at looking at the same stars everyday on every show and movie…..

  163. Anonymous

    I respectfully do not agree on many of those choices…..I feel this would be a perfect time to introduce new stars, not just recast current ones. There are so many girls and boy that would LOVE to be in the movie, and are great actors and actresses, and just haven’t been discovered yet!

  164. Candace

    NIKKI: Bailee Madison or Rowan Blanchard
    CHLOE: Peyton List or Brec Bassignser
    ZOEY: China Ann McClain or Madison Pettis
    BRANDON: Ross Lynch or Peyton Meyer
    MACKENZIE: Dove Cameron or Sabrina Carpenter
    Brianna: Rosie (Sophia Grace and Rosie) or Francesca Capaldi

  165. Katie

    My Dork Diaries Dream Cast vvvvvv
    Nikki- Madison De La Garza
    Brianna- Rosie Mcclelland
    MacKenzie- Paris Smith
    Brandon- Hayden Byerly
    Zoey-Sabrina Carpenter
    Chloe- Bailee Madison

    AKA you should actually use actors that have part of the characters traits!

  166. hser1o

    Nikki-rowan Blanchard
    MacKenzie -Sabrina carpenter
    Brianna-Mia tallerico
    Chloe-g hannelius
    Brandon-Peyton Meyer

  167. jasmin

    Make I could play nikki

    Why you ask
    1.I have pig/pink tails
    2.I have a diary
    3.I have pazzazi

    Also I,m 8 so I might not get the part

  168. Amy

    Hey guys
    I would like to be Nikki because:
    1. I have a crush.
    2. I have a diary and I’m on my 4th one right now.
    3. I have very long hair.
    But I’m 9 and I’m not that popular and I haven’t been a actress before or anything.

  169. Rylee

    I would actually like to play Nicki. I love to draw and color, I pretend i have a diary, and I like to do arts and crafts like her.

  170. Rylee

    Nicki- Kira Kosarin
    Chloe- Selena Gomez
    Zoey- Zendaya
    Brandon- Jack Griffo
    Mackenzie- Dove Cameron
    Brianna- Francesca Capaldi

  171. Rylee

    I didn’t know they wre making a movie. I love Dork Diaries. I have every single book. Is there a 9th dork diaries coming out?

  172. Andrea

    Nikki- Rowan Blanchard
    Chloe- Peyton List
    Zoey- China Anne McClain
    Brandon- Ross Lynch
    Mackenzie- Dove Cameron (she is a really good actress)
    Brianna- Sophia Grace

  173. Emma

    Nikki: Rowan Blanchard or Ciara Bravo
    Chloe: Zendaya (since Chloe is half Mexican, her surname is Garcia)
    Zoey: China Anne McClain
    Brandon: Peyton Meyer or Colin Ford
    Mackenzie:Dove Cameron

  174. SWAGER15

    I think the PERFECT cast for the Dork Diaries movie would have to be……
    Nikki: G. Hannelius
    Chloe: China Anne McClain
    Zoey: Olivia Holt
    Brandon: PEYTON MEYER!!!
    Makenzie: Dove Cameron
    Jessica: Peyton List
    I think that they would be the perfect cast for this movie. I can SO see this cast!!! :)

  175. coolg24

    i would like to play Nikki Maxwell because i would love to show my acting skills and i look just like her!

  176. Dolphinlover

    I really want to play as Chloe!!!!! I’m a really good actress and I’m just like Chloe!!!!! I’ve also always wanted to be an actress!! Or maybe I can play Mackenzie because I’m really good as acting like a mean girl (like in acting).

  177. Dolphinlover

    I think Mia Talerico might also be good as Brianna. Even though I already wrote Sophia Grace.

  178. Dolphinlover

    In my opinion, I don’t really think ross lynch should be Brandon because Brandon has brown hair and ross is too old and no offense I’m not trying to be mean so don’t take this the wrong way but he needs more experience.

  179. Jill

    I agree with you Lilo(you got the write idea when you say:I love this storybook, It makes you feel like your actual story)

  180. Dolphinlover

    I know he may be too old but I think Josh Hutcherson should be Brandon. Just my opinion. BTW I think that Brandon does have Brown hair. I want to play as Mackenzie but I think Peyton List would be perfect because shes beautiful.

  181. Dolphinlover

    Mackenzie-Peyton List.
    Nikki-G. Hannelius
    Brandon-Josh Hutcherson
    Brianna- Sophia Grace
    Jessica-Dove Camron
    Chloe-Selena Gomez
    Zoey-Mackenzie Foy
    This would be perfect!!! :)

  182. I

    My dream cast
    ( Nikki ) Rowan Blanchard ( girl meets world) .I think that because she’s peppy , loveable, a amazing actress,and she can really fit in the character
    (Zoey) China an michlain ( ant farm). She would be a good fit mostly cause she did play a smart girl in how to build a better boy
    (Chloe)Sierra carpenter (girl meets world).shes perfect for the part cause she is so sweet ,smart , cool , and would fit In the part.
    ( Mackenzie ) Dove cameron ( liv and maddie).shes good for the part cause she plays so different parts on a tv show.
    (Brandon)Peyton Meyer (girl meets world ). He’s good for the part cause in girl meets world Rowan and Peyton have a connection and he’s a good actor and the same age as Rowan.(Jessica )Peyton list cause she so a girly girl and and could do any part.

  183. Anonymous

    NEVER! They need a different peronitly. He just doesn’t give me the right vibe. I am not saying that he’s a bad actor or not cute, but I can not see him playing Brandon.

  184. blackapple789

    yeah, those are good, for chloe, do olivia holt and for zoe, do… china ann mclain. Perfect! I am sooooo exited for this movie i LOVE dork diaries. I have all the books!

  185. Lizzie

    Nikki: She is dorky,funny,clumsy, and unique in many ways I would pick G. Hannelius from Dog With A Blog.

    Chloe: She has , in my opinion, OMGD, (Obsessive Male Gender Disorder) and she is sassy and prissy I will choose Doce Cameron from Liv And Maddie

    Zoey: She is geeky,funny and a know it all I will choose China Anne McLain because she played a nerd on How To Build A Better Boy.

    Mackenzie: she has blonde hair and a viper in designer clothes and lip gloss I will choose Peyton List from Jessie.

    Brandon: He is an animal lover,a very sweet gut, and sounds cut in the books I will pick Peyton Meyer from Girl Meets World.

  186. purplecat2401

    Nikki: G Hannelius
    Chloe: Peyton List
    Zoey: Zendaya
    Brandon: Peyton Meyer
    Mackenzie: Dove Cameron

  187. Grace

    My Dream cast:
    Nikki-G Hannelius
    Chloe-Olivia Holt
    Brandon-ROSS LYNCH
    Mackenzie-DOVE CAMERON
    Jessica-Sabrina Carpenter
    :) :) :)

  188. ANONYMOUSdorkDIARIESloveR!!!!!!

    Nikki: I am not really sure, but Im thinkn Olivia Holt.
    Zoey: In my opion, I think that Kira Kosorin (from the thundermans) should play as Zoey.
    Chloe: Maybye Geniveve Hannelius could play her. They are both perky and excited about things.
    Mackenzie: I think that Ariana Grande should play Mackenzie. Yeah, Yeah. I know that she quit acting for life but, just like Mackenzie, Ari always wants to look good!
    Brianna: Mia Talirico maybye because that’s the only young young actress that I know of!:P

  189. jadeelf302

    Nikki: G Hannelius
    Chloe: Peyton List
    Zoey: Zendaya
    Brandon: Peyton Meyer
    Mackenzie: Dove Cameron

  190. Cindy

    I love Olivia Holt- She should totally try out for the role! Taylor Swift is pretty and also a great actress. I think they should play for the part of Mackenzie! Nikki- I don’t know! Whoever plays what roles, I will still love the book!

  191. MEGAN


  192. martha

    Zoey. Zendaya ,chloe olivia holt, nikki g hannelius,mackenzie dove cameeron,jessica peyton list,,brianna,chloe in dog with a blog,……brandon not. Ross lynch

  193. Evelyn

    Nikki: G Hannelius
    Chloe: Peyton List
    Zoey: Zendaya
    Brandon: ( of course ) Ross Lynch
    Mackenzie: Dove Cameron
    It was so difficult to chose!!!!

  194. Alison

    I like all of these choses but sorry I’d chose China Ann McClain rather than Zendaya, No doubt Ross Lynch, G Hannelius, Dove Cameron And sorry Olivia, I chose Payton list.

  195. 662014

    My book The haunted library. It is telling me it is there but the haunted library is the title.

  196. mya

    I would love to be nikki Maxwell because she is so dorky and i’m dorky so it works out for the both of us:)

  197. koalabearfashion44

    selena gomez,austinmahone,katy perry,ariana grande,jenna mccurdy,justin timberlake ,jhonny deep,bruce willess

  198. Anonymous

    Zoey is liike made to be plane by Rowen Blancher from ” Girl Meets World” its like totaly the the obvies choise although im a Huge fan of both zendeya and china

  199. Noelle

    i think that Ross Lynch should not be Brandon because he is to old for the girl playing Nikki i think she is like 13 and he is 19 or 20

  200. Anonymous

    I agree with all of these! Cool job on picking the actors! Do you know when the movie is coming out? :)

  201. Rubz

    i think hailee steinfeld should play Nikki,Sierra mccormick should play Mackenzie, Amanda stenberg should play Zoey and Lia marie Johnson shoud play chloe an brandon should be Ender Ansible Thats who i thing :)

  202. NOVA

    NO. JUST. NO. All of these seem incorrect! If you’ve even read the book, thourogly, Brandon has dark hair, not blonde. NO. JUST. NO. And nikki’s a brunette. Chyna fits the part I guess, but Zendaya’s too old. Dove Cameron just doesn’t say Mackenzie. And chloe as peyton list? Everyone knows by her last name, Garcia, she is of mexican heritage. Dark hair-DUH!

  203. Anonymous

    This is my dream cast for the movie:
    Nikki: She should be an undiscovered actress I think, and definitely not G Hannelius.
    Mackenzie: Stefanie Scott (no doubt about it!)
    Chloe: Debby Ryan maybe?
    Zoey: Not Sure, but DEFINATELY not Zendaya or China Anne McClain
    Brandon: Maybe Ross Lynch
    Theodore Swagmire: Grayson Russel
    Jessica: Maia Mitchell might be good

  204. Anyssa

    Defiantly China Anne McClain should play Zoey and Olivia Holt Should play Chloe the rest of them are PERFECT!!!!!!

  205. Summer

    Hey ma homies!!!
    So I also had a cast in mind for the dork diaries movie! Here goes:

    NIKKI: Rowan Blanchard (or G.hannelius) BRANDON: Teo Halm(or jared gilmor)
    ZOEY: China Anne McClain (or zendaya)
    CHLOE: Piper Curda (or olivia holt)
    MACKENZIE: Peyton List (or Sabrina carpenter)
    BRIANNA: Ella Anderson (or Carmen blanchard)
    VIOLET: Allison Ashley Arm

  206. Mimi

    I think for Chloe it would be cool for Zendaya, and Zoey as G Hannelius, and Diana as Mackenzie( looks like her) and CJ Adams as Brendan( because he matches the look and is so sweet), Michelle Pavlik as Nikki (looks just like her and acts like her except the eyes) and Jane Linch as the gym teacher (she is in glee) and Peyton List as Jessica.

  207. Michelle

    I know right! My friend Mimi thinks I would be a good Nikki Maxwell too. I look just like Nikki with height and weight and hair, the only difference is the eyes. Hers are green and mine are brown, but I’m able to wear contact;) if I got the chance to audition OMG I would totally do this. This would be a complete dream come true and I would love to bring Nikki to life!

  208. Mimi

    Ooh I think she would do well, but CJ Adams should totally play Brandon! And Nikki should be Michelle Pavlik. And Jessica:Peyton List Chloe:Zendaya Zoey:G Hannalius

  209. Anonymous

    Rowan Blanchard- Nikki Maxwell

    Stefinie Scott- Mackenzie Hollister

    Peyton List- Chloe Garcia

    Amandla Stenberg- Zoey Franklin

    Teo Halm- Brandon Roberts

    Keli Berglund- Jessica

    Ashley Anderson Emmons- Brianna

    Kali Rocha- Mom

    R Brandon Johnson- Dad

  210. Mimi

    I agree with Zendaya, Olivia Holt, Dove Cameron, but not really Ross Lynch or G Hannalius. I always imagined Brandon with brown hair.. And Brandon is suppose to be in eighth grade. Ross is 17! And who plays Nikki should be an undiscovered actress. Preferably brunette.

  211. Riona

    Here’s my cast:

    Lucy Hale- Nikki Maxwell
    Stephanie Scott- Mackenzie Hollister
    Kyla Rae Kowawelski- Brianna Maxwell
    David Arquette- Nikki’s Dad
    Sierra Mcormmik- Chloe Garcia
    Zendaya Coleman- Zoey Franklin
    Britt Robertson- Jessica Hunter
    Logan Lerman- Brandon Roberts
    Deynse Tontz- Violet Baker
    Grayson Russel- Theodore Swagmire
    Josh Hutcherson Marcus
    Leslie Mann- Nikki’s Mom

  212. DOGBLUE7161

    I would totally pick Ross Lynch for Brandon, G Hannelius for Nikki, Peyton List for Chloe, Dove Cameron for Zoey, and definitely Zendaya for your MacKenzie. Ross is the best choice for Brandon. Just like Brandon, he’s TOTALLY cute!!!!! I love him! G would be the best for Nikki because of her outward appearance. I’m not totally sure she can pull up the personality like Dove can, and be a shy, cute, really girly girl that Nikki totally is. Peyton is, like the best possible choice for one of the twins. Which twin? I don’t care. But I insist that you put her into the movie. Like, I will seriously die if you people don’t. Dove will totally rock being Zoey, and Zendaya is so much like MacKenzie. Except that Mac is totally mean and.. and repulsive, while Zendaya is so nice and likable. But if you people do not include at least one person from this list, I will, like die. =(

  213. Samantha M.

    I think they should just put up auditions and the actors of the movie should actually be their real ages like I’m 13 and in feb I’ll be 14 so yeah and I think they should just be the same age and this is actually a VERY SUPER-LISHES book ever!!!!!! I really super like this book I mean it’s like I’m in the book like me actually living it I’m probably the only person in the world(in my opinoin) who can acutually feel and understand this book I mean like I have posters and I read Rachel’s blog EVERY SINGLE DAY THAT IM LIVING lol I just love her books and her doddles I swear if I would get a chance to autiton I will be so SIKED like “OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! IMMMA AUDITUON YESSSSSSSSS YAYYYYY” I would like be screaming my head off!! Like yay!!!! Lol but yeah I think they should just well at least think about it , about holding auditions so yeah that my opinoin because I would be a great Nikki Maxwell of course other people think they would be good Nikki Maxwell but I like mean it like I would be good I just hope they will be auditions

  214. beeblue1882

    I love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu r the best

  215. a

    i’m going with g as nikkil, oliva as chole, peyton as zoey, ross as brandon and dove as mackenzie if they were a movie of this that wll be amazing(:

  216. Ashley

    I LOVE DORK DIARIES SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Thanks Nicole for showing me them… <3<3<3 Dork diaries

  217. Ashley

    Nikki should be G. Hannelius because they both are amazing people and very awesome people!!!!

  218. Abby

    This is what i choose:
    Nikki: G. Hannelus
    Chloe: Peyton List
    Zoey: China Anne McClain
    Brandon: Ross Lynch! So obvious!
    Mackenzie: Dove Cameron or Stephanie Meyer
    -Dork Diaries Fan!

  219. aquafashion634

    Here’s MY dream cast:
    Nicki: Kiara Kosarin, considering she’s SO much like Nicki in real life!
    Chloe: A.J Michalka (from Aly & A.J, and Grace Unplugged)
    Zoey: Selena Gomez, maybe? I don’t know, she’s a good actresses, and that’s just who I picture when I think of Zoey.
    Brandon: Liam Payne, of course!!!!

  220. Samantha

    Definitely G Hannelius, no doubt Peyton List, China Anne McClain hands down, absoulutley not Ross Lynch, and of course Dove Cameron!

  221. BlackBlue3183

    My dream would be to become like:

    Ross Lynch


    China Anne McClain

    Penyton list

  222. a

    Brandon-Niall from 1d. Nikki-Peyton list. Chloe-ariana grande. Zoey-zendaya. Mackenzie-dove cameron

  223. chattyopal18

    Nikki- Peyton List

    Chloe- Piper Curda

    Zoey- Olivia Holt

    McKenzie- Dove Cameron

    Brandon- Ross Lynch

  224. jazzycutie526

    My dream cast would be

    :ross lynch! Of course no competion!
    Mackinzie,dove camron!total!

  225. heradancing6

    i would so pick G Hannelius as Nikkie, Zendaya as Zoey, and Olivia Holt as Chloe

  226. Heather

    I’d choose Diana ( Heather Fox’s actress in the Canterwood Crest series ) for MacKenzie, because Heather Fox is already the mean girl at Canterwood! And Diana has Blonde hair and blue eyes…… PLZ SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

  227. periwinklepegasus190

    G.hannelius could be a good nikki, but others choices are okay too.

  228. Anonymous

    my dream show is called living up. the cast is selena Gomez as Emma and maia Mitchell as serena, ross lynch as culton, g hunneilus as lucy , and camoron boyce as kevin

  229. Athennajade85

    I think Maia Mitchell should be Nikki and Ross Lynch should be Brandon. And Dove cameron as Mackenzie.

  230. Ellie


  231. Ellie

    My cast would probably be:

    MAKENZIE- DOVE CAMERON!!!! OR DEBY RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. Rachel

    Love your choices, Laura Marano and Ross Lynch will rock the movie, if they are chosen, that is. Any Ways, Gr8t choices ana!

  233. ana

    my perfect cast
    nikki- laura marano
    brandon-ross lynch
    mackenzie-dove cameron
    chloe-peyton list

  234. Nada

    My dream cast is:
    Nikki: laura marano
    Mackenzie: peyton list
    Brandon: Ross lynch!!!!!!!!! Or Niall Horan
    Idk the rest
    R5 rocks!!!!!!!!

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