April 11, 2012

Dogs of the Drowned City: The Storm

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SneakPeekDogs of the Drowned City, Book #1: The Storm . . . a blog post brought to you by the author Dayna Lorentz!

Writing from the dog's point of view was not that strange for me. Growing up, my family would often speak from the point of view of our dogs—"Benny, what do you think of dinner?" "Dinner?! I would love some dinner, thank you." This habit persists with my own pets, Kerry and Peter the dogs, and Oscar the cat.

Even though it felt natural to think from a dog's point of view, once I started outlining what would become Dogs of the Drowned City, I wanted to really get into the head of my main character, Shep the German shepherd.

StormThis required more than the usual dinner conversation—it required research. I read books and watched documentaries about dogs—how they evolved from wolves (all dogs, even Teacup Yorkies), how their sense of smell may be millions of times more sensitive than our own, how they see things in a limited color spectrum, but faster than we humans do—and learned how the canine experience of the world is different from my own.

Armed with this knowledge, I tried to see (smell?) the world from a dog’s point of view. I imagined how my experience of a place would be different if my primary sense was smell, not sight. How would having four paws and no hands change how I solved physical challenges? I knew my own dogs understood certain words I said (Walk, Go), but how would Shep describe things in the human world he didn’t have human words for, like vacuum cleaner?

Coming up with a credible dog language was one of the most fun parts of the series for me. Why don’t you give it a try? Imagine your own dog (or your imaginary dog—doesn’t everyone have one of those?) snuffling up to the vacuum cleaner. What would he or she call it? Read The Storm to find out my answer!

–Dayna Lorentz, Scholastic Author

  1. Addy

    I read this series a year ago and I loved it!It was one of those books when after reading it you just sit there in awe.I’m planning on reading this series again because it was so great!I think that you are an awesome author and I want to become like you!:)

  2. Daisy

    Sounds interesting…. I will find the books at my library :) I love dogs. They are my favorite animal!!

  3. genesis

    Almost done with book one now. Love the book! You really did describe the dog language perfectly. Love the dog name for the elevator!!! Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

  4. lanhee

    dayna lorentz is AMAZING!! i absolutely LOVE her books. it feels like i can experience all the action from the dogs’ point of view.

  5. maddie

    i luv dogs so i cant wait 2 read the book. jst thinkin about dogs makes me happy.when i read this book it will make me understand more about dogs then i already know.

  6. windsleeper4

    My first comment is: I love you books! I have #1 #2 and I’m looking faward to your 3rd one.Has the 3rd one came out? If it hasn’t when will it come out. I really look’n forward to it.

  7. specialistcastle5

    it’s very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. DreamTimeCupid4

    u can find pics of sheps on the internet just look them up. i thimk this book sounds a little boring. i would want to read the hunger games again than this.

  9. Tariyanna

    yea!i play dis game at hme & school mii luvs dis game maan i Like ur website but im only 14

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